I do believe that I was so totally out of it yesterday that I informed you all that I would post the prologue of this story today. 'Pro' being a prefix for before. Yeah, I am soooo on-track to become an English major and professional writer. Anyway, today I don't ahve to worry about English, Spanish, or Speech homework and can tell you that this is the epilogue. So, yeah...

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They're Gonna Give You A Smirk

Somehow, the big house didn't look as imposing anymore. Dean reached out and knocked on the sturdy door before glancing down at his clothes again. They felt new and clean and nice. Better yet, they made him feel new and clean and nice.

Candy answered the door with puffy, red eyes, her make-up running down her face in dark lines where the tears had cut through it. "What do you want?" she rasped, her voice hoarse from all the emotion the past 24 hours had brought.

"Just to say good-bye. We're leaving."

She sniffled, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand. She glared at him, her eyes roving over him, appraising him. "Well," she marveled, her voice only wavering a little bit as it took on a cold tone, "don't you clean up nice?"

"Yeah," Dean nodded, "karma's a bitch, huh?" He spun around and walked back to the car.

The End. Short and sweet, right? So, what did you all think?