Author's Note: Hey this is White Avalanche Ranger with my 3rd fic. This is based off a story idea I had earlier in the year and finally got around to doing it. One of my favorite episodes in SPD was Endings, Part 1 where the A-Squad went up against the B-Squad. When I saw the epiosode I use to wonder why there wasnt a Sixth Ranger in the A-Squad and hence the story was born. I hope you guys like what I have in store. Let me know what you think. Enjoy

Revelations of Silver

It was a quiet night in New Tech City, but a tremendous explosion on the city's south side in the business district ruptured the once peaceful city. A jet-black monster with thick horns and ring-like projections on his arms ran from the scene of the battle.

"Freeze! S.P.D.!" Jack cried.

"Don't think he's going to listen." Said Sky.

"Do they ever?" Bridge asked while chasing the monster.

"Come on guys! We got to keep up!" said Z.

The monster ran as quick as he can to evade the Rangers. The Rangers did their best to keep up with him as he led them down the next street. Little did anyone know that something big was coming. Back at headquarters alarms were running wild in the command center as Kat and Doggie tried to figure out what was going on.

"Kat status report!" he ordered.

"A very large ship is entering Earth's atmosphere. It's going to crash land in the heart of the city." She told him.

"Get the Rangers out of there now!" he ordered.

"Its no use sir. I can't reach them." She said.

Doggie growled and pulled out his morpher.

"Rangers do you read me? Come in. A ship is going to crash in the city. You need to clear the area now!" he said.

The Delta Rangers couldn't hear him as they chased the felon through town. Finally the Red Ranger's communicator went off.

"Commander what is it?" Jack asked. But all that could be heard was static and garbled speaking.

"Commander?" he said.

"Jack look!" Sky said pointing up. The Rangers looked up and were astonished to see a flaming ship coming towards them.

"Kat you need to teleport them!" DC yelled.

"I'm already on it!" she said pressing a series of buttons.

As seconds dwindled down time was running out for the Rangers. Finally pressing one last button the Rangers teleported out of there. The monster was less than fortunate as 80 tons of flaming metal came down upon him a huge fireball erupted in the middle of the city. The Rangers materialize inside the command center and fall to the ground in a heap. Jack caught sight of the explosion from the monitor.

"That could have been us!" Syd cried.

The Delta Rangers looked on in shock as the flames shoot 100 feet into the air.

"Do you think anyone survived that?" said Z.

"Its not likely." Kat walked up behind the Rangers.

"We better go check it out…just in case." Said Jack.

"I appreciate your bravery Rangers. Report back if you find any survivors." Doggie told them.

"Yes sir!" they cried.

Back at the crash site, the entire area had been leveled. The intense heat scorched the earth. Nearby buildings had been gutted out by the blast leaving only the buildings skeletal remains. The Rangers surveyed the area.

"Whoa." Said Bridge.

"No way." Said Z.

"I can't believe this." Said Sky.

"Incredible." Said Syd.


They listened to see if anyone would respond. No one did. The team felt discouraged.

"No one could have possibly survived this." Said Z.

"Let's check out the ship guys." Said Jack.

The team walked up to the large silver ship, which seemed to be in one piece, which was more than could be said about the surrounding area. As they got closer to the ship they could three letters featured prominently on the side: S.P.D.

"It's…one of ours." Z said.

"Come on, let's get it open." Jack said.

The Red and Blue Rangers got up on the wing. Sky pried open the door with his saber. Jack and Bridge then help him rip the door off of its hinges.

"Hello? Is anyone in here?" Jack said again. No answer.

Turning on the flashing lights on the sides of his helmet he scanned the inside of the ship.

"I knew these things would come in handy someday." He said to himself as the other Rangers joined in and shined their lights.

The crew walked to the cockpit. This time Jack was the one to pry open the door.

"All right, be ready guys. You might not like what you see." He said.

The Rangers enter the cockpit to see a young man slumped over the controls.

"Oh no. Is he dead?" Syd asked.

"I hope not." Said Sky.

"I think we're about to find out." Said Jack.

The Red Ranger reached out and gently touched the boy's shoulder.

"Hey can you…I don't believe It." He said.

"What? What is it?" Syd asked.

The man sitting in the cockpit wore a metallic silver Ranger suit with gold body armor and a very distinctive Ranger helmet, one that could belong to only one team.

"A-Squad Silver." Said Jack.

"What?" said Sky.

"Huh?" went Z.

"It cant be." Said Bridge.

"Silver Ranger can you hear me?" Jack shook him.

The Silver Ranger groaned as he gripped the controls.

"He's alive!" Jack said.

Z breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank goodness." Said Syd.

"Come on, let's get him back to base." Said Sky. At the same time he went for his morpher.

"Cruger, we found the pilot it's the Silver Ranger." He told him.

Cruger's ears perked and looked up in disbelief. The Chief then bowed his head and touched his chin with his index finger and thumb. Kat looked up at him after hearing the Ranger's name.

"Hmm, it cant be." He said.

Later that evening the A-Squad Ranger lay in the recovery ward still in his ranger form. Cruger and the other Rangers along side Kat and Boom stood outside.

"Do you think we can trust him?" said Jack.

"I suppose only time will tell. In the meantime we keep an eye on him. Like the other A-Squad Rangers, he's one of the best." Doggie said.

"How come we never heard of him before?" Jack asked.

"The Silver Ranger had been on assignment in another galaxy and was keeping the peace there. We lost contact with him about the same time we lost the rest of A-Squad." Doggie said.

"You don't think he's working for Grumm do you?" said Z.

"I don't know. And for our sake I hope not." The commander said.

Just then the Silver Ranger demorphed right before their eyes. The team rushed in to find a man wearing a black cadet uniform with silver highlights down the left sleeve of his uniform. He had blonde hair and was still in a deep sleep.

"Who is he Commander?" Asked Z.

"His name is Zechariah. He is the son of Zhane and Karone." Doggie revealed.

All five Rangers looked up at him surprised.

"Zhane? As in the Silver Space Ranger Zhane?" Z said.

"Correct." Said Doggie.

"Hey guys, I just thought of something. Wasn't Karone one of the bad guys?" said Bridge.

"She was the one called Astronoma. She battled the Space Rangers and then later became the Pink Galaxy Ranger, though I'm not quite sure how that happened." Said Sky.

"She took over when the first one died." Said Bridge.

"Your both right." Said Doggie.

"But then didn't the first one come back to life?" asked Syd.

"That's right, I remember coming across that in archives." Said Jack.

"So now that we know who he is. What are we going to do with him?" asked Z.

"For now he'll stay with us. We'll question him when he's better." Said Doggie.

"I just hope your right about sir." Sky said.

Zechariah laid in stasis while all this went on around him.

Author's Note: I did a few SPD stories back in the day and were actually a lot more serious than what we saw in the show. I'm sure a lot of you probably noticed the A-Squad's helmets, since their actually the recycled helmets from PRiS. I figured since they used those helmets it would make sense that the sixth A-Squad Ranger would also be silver. And as an added twist have him as the son of two former Rangers. Zhane is said to be one of the most powerful Rangers ever (though they never really specified how). Man, I feel like a nerd. haha. Anyway, I hope you liked this story, let me know what you think. I plan on continuing this story and having him confront his former team...when he learns the truth. SPD has had its string of traitors, will Zek be able to convince them otherwise?

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