AN: After watching the last three episodes of Time Force again due to that Super Legends Weekend marathon on Toon Disney, I was hit with the inspiration for a fic. There aren't enough Nadira fics out there.

Humans hate.

Humans destroy.

If anything is different humans set out to see it gone.

They hate mutants.

Hate them, just because they aren't perfect like the rest of the population.

These thoughts, everything she was ever told about humans and their destructive nature, buzzed about Nadira's mind. Her hands clenched into fists as she stared down at the lady in labor. 'This is so weird,' thought Nadira, she had no business helping this pregnant woman, in fact, she had no idea how to handle this situation. Her father was always so busy planning the rangers' doom.

"Help me, please." The woman gasped as a contraction rocked her body and clung to the chair Trip set her in.

Nadira swallowed, trying in vain to get rid of the lump in her throat. 'Alright, here goes nothing…' She winced as she lowered herself down to the floor, grabbing hold of the lady's knees. "Okay, miss… Uh… breathe?"

A cry, "I am!! Ahh!!" The pink haired mutant squeaked a scream at the woman's yell. No, no, this was no place for a human-hating mutant like herself!

The curtain behind her opened and a woman's head poked in, "Excuse me miss, but you sound like you need some help in it." Not sure what to make of this, Nadira numbly nodded as the woman closed the curtain after entering. "Alright," the woman began, "first, we must get her pants off, otherwise the baby won't be able to get out." The woman gently gave the pregnant woman a pat on the shoulder before starting to work on the pants. Nadira sat to the side, watching the scene unfold.

The woman handed the pants over to Nadira before spreading the pregnant lady's legs, "Alright now, that's good, keep breathing." The lady did. "Okay, now push." She turned to Nadira, "Here watch for the baby's head." Fear etched itself over Nadira's face. The woman nodded. "That's right, just watch for the baby."

Nadira crawled over, fear still on her face. The pregnant woman pushed and pushed, breathing after every contraction, before screaming so loud Nadira had to cover her ears. But just as she brought up her hands, she saw something peak from between the woman's legs.

"Oh! Oh! I see something!" The pregnant woman gave another push, and soon a head was forced out.

The baby's head was covered in blood, though through the red a puff of blonde hair topped the head. Nadira saw a shirt on the floor, grabbed it and with the help of the other woman in the room, she successfully wrapped the newborn in the shirt.

The baby's eyes were still shut, but her lips smacked together as Nadira held her close. She backed out of the changing her, and Trip looked on expectantly.


Nadira continued to look at the baby with its pink cheeks and toothless gums. Never have she seen anything so beautiful in her entire life. This was what her father hated? This embodiment of innocence?

Another thought shifted through her being; Did she ever look as wonderful as this when she was born?