Well this is my first harry Potter fanfic and to be honest its only the third yaoi I've written so I hope you can bear with me.

I will spell check my work however my grammar sucks so there will probably be errors. I'm Sorry. Feel free to point any problems out to me.

And yes I know that the story is a bit cliche however I intend to add some interesting twists.

Disclaimer- I don't not own Harry Potter J. K. Rowling does which is why Severus hasn't jumped Harry. This story contains homosexual relationships, violence, cursing and rape. Don't like it don't read it.

The loud crack of leather against bare skin filled the room as the large, incredibly obese man beat down on the pale form of a young man curled up on the floor of a dark clutter-filled room. Tears streamed from brilliant green eyes and long lines of torn skin dripped blood, a startling contrast to the to white skin covered in dark bruises, as belt was driven again and again across his back leaving even more trails of blood in its wake. Despite the brutal beatings, the young man released only the slightest whimper, denying the other man the pleasure of hearing him scream. His wrist was cradled against his body swollen and purple, broken after several vicious kicks. His malnourished body was interlaced with scars some old and faded others only half healed.

At last the man laid down the belt. He smirked down at the pitiful body and started to undo his pants unto his large cock sprung free. The young man shivered uncontrollably as he prepared himself for what came next. The man forced his legs apart and tore off the ragged pants revealing slim legs covered in cuts. Without any preparation he forced himself into the tight body struggling beneath his weight. He thrusted brutally into the younger man tearing him apart. Blood streamed down the white legs. Finally the pain and blood loss became to much and the young man slipped into darkness as his body was mercilessly used.

Okay this is the first time I've written about rape. I hope it was okay. Sorry about how short it is. It isn't really suppose to be a chapter more like a taste of what kind of story this is. I promise my next one will be much longer.