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The look on his Grandfather's face when Harry calmly announced that Dumbles was dead was almost worth the horror of the last few hours. Ok, it didn't even come close; however the gob-smacked expression was certainly funny. The group of minions, aka death eaters currently sitting at the table with the Dark Lord, where equally shocked, though Harry wasn't sure if it was because of his announcement or the fact that he had the gall to interrupt the Dark Lord's meeting.

"Explain," Tom commanded as he struggled to recover from shock. Too amused by the reaction Harry kept his mouth closed, knowing that Tom would kill him if he snickers. Sighing slightly, Severus stepped forward and explained the events of the last few hours. By the end of the tale, Tom looked torn between anger and pride.

"So the old fool is dead," the dark lord mused, "killed by the very teen he tried to control. It's ironic, really, he continued to underestimate you, Harry, never seeing you as more than a pawn that he could use and control and that was his down fall. I could say it was Karma, if I believed in such things."

Harry nodded, knowing that the Dark Lord was correct. Dumbledore had basically caused his own death, he hadn't seen harry as his own person, just as a tool he could use. However that didn't make his death easier. While Harry couldn't say that he regretted killing the man exactly, the coot had it coming, there was no doubt about that, he wasn't happy about the fact that he was responsible for the man's.

There was blood on his hands now. Something that would never go away and he would have to learn live with that fact. In a way it had been his last piece of innocence, and because of Dumbledore, that too had been torn away from him.

"This will certainly make things easier, with Dumbledore completely gone; his allies should fall into chaos. Even in Azkaban he was still pulling their strings. I believe that now is the best time to strike to at the Order, before they have a chance to regroup. Once we release the news regarding Dumbledore's death, we should press our advantage and arrest the members of his little group." Tom continued, thoughtfully.

Harry sighed as his lover and Lucius where quickly drawn into the conversation. Tired he press a quick kiss to Severus's check, knowing that the three of them would no doubt be discussing this late into the night, and he was far too tired to deal with politics.

It was only three weeks after the kidnapping when Lucius was made Minister. Harry had stood at his side, smiling and shaking hands throughout the whole thing, clearly putting his support behind the older man for all to see. He was once again, the wizard worlds darling, thanks to some great PR and several article releases supplying evidence that Fudge had been trying to make him look bad.

For a while he was afraid that his face would freeze like that, who would have thought that smile for hours would start to hurt. If he never had to do that again it would be too soon. However it is completely worth it when the Slytherin is appointed to the position.

Harry already knew that one of the man's first orders of business would be hunting down the remaining members of the order of phoenix. They had only released what had happened to Dumbledore three days ago. Fortunately one could side effect of Fudge's incompetence was that no one believed the dark lord was back, so the group was taken as a crazy group of vigilantes out to cause trouble and their claims weren't taken seriously.

Lord Voldemort had taken control in the shadows, his minions doing his bidding in mostly legal ways. Already several laws had been passed on the man's command and Hogwarts had a new and much more though curriculum and better teaches had been found to over for those like Trelawney.

Hermione had quickly dived into the new curriculum, with an excitement he hadn't seen in months. She had signed up for several of the new classes offered including warding, politics, and healing and of course she had dragged Harry along with her. He had refused the politics class, because frankly he had his own private teachers in Severus, Lucius and his grandfather; however he had found himself enjoying warding and healing was dead useful, especially considering the trouble he managed to get into.

Harry had been particularly happy and supported of the child protection laws; he wasn't the only wizard who had been abused by fearful muggles after all. Not that he thought all muggles would do that their children, but just one child suffering through what he had was too many.

Already several order member's had been arrested, when they had attacked several lords who may or may not be death eaters, not that the general population was aware of it, in a public place. A rather stupid move on their part, attacking Lords was a big no no, they were responsible for making most of the laws after all, and they had made sure that there were plenty regarding attacks on their person. It was an act born out of desperation, after they had learned of their fallen leader and it was exactly what his Grandfather had hoped would happen.

He had attended the trial though he hadn't been called to the stand. He had gotten some dark glares as he sat between Lucius and Severus, watching as Mad Eye Moody and several other order members were sentenced. Harry was surprised to find that McGonagall had testified.

Apparently she had unearthed some items in the headmaster's office that had completely horrified her and broken her faith in the old coot. Harry wasn't sure of the details but he did know that it had to do with several students and judging by the guilty looks she had shoot him, there had been some things about him. It seems while she might not have believed the results of the trial, she had to accept the truth when it was directly from Dumbles hand, or mind.

Another surprise had been the appearance of Bill Weasley, who had also testified. Apparently not all the Weasley's had blindly followed Dumbles. Apparently both Bill and his brother Charlie and wanted nothing to do with the man. Charlie had basically fled the country to get out of the man' s reach while Bill had taken a more active approach by joining up with the goblins which where apparently allied with Voldemort, which explained the supposed breaking into the vault that had contained the stone back in Harry's first year.

Apparently Bill's dislike of the old goat had been missed by his family, since they had kept him updated on events in the order even passing on evidence with the believe that has a curse breaker he would be able to properly dispose of it, without leaving traces of magic. He of course had done no such thing and instead had stock piled everything. He had even convinced the twins to pass on order information to him after they had quit school and had been officially conducted into the order. His testament and the pile of evidence he had brought with him alone would have been enough to send the order members to Azkaban for years.

With much of the order locked up or soon to be, things were finally started to calm down. School was almost done as well and Harry was looking forward to a nice summer for once, no Dursely's around to make his life miserable.

Lucius had helped him make arrangements for one of his properties, a cottage in France to be made livable again and fully intended to take advantage of it and get away from the stress and chaos and reports that seemed to follow him around here. Severus had already agreed to come with him, the man needed as much of a break as he did, with the Tom running his third in command ragged between teaching classes. Harry fully intended to make the most of the trip with his lover.

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