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To: whitestripes

From: KitKat

Subject: What The Hell?!

What are you thinking? I cannot, under any circumstances, believe that you actually went to get the cure. Are you mad? Completely insane? What is going on with you? Or, the better question: when are you coming back? Bobby misses you. He misses you like crazy. He's not the reason you went to get the cure, is he? Because if he is…

To: KitKat

From: whitestripes

Subject: Off My Freakin Back

There are some things a person has got to do. This is one of them, Kitty. I'm not saying that it's right, but I'm saying that I have to do it. No I'm not doing it for Bobby. I'm doing it for my self. And I'm sure he misses me when you're there to comfort him.

New York is crazy right now. People are going insane over the cure. There are protesters, but not as many as there are people who support it. Lines to get the cure are huge. I'll e-mail you again when I get a place to stay.

Tell Logan I said hi.

To: whitestripes

From: KitKat

Subject: B-slap

What do you mean that Bobby doesn't miss you because I'm here? Of course he freaking misses you! He's your boyfriend. I don't want anything to do with your relationship with him.

And you don't have a place to stay? Are you kidding me? You just go off to New York without making any plans? At least tell me that you took some money. If you didn't take any money, I swear…

If you think that things are crazy in New York, come home for a bit. Things are happening like you wouldn't believe. Jean came back and went completely loco. She killed both the Professor and Scott! Everyone is grieving. It's a good thing that you're not here.

Logan says to watch out. And that he's pissed, but he didn't actually tell me to tell you that. He just is. But, anyway, Magneto is totally going crazy and he has, like, legions of mutants. And guess who's heading them? That's right, Loco Jean. And people actually thought that she was the calm, collected one.

Anyway, New York is going to be in total meltdown, according to Logan. If you're getting your powers taken away, stay away. Get out of New York quick. Trust me, it's the best way to go. Wouldn't want widdle-Roguey hurt now, would we?

Please tell me you have a place to stay by the time you get this e-mail. Oh, and like hell am I out there comforting Bobby! What do you mean by that?

To: KitKat

From: whitestripes

Subject: F

I found a place to stay. Don't worry about it. Have you ever heard of Reed Richards? Apparently he helped the Professor with a bunch of experiments back in the day.

His place is pretty nice, I guess, except for the fact that the entire apartment is half a laboratory. At least it's spacious… except for the lack of actual rooms. Don't get me wrong, the entire apartment is as big as a floor of the mansion… just most of it is one room.

I'm sleeping on the couch.

There is one bad thing about the arrangement. And its name is Johnny Storm. Believe me when I say that he is annoying to the extreme. Along with the fact that he thinks that he's the hottest thing walking.

I have two other roommates: Sue Storm (Johnny's sister and the on-off girlfriend of Reed Richards, according to Johnny) and Ben Grimm. Ben is… different. He kind of reminds me of Dr. McCoy as far as mutations go… just orange and rockier and a lot less fur.

When it comes down to it, they're all pretty nice people. We stay out of each other's way as much as possible.

About the cure, well… I'll tell you about that when I get back to the mansion. Maybe I'll also explain about Bobby, too.

Magneto is gathering legions? There have been no sightings of any of his old gang here. The only mutants I've seen are those going to get the cure.


Rogue sighed as she closed her laptop. The entire apartment was silent. Sue was at a convention, Reed was working on an experiment in another part of the city, Ben was with his girlfriend, and Johnny, well, who cared? It was nice to have the place completely to her for once. Normally there was someone running around with something to do.

A door slammed. Her peace was interrupted. And all she had wanted was but a minute of it, "Hey," Johnny entered the room, strutting and throwing his jacket onto a chair, "How's granny doing?"

And there was another thing she found annoying about Johnny. He seemed to have decided that the nickname 'granny' fit her much better than Rogue. She was less than amused. She had yet to find a good nickname for him.

"Shut up."

"Will do," he called as he walked into one of the hallways of the apartment, "I've got a hot date tonight."

"Ah'm sure ya do," Rogue whispered under her breath. There was no denying that Johnny was a good-looking guy. He just wasn't the type that she was into. And it was a good thing too, because if she actually liked him and he started calling her granny, she might have actually become seriously offended.

He entered the room again, throwing on a shirt and showing off his abs, "What about you? Having any fun tonight?"

"Tons," she rolled her eyes, "Now leave."

Really, she shouldn't have been telling him to leave. After all, he lived here. She was simply a guest. And one that could easily be thrown out onto the street at that.

"The real question here, granny, is when are you leaving?"

That was a good question. One that she didn't quite know the answer to. Part of her wanted to be back at the mansion, surrounded by friends, but part of her wanted to be in the city, getting the cure. And yet another part of her just wanted to pretend that none of this was happening. She wanted to be in New York City, but not to get the cure. While she was lost in her thoughts, Johnny took the opportunity to leave. She vaguely registered that the door to the elevator in the hallway had shut before she clicked her laptop back on.

Cure: Good or Bad

The people's opinions over this subject are mixed. While most of the people in the United States and around the world are more than happy about the 'cure' being given by Worthington Pharmaceuticals, more than just a few mutants are not amused. Some say that this is a gift. Their powers are more than they can handle and they are glad to be rid of them, able to live normal lives, while others are protesting.

One protester comments, "This is a betrayal. All of them should be proud of the gifts that have been bestowed on them. If they want to throw them away, they are more than welcome to. Mutants won't be the ones to welcome them back into their arms as family…"

Still, one of the biggest surprises of this is the fact that Worthington II's son, Warren Worthington III, is going to be among the first to get the cure. They say that this is a huge leap for mutants and who better to set the example than for the president's own son?

The article went on for quite a bit after that, soaking up the information. Warren Worthington III was getting the cure? She stared at the young man in the picture, his eyes sad and blonde hair sweeping across his forehead. He didn't particularly seem enthused by this. Not that Rogue could blame him. The way the article went on, it made it seem as though he had no choice in the matter. It seemed as though his father had all completely set this up. Not one quote was from the angel-like man.

She resisted an urge to run a finger over the image on her screen. Everyone in New York City knew who Warren Worthington III was. He was famous among those native to the city and state. While Hollywood had its heartthrobs and beauties, New York had its share of the wealthy famous politicians, scientists, writers, and Broadway stars. They weren't A-list stars, but their children made the smaller pages in tabloids and newspapers. Boarding school kids could be a hit in a tabloid when they went out and partied. It was a way to make a name for themselves.

Angel Worthington III had to be among the most famous of all the New York child celebrities. He never seemed to actually act out, but his good looks had always been the attention of the camera. People wanted to see this beautiful man, even if he was a mutant. His wings only added to his mystery.

Few mutants ever made the tabloids and newspapers for their good looks. The only other one she knew was Johnny Storm. If she could remember correctly, when he first came out with his mutant powers, his good looks and witty charm had quickly won over the masses. This, though, was before mutants became a true abomination. Everyone seemed to think that his 'powers' were merely Hollywood created for their enjoyment. They didn't seem to realize that they were actually under attack.

To: whitestripes

From: KitKat

Subject: You Make Me Wanna Stab Myself With A Pencil

You're staying with Johnny Storm? Like the Johnny Storm? Used to be (and still is) in all of the newspapers. No freaking way. He is hot! Give me all the details. They are sadly needed.

Guess what I was just fitted for today? That's right, a totally new, flipping awesome x-suit thing. This one has really, really hot pink stripes where the pieces of fabric meet! Bobby got one, too, but he chose blue for his stripes. Not that that didn't figure. After all, ice man, water, blue. You know what I mean.

If you were here you'd get a new one, too. Not that I think you particularly care. You'd rather have no powers, wouldn't you? Jerk.

Everyone is getting really worried about the mutant uprising. Like ten world-class super-villain-y type mutants got broke out of jail. Suckage. Remember what I said and keep on the lookout. Bobby says he loves ya. See ya later.

To: KitKat

From: whitestripes

Subject: I'd Rather Rip Out My Intestines Than Talk To You

I think that I might absolutely hate Johnny Storm. It offends me greatly that you seem to think that he's good-looking. He's annoying as hell and never seems to be able to leave people alone.

Take yesterday for example. I was just sitting around, trying to eat my eggs and bacon, when he comes strutting in without a shirt on (eww) and starts to eat my food. Not only that, but he's taken to calling me granny. Because of the stripes in my hair, y'know.

Really, I don't see what girls see in him. He's a total jerk and player. Every night that I've been here he's gone on a date with a different girl.

Reed is working on a new experiment. He says that he hopes that it will be able to help mutants to coincide peacefully with normal human beings. It's some sort of metal or something that will eventually have the ability to either take away powers or allow them to stay at will. But, really, if mutants didn't want their powers all the time, wouldn't they be getting the cure?

There was an article in the paper about Warren Worthington III and the cure. Did you see it? I happen to know that you have some sort of strange shrine to him in your dresser drawer. Creepy much?

To: whitestripes

From: KitKat

Subject: Blind Me Please, Reading Your Letters Is Too Much

How do you know about the shrine? No one knows about the shrine! Anyway, I still think that Johnny Storm is a total hottie. No wonder he is able to actually get away with dating so many girls! He ate your food. No. How horrible. And he did it without a shirt… that's kind of hot. Man, if I were you I'd forget Bobby and say HALLELUJAH! Johnny Storm is just that hot.

It sounds like you're doing pretty well over there in New York. Hope that you don't decide that you like it better than the Institute. Because then I would have to hunt you down and totally kill you. And, y'know, that just wouldn't be very nice.

Piotr asked me out. I'm thinking about dating him, but I'm not quite sure. I don't think that it's necessarily me he wants to date, but I'm what's available. Also, I happen to be enjoying my single life at the moment. I think. I will admit that you and Bobby make dating look fun.

Got to go. We're running over a few more end-of-the-world drills today during classes. Storm says that life must go on (she's taking the Professor's death harder than anyone) and has been steadily teaching classes.

P.S. This is ultra secret information that you can't tell anyone else: I think that, despite the fact that Logan is totally in 'love' with Jean, he and Storm have a thing for each other. They are always spreading the friendly banter (aka flirting) in the halls. That, and I think that Dr. McCoy is getting slightly angered by it. Do I smell a love triangle?

P.P.S. I know that I'm going to regret asking this, but exactly how did you end up staying with the so-called 'Fantastic Four'?

See ya!