I'm on the Down Low Because I Love You

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The black part of Winry's eyes reduced to the diameter of an extremely small spec of dust.

What? Was the only thing that could be conjured up in her thoughts; she decided to voice her thoughts, more furiously though.

"What!!??" the blonde mechanic demanded as she pulled herself away from the Elric and glared at him with nothing but pure hatred and rage burning in her eyes.

"Winry, control yourself now; you don't want to do anything irrational, now do you?" Ed asked as he smiled at the blonde edgily.

Winry took in a deep breath and seemingly calmed herself. "You're right, Ed" she told the Alchemist, looking at him with slight lust in her eyes.

Ed's eyed her confusedly and nervously at once as he began blushing.

The mechanic stepped closer to him, soon being only inches away from his body. She looked up at him, still with the lust in her eyes.

Taking a step back, she pulled back her right hand and slapped the Elric across his bewildered face.

The blonde Alchemist kept his head looking to his side, shocked by the motion of the Rockbell. His cheek began to turn red and began stinging as well but it was as if he didn't even feel it, too shocked to really do so.

"You kissed me! And, all those things you said about yourself; do you honestly feel that way about yourself, Ed? That you're a 'sinner' and nothing more than a hateful brat!?" she demanded from him.

"And…and I got mad at you that night…Edward what kind of idiot are you!!?? What were you thinking disguising yourself as someone else!?" the mechanic ordered as she glared at him, her face slightly red from anger.

Ed blinked a few times and shook his head, finally sensing the pain of his cheek. He turned his head back towards her and put a hand to his cheek. "I was thinking that, if you thought that Edward Elric had never come back, I'd be protecting you and cause you less pain" he explained, sadly, as he rubbed his somewhat swollen cheek.

Winry's eyes widened curiously. "Protect me?" she asked. "Cause me less pain? Ed, what're you talking about?" she interrogated.

The elder Elric sighed and looked to the woman he loved. "Winry, I know how much pain I caused you when I was a Dog of the Military; always leaving and making you worry, only coming when I needed repairs…I never wanted you to feel like that again, Win…I didn't want my face to cause anymore tears…turns out, that didn't work so well" he told her. "I was on the down low because I love you, Win. And…" he trailed off for a moment.

"I didn't want you to cry anymore"

Winry looked at him in wide-eyed amazement. Her eyes became stern and she walked past him, standing a few feet behind him. She crossed her arms and looked to the ground. Her eyes softened as she let the teens words sink in.

He…just didn't want me to feel so sad anymore she understood. She hugged herself tightly.

"Winry?" Ed's voice suddenly mumbled quietly.

"Yeah, Ed?" Winry replied, refusing to turn around and face him.

"Do you hate me for what I've done? For causing you even more pain?" the Alchemist questioned.

"Because I understand if you do"

It stayed silent. When Ed heard no response from the Rockbell, he realized his worst fear may have come to reality; Winry hated him. He looked down, his golden bangs covering over his eyes.

"You loved Jack's confidence…not Edward's shyness, didn't you?" he asked her quietly.

"How could you think that, Ed?" Winry asked suddenly and the Alchemist shot his head up with wide eyes. The blonde mechanic turned around finally and walked up in front of him. Placing her hand on his reddened cheek, she looked him in the eye.

"How could you think that your face would cause me pain? And Jack's confidence made me nervous"

Ed averted his gaze away, unsure of how to answer her question and of what to say.

"Look at me" Winry requested quietly.

Of course, the Elric obliged. "Memories" he replied finally.

The Rockbell understood with no further explanation; Ed was afraid he would cause Winry to remember all the pain she had been through with him. "I missed you too much to care about that, Ed" she confided to him.

"I cared about you; I was so worried each day that something terrible had happened to you or Al…I would've given up everything just to see you again" she told him, tears forming in her beautiful ocean-blue eyes. "That would've been Equalivalent Exchange to me"

Ed looked at her sadly and wrapped his arms around her back, pulling her as close to him as humanly possible, forcing his fingers into her flesh.

Winry wrapped her own arms around his back, driving her nails into his back as well.

"It may have only been four months and a few weeks, Win, but…" Ed trailed off. "I missed you like hell…I never forgot about you…I even took extra good care of my Automail, just for you" he told her, a sense of pride and happiness in the last phrase.

"I missed you like hell too, Ed" Winry told him and then pulled away, keeping her arms wrapped around his waist. "Now" she said playfully. "About your Automail"

The Alchemist smiled at her and brought up his Automail in front of her.

Winry pulled up his sleeve and investigate the metallic creation. She saw her reflection in the protective plate of the arm and smiled; it was scratched but not severely and, Ed could still move it around, right?

"The damage doesn't seem so bad" the mechanic stated. "You can probably hold onto to this one for a little while longer before you need a new one" she explained.

Ed smiled and, possibly involuntarily, cupped her cheek with his Automail.

Winry held his arm as he brought his hand to her cheek, placing her other hand on his as well. "I missed working on your Automail" she said humorously. She held onto his arm a moment longer before frowning.

"What's wrong Winry?" Ed asked worriedly.

"You're not leaving again, are you? You know, to get your real arm and leg?" the blonde girl asked sadly as she lowered her head slightly.

Ed smiled and shook his head humorously. "Hell no" he replied, gently forcing the blonde to look at him once more. "Automail's good enough for me; especially if it's yours"

The mechanic smiled and pulled the Elric into another tight embrace.

The Alchemist smiled at the gesture and put his hands around her, contentedly. His eyes strayed to the ground, where he saw an abandoned plank of wood and a paper atop of it. "Win, what's that?" he asked curiously.

"What's what?" Winry asked as she pulled away and turned around to see what he meant. Once she saw it, she blushed nervously. "Um…nothing" she replied apprehensively as she pulled away and stopped in front of the lumber and article.

Ed looked at her, curious. "What is it?" he asked as he stepped closer to her.

"Nothing!" Winry replied, quickly, as she brought her hands behind her; she didn't want Ed to get the wrong idea by thinking she may have been obsessing over him.

"Don't make me force it outta you" the Alchemist teased, stepping closer once more.

The Rockbell crossed her arms and looked at him incredulously. "And, how do you expect to do that?" she asked jokingly.

Ed stared at her, lust obviously burning in his golden orbs.

Winry blushed as he began bringing his face closer to hers once more. She quickly questioned on whether or not she should kiss him again. She placed her finger on his lips. "Maybe later, Alchemy Freak" she told him playfully.

An annoyed expression came across Ed's features; he was really hoping to get a chance to kiss her again.

Winry turned around and picked up her belongings. "If you must know" she said, now facing the river she had been sitting in front of. "It's a new Automail design I've been working on" she clarified. She began explaining the ins and outs of the thing.

As she was speaking, she soon felt a metallic arm wrap around her neck and a flesh arm around her waist. Her eyes grew slightly confused and she looked to her side as Ed placed his head down on her shoulder and looked down at the Automail blueprint.

"It looks great, Win" the Elric told her happily.

The Rockbell mechanic smiled and blushed. "I'm…glad you like it" the design was much like Edward's current arm; the only differences were minor, such as the protective plates on the shoulder being reduced to only one instead of two or three. Plus, the weight of the arm would vary, depending on how much the person's natural arm would weigh.

"C'mon, Winry" Ed whispered. "Let's go back to my house; I'm sure Al wants to see you"

The blonde girl looked at him and smiled. She leaned her head closer to his. "Before we go" she told him lovingly. "How about that kiss you were trying to sneak at me earlier?"

Ed said nothing and leaned closer to her. Soon, their lips met in another passionate and tender kiss. Seeing as all problems were cleared, the kiss lasted a little longer than their last one; Winry's soft lips kept Ed hooked and his willingness and confidence kept Winry right where she stood.

All Winry did was bring her arm to the side of his neck, rubbing him adoringly.

When they pulled away finally, they were slightly out of breath and were blushing obsessively.

"You're blushing…" Winry stated, still out of breath.

"Hell, if I'm not, I must be really sick" Ed joked, referring to the heat he felt at his cheeks.

Winry laughed quietly.

The two then pulled away; Winry put an arm around Ed's waist as Ed did the same with her and the two walked in the direction of Ed's home.

"Al and you want a welcome back dinner or something?" the Rockbell mechanic offered.

The Alchemist thought for a moment. "We've been here for two weeks almost. It's a little late, don't you think?" he asked her teasingly.

"That was your fault for not telling me!" Winry protested.

"OK, OK" Ed replied, calming her down. "Dinner…and dessert would be great" he told her happily.

"Hmm, I can't make any pie, though" Winry said. "You guys too old for cookies?" she asked him.

Ed's eyes widened and he began chuckling quietly. Holding Winry tighter, he replied through laughs. "One is never too old for cookies" he told her humorously.

Winry laughed. "OK, why did you laugh?" she asked, still laughing slightly.

Ed shook his head jokingly. "It started when Al and I ended up in Central two weeks ago…"


When the teens reached Ed's home, Al smiled as he had seen the two were hugging each other in a loving manner.

Winry immediately pulled Al, who had changed his hair and eye color back to their original states, into a tight embrace, telling him how much she had missed him and his brother.

Al replied by saying he had missed her and Pinako as well. The two Elric's quickly gave Winry a tour of their home.

Afterwards, they returned to Winry's home, where Pinako had even become happy to see the two brothers'.

She then threw wrenches at their heads for pulling such a stupid stunt. After conversating further, asking the two Elric's of their exploits on the other side of The Gate and whatnot, the Sun soon was setting.

Soon, they had dinner. Afterwards, when Pinako was baking the cookies, Winry decided to take a thorough look at Ed's Automail.


As Winry and Ed were in the workbench, Winry inspecting the inside of Ed's arm and Ed with neither shirt nor vest, it was comfortably silent.

Den had her head laying on Ed's knee as the teen pet her behind the ear.

Winry was silently shuffling through the wiring of Ed's arm, making sure everything was in place and that the important nerve wires hadn't been damaged in any way. Covering his arm up once more, the mechanic stood up and sat behind him, now checking the arm port.

Ed closed his eyes and tilted his forward a bit, smiling a tiny smirk as well.

Soon, Winry completed her inspection, telling Ed what she had earlier predicted; he won't need a new arm for a while.

The Alchemist let out a relaxed breath and stood up, as did Winry. He stretched his arms, cracking a few bones in the process, but it relaxed his muscles so he didn't pay any mind to it.

Suddenly, Winry walked up to him and embraced him, pulling their bodies close together.

Ed was confused at first but smiled victoriously afterwards. "What's up now, Win?" he asked, sounding comforting.

With her hands placed on the teen's muscular chest, she looked up at him. "Can't a girl hug the guy she loves without any suspicion?" she teased.

The elder Elric smiled and blushed in response. "Of course" he wrapped his arms around her waist and held her closely.

They stayed like that for a moment or so.

"Well, well, well, what a pretty picture this is" Pinako's voice suddenly said playfully from behind.

The Elric and Rockbell widened their eyes and looked over Ed's shoulder. Ed smiled nervously as Winry buried her blushing face into the Alchemist's chest.

Pinako chuckled humorously. "Dessert's ready, lovebirds" she informed and then left.

"Great, now we get all the 'adorable' pet names that come with being a couple" Ed said sarcastically.

Winry placed her left hand over her lips, hiding her slight laughter. "I'll see you in the kitchen, Ed" she told him, kissing his lips quickly before leaving.

Ed pulled on his shirt and vest, heading to the kitchen afterwards.

The smell of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies filled the blonde's nostrils and he let out a breath. Stepping deeper into the kitchen, he saw his younger sibling at the counter as he just took a generous bite of the cookie he had been given.

Ed looked at him and tried his best to hold back the laughs.

Al looked at him and glared, swallowing the piece of cookie he had bitten. "Shove it!" he muttered irately.

"Alright, alright" Ed agreed as he walked off to find his beloved, chuckling quietly as he left. When he didn't see her in the kitchen, he walked into the living room, seeing Winry sitting on the sofa, nibbling on a cookie. He walked up behind her and placed his hands on her shoulders, massaging her lightly.

Winry laughed somewhat. "Ed, stop that" she said humorously.

The blonde Alchemist slipped his hands off her back and walked in front of the sofa, sitting himself next to the mechanic.

The girl held up a cookie she had been holding on to. "Saved you one" she explained.

Ed took the small baked good and took a bite. He then looked out a nearby window; night was about to overtake Resembol. "Crazy day, huh?" he asked playfully.

Winry looked out the same window. "Yup" she replied, taking a bite of her cookie. She kicked off her white inch-high-heel boots and brought her legs up next to her, resting her head on Ed's chest. "At least you're back" she whispered happily, finishing her cookie.

Ed smiled and rubbed his cheek on her head, eating his cookie as well and soon finishing it.

Al and Pinako, who were eavesdropping from the kitchen, smiled at the two teens in love.

"Took them long enough, if you ask me" Pinako teased, talking low so that only she and Al could hear.

Al nodded to what the elder woman said. "Oh well" he said. "At least they're together now"

Pinako agreed. "Better late than never"

The younger Elric, once again, agreed.

They two watchers looked at the couple; they looked like a pair of cats, Al noted. The only difference was that they weren't purring.

The Alchemist and mechanic looked at each other lovingly, both mentally deciding to have one final kissing session before the day was over. They leaned closer, bringing their lips together once more. Eyes closed and the process started all over again.

Pinako and Al had to resist to the urge to 'aw' at them. Instead, taking advantage at the fact that their eyes were closed, they slipped themselves upstairs.

"Ten bucks they're still there tomorrow morning" Pinako teased Al as the reached the second floor.

Al's eyes widened and he looked down at the older woman. "That's not very nice, Aunty Pinako" he said innocently.

"That's what makes it fun" Pinako replied mischievously.

Al grinned and agreed to the seemingly harmless bet.

Meanwhile, Ed watched as his brother and caretaker walked upstairs with an open eye. Closing that eye, he intensified his kiss with Winry and leaned forward.

The mechanic let her legs unfold once more and she fell back, with the Alchemist atop of her.

Parting his lips away, Ed began leaving a hot trail of kisses along her neck down to her collarbone.

Winry ran her fingers through his ponytail.

"…Edward…" she whispered, so loving, so tender, and so passionate.

Ed smiled, letting a hot breath onto Winry's neck. Then, he kissed her neck once more; a kiss that meant one thing and one thing only:

Thank you.


The next morning, just as Pinako had predicted, Ed and Winry were still lying on the sofa, with Winry atop of Ed, though. The Alchemist had his Automail arm wrapped around the girl's waist and the Rockbell mechanic had her arms folded beneath her and her head lying cozily over his chest.

Two people and one dream of love…

Dream realized.


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