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Happy Birthday

10:00pm- Soi Fong's bed room

Soi Fong awoke from her sleep, startled as she felt Yoruichi leap from her bed and land lightly on the floor. Soi Fong groaned and rolled over to look at her "What are you doing, Youichi-sama?"

Yoruichi remained silent and completely still as she crouched on the floor of Soi Fong's bed room. Soi Fong sighed and decided she didn't care. She needed sleep and she wasn't about to be deprived of it just becasue Yoruichi clearly didn't.

Yourichi relaxed as she heard Soi's soft bereathing signaling that she had fell back asleep. She grinned as she saw a small white streak run acrossed the floor. Her golden eyes could be seen clearly in the dark rom even in her human form as the fallowed the white fur.

Soi Fong's eyes flashed back open as she heard a loud crashing sound. "Yoruichi-sama...?" She asked slightly frightened.

"Uuuhh... I fell!!!"

"Are you okay!?"

"Yeah, nothin to worry about just go back to bed!" This of course, only made Soi worry more but she listened and was soon fast asleep once agian.

Just as the digital alarm clock next to Soi Fong's bed turned 12:01 she heard and extremely loud crash that sounded like her desk collasping.

She sat up in her bed and tryed to reach for her lamp but felt and large figure jump on top of her first. She yelped loudly and tryed to push the heavy person or thing off of her. When she finally managed to at least get the light on she was greeted with a rather odd sight. Yourichi was crouched completely naked on her bed with a dead mouse hanging by its tail form her mouth. Her room looked as though someone had came in with a wrecking ball.

Yoruichi grinned broadly as she tossed the dead mouse to Soi Fong who yelped and jumped away from it. The rejection of her gift didn't seem to phase Yoruichi as she lept next to Soi Fong on her bed and layed down. "Happy birhtday, Little bee."