Takes place early on in Ironside. Apologies for any OOC in advance.

"I promise that if I find who put this idea into your head, they will pay for it with their own." - Roiben, Chapter 2, Ironside

Roiben sat on his bed, dressed in all black. He was studying the book Kaye had lent him to read, as though furrowing his brows at it would make Kaye appear before him, the answer to his impossible quest dancing on her tongue. He felt like he was dying of thirst, but didn't know where to find water - but it was better this way, wasn't it?

He missed her presence, craved her warm smile and cynical sarcasm. But it was a more than adequate price for the exchange of her safety, of making sure Kaye stayed away from the dangerous Unseelie Court and all of its intrigue. Roiben placed the book back on the shelf and stood. He walked over to the fireplace, and suddenly glanced down at the rat tail rug.

For a moment his mouth almost twitched up into a smile at the thought of Kaye's reaction to it - mostly of disgust and maybe her own worries about her rats' tails' safety.

Roiben's thoughts were interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in." He beckoned with one hand. Ruddles walked in, a neutral expression on his face. "To what do I owe this visit?" he asked dryly.

"My Lord, I have found the ones who you were searching for."

Roiben's brows raised for a brief moment before his features fell into an emotionless expression. "Good. Tell them to come to the throne room."

Ruddles nodded. "Yes, my Lord," he replied, bowing as he left.


A slender girl and shapely woman, both wearing long dresses slashed at the sleeves, bowed to Roiben as he sat on the throne, dressed in black with foreboding expression on his face. They were both pretty in the inhuman way fey were, sharp features set against voluminous waves of soft hair, the way their curves seemed to fall in all the right places…

But neither could even compare to Kaye's rebellious and almost wild beauty, in either her human glamour or as a pixie. It would be like comparing a candle's flame to a burning forest. Roiben leaned forward as they both glanced up at him, both clad in pearls and silver necklaces.

"I've heard from a little bird that you were the ones who told the pixie about declarations." He nearly smiled at the discreet, confused looks they exchanged, as if wondering just what little bird he was talking about. They nodded slowly, bemused.

He smiled grimly at them so that it was almost a grimace. "And I sent the silly pixie on an impossible quest. It was all very amusing, was it not?" He gestured for them to speak.

They looked relieved that they were not going to be punished, and both nodded in enthusiasm. "Oh yes," the slim fey replied, her bright green eyes bright with excitement, "the stupid pixie didn't even know fey customs."

The more curvaceous fey smiled, nodding as she looked up at the King of the Night Courts. "Yes, she got what she deserved for trying to rise above her station."

"You both shall get what you deserve as well, for kindly informing Kaye about it." He glanced to the left, and Dulcamara stepped forward behind them. The two fey grinned greedily as they imagined what favors the new King would bestow upon them. "Have you ever heard of hitting two birds with one stone?" he asked suddenly.

They frowned and shook their heads.

He smiled.

Before either of them knew what had happened, Dulcamara had cut cleanly through both of their necks. They were still stunned with their mouths open as they fell, blood forming a pool around their bodies.

"My Lord", Dulcamara smirked, bowing as she stepped back.

Roiben looked down at the bodies, and found he felt nothing for the murders, only a quiet discontent as to what Kaye would think if she ever knew.