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Note: This is an AU story beginning somewhere between season 8/9, during a particular day in which there is some transition taking place within the SGC. Jack, Hank Landry, Sam, Cam, and Daniel are all at the SGC for this particular day in time as leadership is about to change hands. Jacob Carter is dead but Sam hasn't broken up with Pete yet, nor has SG-1 made the trip to Jack's cabin. Also, Moebius doesn't occurr, so they have no working ZPM. This is something I've been thinking about since reading other people's fanfics for a while now and since this is my AU I can put anyone I want into it, so now onto the story.


It had finally happened. They had lost. Earth as they knew it was no more. For this first time in a long time he was actually worried that they may not make it through the current crisis.


The gate room was crowded. All the teams were present for this 'changing of the guard' moment. SG-1, minus Teal'c, were standing at the bottom of the ramp, accompanied by Lt. Colonel Cameron Mitchell, the newest addition to the SGC.

All he had managed to say was "I promise to keep this short" to begin his last speech as the commander of the SGC when the cell phone of one very embarrassed Lt. Colonel Paul Davis sounded. And in his typical sarcastic manner, all he had to say was "At least I didn't get beamed away this time" to which there was resounding laughter as everyone remembered or had heard about that incident.

Unfortunately he never did finish that speech as Walter Harriman approached the podium and quickly whispered something into his ear, to which he gave a whispered response back. Walter nodded and quickly left the room, almost at a dead run.

Never one for the dramatics, General O'Neill quickly glanced around the room, let his glance linger just a few seconds longer on his former teammates, letting them know that he would need their help with this. And then he dropped the metaphorical bomb on his audience.

"I have just been informed that a mothership has been spotted in orbit. All attempted contact has been ignored and the flight of X-302's that have been sent up were shot down. Without the use of a ZPM to defend us from the Antarctic site, we are starting evacuations to the Beta Site immediately." Instantly a murmur went through the audience and he knew that he needed to calm everyone down.

"Attention" he called, and every military person in the room automatically stood straighter. "Now I know that all of you are worried about your families, but please I need you to focus on your job-which right now is getting as many people as possible to safety. We are following the evacuation protocols, but obviously we are going to be taking way more people that what are listed on the evacuation lists. In 30 minutes the first group will be heading through the gate accompanied by SG-15. All teams will then continue through the gate accompanying groups of mostly civilians. Your job is to reassure them, get them away from the gate there, get them settled, and keep the calm. We need to keep everyone as calm as possible. Please do not tie up the phone lines attempting to contact your family members. Someone is currently contacting your families and instructing them to quietly collect their belongings and other family members and bring them here. I don't know what cover story they are being given, but they are coming. Please, don't worry about them. We have a deadline of 10 hours. Pack up, gear up, and see your team leader for specific instructions. Team leaders meeting in the briefing room in 20 minutes. Dismissed."

And with that the gate room quickly cleared of everyone except SG-1, Davis, Landry, O'Neill and Mitchell.

"Baal gave the president a 12 hour deadline. We're planning worst case scenario here. The Daedalus is still sitting in dry dock, not ready to go yet-weapons are inoperable but shields and beaming technology is working. The Prometheus is gone, it was blown out of the sky within minutes of the arrival of the mothership. Luckily all of the crew were able to beam out in time. The Daedalus is going to take off an hour before that deadline is reached, and will remain in orbit long enough to beam out as many of the people currently in the Pentagon and White House as possible. They will then meet us at the Beta site, if everything goes as planned."

"What about everyone else, those who can't get away? What about them?" Daniel protested.

"Baal is promising bombardment from orbit; the best option we have is to get as many people to safety as possible. The President just doesn't see a way out of this one guys. So if anyone has bright ideas they care to pull out of their….heads, now would be the time."

The long pause that followed was all that he needed to know.

"So no ideas, huh."

"Well sir, nothing that we haven't previously thought of. Contact Thor or the rebel Jaffa, but even then, I think they'll be too late. I have to think evacuation would be the best choice, General. It's not like we have any 'big honkin' space guns' just sitting around" replied a slightly smiling Carter.

"Then let's get to work. Follow the SOP and let's make sure that everyone that we possibly can get out of here does. Hank, if you'll take care of sorting out the arriving civilians from those who were listed on the pre-determined Beta site list up top, I'd appreciate it. Take Mitchell with you. Daniel and Carter pack up whatever you think is necessary; convey that message to your staff also. I have a phone call to make to General Kerrigan about getting as many of the Academy students over here as possible. So be prepared for those arrivals also. Let's move" he ordered.

As everyone but him and Carter quickly left the gate room, Carter turned to him and raised the most important question on her mind "Sir, what about Cassie? She needs to get here" questioned Carter.

"Already taken care of. She's on here way here, she was part of the original Beta site list. I'll have her check in with you before she ships out. I've been authorized to contact the Chief of Police here in Colorado Springs and get him to send over a detachment of officers to help control things" saying this as he look her in the eyes. "Anyone who has clearance to know about the Stargate is at the top of the list to be contacted and should already be on there way here as the evacuation takes place."

//End Flashback//

"General, are you going to address the civilians? They're starting to get a little concerned about what is going to happen to them and what is going on" claimed a slightly distressed Walter.

"I'll be right there" he said as he gave one more glance to the Stargate and turned to face the problems that came with being on an alien planet with civilians who 24 hours ago had not know about the existence of aliens, let alone the ability to travel to other planets. And with that in mind, he went off in search of Daniel and Carter, the two people, besides himself, most capable of explaining and calming the new Beta site colonists.


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