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Chapter 11

Ranger War, Part 2

Above the Earth on Grumm's ship, the group was stunned to see that the A-Squad was alive and well.

"No! I thought we got rid of them!" The Emperor growled.

"I don't understand there's no way they should have survived the vacuum of space!" Grimjor said aghast.

"Obviously you guys don't pay attention to the way this show works." Mora remarked.

The two skeletons glared at her in menacing tone, the little girl clutched her doll and didn't say another word. Except for maybe one.

"Sor-ry." She told them.

The Troobian prince stepped forward.

"I don't like this one bit." He smirked.

"What do you say we even the odds a little?" The Troobian prince brought his first two fingers together and made a ninja hand sign in the shape of a cross and concentrated his energy.

A pool of dark energy emanated from his body as he summoned the power of The Evil that was still inside him, the power grew as sparks of purple lightning surged through his evil aura. The Troobian Prince yelled as he sent a massive dark energy ball towards Earth. The evil energy sphere fell towards Earth where the Rangers were about to face off. The dark ball hit creating a massive explosion that knocked the Rangers to the ground. Out of the ball of evil energy a lavender lightning bolt flew to the place where Psycho Red was defeated and ignited the Earth reviving the evil android. Parts of machinery flew back together as the Psycho Ranger was reborn to their dismay.

"Guess who's back?" said Psycho Red.

But the dark energy ball had not disappeared instead it seemed to be giving life to something else. What that something was the Rangers could only guess, from within the sphere they could see two individuals being formed from the residual energy, they're appearances were covered in darkness with the occasional surge of violet flowing over them as the two forms took on sentience. In the end the Rangers worst fears were confirmed as two new Psycho Rangers were born.

"Surprise, surprise." Said the one on the left.

"Prepair for your last defeat." Spoke the one on the right.

"Psycho Silver!" said the one on the left.

"And Psycho Green." Said the one on the right.

"This is crazy, how can there be more of them?!" said Jack.

"Looks like we got our hands full." Said Sky.

"You can say that again." mentioned Charlie.

"Psycho Rangers ready!" yelled Red.

"Get ready guys." Jack said.

"Do we really have a choice?" asked Sky.

"Oh man, why did it have to be these guys?" asked Bridge.

"Stand tall guys, we outnumber them 11 to 7." Charlie told them.

"But will it be enough?" asked Zek.

"Looks like we're about to find out." Bailton remarked.

"Attack!" Psycho Red yelled pointing his saber at the team.

"Charge!" yelled the Power Rangers.

The two teams raced towards each other, Jack immediately converted to SWAT mode as he raced towards them. The Rangers open fire on the Psychos, the Psychos race towards them undeterred as the laser beams flew past them the two teams clash in the middle of the battlefield. Psycho Red took on Jack and Charlie and came at them with a roundhouse kick. Charlie and Jack block his kick with their rifles and throw him off. Psycho Red tumbled back to his feet and slashed at them with his blade striking Charlie and then Jack. Psycho Blue went after Sky and Bailton converting his Astro Axe into blaster mode and opened fire on them. The two Blue Rangers leap past the laser beam and somersaulted across the ground and shot at him point blank and sent the evil Psycho flying. Syd and Rachael went to take on Psycho Pink but she was ready for them and launched herself at the two Pink Rangers with a flying body slam and knocked them to the ground. Psycho Pink drew her sidearm and pointed the weapon at Rachael's head. Syd grabbed the Psycho from behind and attempted to throw her off, but instead was thrown off by Psycho Pink. The evil Pink Ranger turned and aimed her blaster at Syd. Forgetting the other one, Rachael put her blaster up against Pink's chest and fired sent her flying several feet. Rachael helped her teammate up, as they got ready to go another round.

Psycho Yellow was the next one to face down her counterparts. The evil Psycho had not only the Star Slinger but Ivan's Star Saber as well and she was ready for them. The two Yellow Rangers came at her. Psycho Yellow attacked with the saber first and struck Z with a reverse angle slash going from her hip to her shoulder the Yellow Ranger fell back as Ivan went after the evil Psycho and threw his blaster but Psycho Yellow blocked his attack with both her weapons ushering a series of powerful kicks to his side the A-Squad Yellow Ranger staggered back giving Psycho Yellow enough time withdraw her weapon and shoot him with the Star Slinger, and was hit in the chest being knocked to the ground. Psycho Yellow laughed at the two. A flurry of lasers hit her in the chest and threw her to the ground. Psycho Rangers and Power Rangers alike looked up to see a black and white SPD cruiser coming at them with lights flashing. The car slid to a stop, as Doggie and Sam got out of the cruiser in their unmorphed forms. Cruger stepped out from behind the driver's side door as he and Sam walked towards them.

"What is this?" Psycho Red said.

"We're back up!" said Sam.

"Surrender now while you still can." Cruger commanded.

"Ha ha ha ha! Oh that's rich, do you know who you're dealing with?" said Psycho Red tapping his sword in his palm.

"I don't know about you, but your dealing with the best S.P.D. has to offer!" Cruger said.

The Commander took out his Patrol Morpher and went into his pose as Sam unlocked his.

"S.P.D. Emergency!" they said.

Cruger's mopher flipped open revealing his glowing blue badge and stripped off his robe with the SPD lettering in the background, the trap door opened and Cruger flipped through the air as his costume came together, landing on the floor below his helmet covered his face completing his morph sequence.

S.P.D. Shadow!" he yelled, the badge he stood on flashed and the black and red '100' symbol rippled as he posed.

Sam pressed the gold VI button on the bottom of his morpher causing the clear plastic disk to flip open a gold SPD badge appeared in the circle and shot out of the device growing to adult size. The badge shattered revealing his Omega Ranger costume. Sam did a series of backflips as the suit burst into little blue fragments of light and fused with his body as he came out of the last flip. And spun around on his heel as the frame of his helmet came together the mask and visor flip shut covering his red hair and blue eyes. The background behind him shattered revealing a golden outline of the SPD lettering as the camera pans from left to right.

"Force from the Future!" he yelled the siren lights on his helmet flashed.

"S.P.D. Omega Ranger!" The background changed revealing his VI chest symbol. The gold badge he stood on flashed white as clouds appeared over the logo in flashes of light.

The Alpha and Delta Rangers flipped over Sam and Cruger's shoulders and fired thier blasters at the Psycho Rangers and staggered back from the blast. Sam rushed forward powering up his Omega Morpher and pressed his hand against Psycho Red's chest resulting in a small concusive explosion. Z and Syd did a double sweeping kick and knocked Psycho Pink off her feet while Ivan took on Psycho Yellow with his rifle nailing the robot ranger in the chest. Jack and Charlie double teamed Psycho Red crossing thier blades over each other and did an "X" slash across his chest. Sparks flew as Psycho Red fell to the ground. While Cruger took on Psycho Black and Zek took on Psycho Silver.

Zek was doing immensly well against his psycho opposite who never had a chance against Zek's barrage with his Silverizer. Psycho Green battled David and Bridge and fired green lightning bolts from his fingertips. The two guys got down and fired at him close range hitting him in the chest, as the two got up and raced towards him. Bridge drew his Delta Saber and came at him with a flying slash to the stomach while David jumped up and fired his blast at him at close range. The Ranger yelled as he was hit and a large explosion behind him. Meanwhile Sky and Bailton held thier own against Psycho Blue who couldnt counter their fast and furious attack fashion. Finally it was time to finish things as the two teams gathered together. And the Delta Rangers called on their weapon.

"Canine Cannon!" they cried as Ric formed the blaster. While the Alpha Rangers stood side by side with thier rifles ready.

Cruger and Sam stood behind the Delta Rangers before the Psycho Rangers could retailiate. By the time they looked up it was too late.

"What? No!" Psycho Red yelled.

"Ready--" said Jack.

"Aim--" said Syd.

"Fire!" yelled everyone.

The six A-Squad memeber crossed their beams to form their unity attack while the Delta Rangers fired Ric. While Sam fired his Omega Beam. The Psycho Rangers put up a crystal clear force field but it wasnt enough to stop the oncoming blast as it tore through the shield and elimated the Psychos. The evil Rangers short circuited and collapsed before detonating.

The Rangers cheered but their celebrations were soon cut short as colored bolts of lightning rained down from the sky electrifying the destroyed robots, resurrecting them once more this time into gianormous monsters. The Rangers jumped back in fright as Cruger went for his morpher.

"Kat send everything." he said.

"On their way Commander." she replied activating all the zords, including the A-Squad.

The SWAT Flyers were the first ones to take off followed shortly by the Shadow Runner and Omegamax Cycle, then finally the former Rouge Runners now dubbed Delta Runners II took off out of the hanger followed shortly by the Mega Winger. The Rangers jumped to their zords while the monsters got ready to attack.

"SWAT Megazord!" said the Delta Rangers.

SWAT Glider 1 was the first to transform, taking in the wings as it formed the thighs and torso, SWAT Flyer 2 split in half and formed the arms, while SWAT Flyer 3 formed the legs and Flyers 4 & 5 formed the feet. As soon as they were connected the arms folded back along with the cockpit revealing the head.

"Shadow Patrol Megazord!" said Cruger.

As the Corvette racer did a wheelie, the hood detached and the front end folded out forming the legs before turning over onto it's wheels, the rockets in the exhaust hoisted the police cruiser up right as the lightbar detached and the sides formed the arms while the trunk flipped back revealing the head and the hood attached itself over the cab. The red and blue flashing lights would then attach to the arms in a downward angle completing the transformation.

"Delta Star Megazord!" the A-Squad cried as their zords transformed.

The yellow dumptruck and pink and white semi raced forward with rockets thrusting them upward forming the legs, the bed of the dumptruck flipped over showing the underside, while Charlie's zord raced throught the air and formed the thighs and chest connecting with the legs. The green stealth fighter did a barrel roll behind the Red race car, as the trunk folded over showing the head. The jet then transformed into the wings, arms and back of the Megazord and was secured in place while the blue fighter jet split in half and formed the cannons attaching themselves to the shoulders completing it's transformation.

"Mega Winger!" said Zek.

As his space explorer shot straight up, the cockpit transformed into the arms while the rear formed the legs and touched down on the earth in it's quick change transformation.

"Omegamax Megazord!" said Sam.

The Omegamax fired it's thrusters and stood on it's front tire as the lower half detached and spun around forming the legs of the Megazord while the giant fists formed the chest plate and the exhaust pipes formed the arms as the visor flipped up revealing the face, making it the last robot to transform.

"Let's do this!" said Cruger.

"You got it Commander!" yelled Jack.

"Let's tear them apart!" yelled Psycho Red.

The Psycho Monsters raised their weapons and raced towards the Rangers as the Megazords lumber forward. Psychos and Blue who looked like fire and ice demons took on the SWAT Megazord. While Psycho Black the rock monster took on Cruger. Pink and Yellow one that looked like a flower monster and another like a wasp took on the Delta Star. Leaving Psycho Silver who looked like a steel angel, and had massive blades coming out of his forearms fought Zek while Psycho Green that looked like a plant monster battled Sam.

Psycho Red swung his arm at the SWAT Rangers knocking them back a step while Psycho Blue stabbed them with the spikes on his shoulders. Red leaped over Blue and did a flying kick that sent the machine back into a building and fired a duel element blast at the Megazord, the hot and cold blast dangerously messing with the systems onboard the machine. While Psycho Green had the Omegamax tangled in it's vines and fired electric blasts that short circuited the Megazord and sent it crashing down.

Psycho Black punched Cruger's zord twice before shouldering it. Knocking him to the ground. The golem crossed it's arms and fired a beam out of it's chest at the downed Megazord. Sparks flew inside the cockpit as the Commander shielded himself from the explosions.

"Rangers I'm sending you our newest weapon, the Delta Rail Megazord." Kat said.

"Huh?" said Jack.

"What?" asked Sky.

"A new zord?" asked Sam.

"Hopefully this will even the odds a little bit." she said typing in the commands.

"We'll need all the help we can get Kat." said Cruger.

"Yeah!" said Sam.

"Bring it on!" said Zek.

Kat nodded as she stepped away from the controls and walked through the door. In a underground railway a short distance away from the base Kat and Boom walked in where a giant red and black trainzord waited for them.

"All aboard." she said.

Stepping into the cockpit a while later, Kat pulled down the support arm that strapped her in while Boom manned the second stage cockpit.

"Ready Boom?" she asked.

"Ready Kat." he said bringing the systems on line.

"Here we go." she said as the train came to life.

Pouring on the thruster the Delta Rail made it's way out from under the tunnel and built up speed with horns blaring as it made it's way to the battle field. The others looked up as they say it coming.

"Lasers fire." said Kat.

As the quad cannons on front of the engine fired shooting Psycho Green and Red in the back weakening them. Psycho Blue and Red then threw the SWAT Megazord in anger and landed infront of the train.

"Rangers, evacuate the SWAT Megazord." said Kat.

"But..." Bridge.

"No questions, just do it." she said calmly.

"Guess we have no choice." said Jack.

The Rangers abandoned the downed Megazord while Kat switched to remote control. As Jack entered the lead cockpit through the door a second later the others got to their cockpits. While Boom switched places with Sky in his.

"The Delta Rail is all yours." he said.

"Now show them what SPD is all about." said Kat.

"You got it Kat. Rangers you ready?" said Jack.

The team voiced thier approval as Jack got in his seat.

"I got SWAT Megazord on remote standby, good luck." Kat said.

"All right, let's do it team!" yelled Jack.

"Delta Rail move out!" the team called as the train started up with whistles blowing.

While the rest of the Rangers were locked in battle the Delta Rail began blasting at several of bad guys to release their grip on the other zords.

"You got to be kidding me, they have another one?!" Psycho Yellow said.

"And it's the badest one yet, check this out." said Jack.

"Delta Rail Megazord!" the team yelled.

The rockets on the last car explode and send the trainzord racing up the track, as a line of railing became a ramp and launched the trainzord into the air. The cars seperate as the engine and second car flip over with the second car forming the chest. Sky and Bridge's traincars side shift and turn into arms with the roofs of the cars becoming shoulderpads, Z and Syd's zords then became the legs as they guided into place. The five cars connected simotaniously as the engine formed the back of the Megazord and the head rose out of the chest. The head was kind of simular to the Delta Squad's head and had two flashing blue lights one on top of the other with red circular lights where the ears would be. And a blazing red lightbar on it's chest. The Megazord touched down and skidded across the dual rails with sparks flying underneath it's wheels before coming to a stop. The majority of the psycho squadron turned to face the Megazord as it stared them down.

Abandoning thier former opponets the Psychos went to take on the newly formed Megazord as it stomped forward. The Delta Rail dispatched one Psycho Ranger after another with it's might fists as they raced towards it and were cast aside like ragdolls. Psycho Yellow kicked the Megazord in the chest but didnt phase it as Psycho Red slashed at the massive zord with his sword and claws the Delta Rail punched him in the chest and knocked him back. Psycho Black raced towards it and thrust his shoulder in the stomach of the massive machine that eclipsed all of them. He threw in a few more punches before being knocked back as well, when Psycho Blue took a shot at it with his axe and was met with the same result.

Only Psycho Pink was smart enough to attack it from behind jumping on the Megazord's back and stricking it's head and neck. The cockpit rattled and sparks flew as the team tried to steady themselves. Psychos Red and Blue did a running slash across the stomach and either side as it staggered around. Psycho Yellow kicked it in the chest once more nearly knocking it off balance when the Shadow Patrol Megazord interferred grabbing Yellow from behind. The Psychobot slashed Cruger's zord across the chest several times as the Delta Rail worked to rid itself of their unwanted rider. Pink continued to attack the Megazord's head, if it went down there'd be no way to correct iself. Until finally it happened, she had succeeded in toppeling the Megazord and fell on it's back. But this wouldnt last long as the machine fired the turbine on it's back righting itself.

The rest of the Rangers rejoined the fight. As the Delta Rail employed it's finishing move.

"Time to get rid of these guys." said Jack.

The turbine on the engine heated up and began transferring heat to the Megazord's fists. Took a step forward and launched itself using the jet propulsion, Psycho Blue looked up to see it coming at him as it's hands glowed orange and punched Psycho Blue in the chest racing past him. The ice monster overheated and was blown to bits as it raced past.

"Delta Star Mega Saber power up!" The A-Squad yelled.

The Delta Star's sword was ablaze and slashed at Psycho Pink, the villain yelled as the flaming toward went right through her. And came at her again with another stroke in an 'X' formation bringing about her doom. The flower monster hit the ground and was destroyed.

"Spin out!" yelled Sam as his zord converted to bike hybrid mode.

The Omegamax raced across the ground and threw itself in the air towards Psycho Green. The Megazord went into it's trademark attack and slashed and hacked at the plant monster. The attack weakened it but wasnt enough to destroy it. Psycho Silver slashed at the Mega Winger tossing it about like a ragdoll. While Psychos Red and Yellow attacked the Delta Star in a frenzy. While Psycho Black continued his assult with the Shadow Patrol. Until Cruger iniated his Cyclone Fist attack driving it straight into Psycho Black's chest. The attack seemed successful as a large explosion issued from his chest knocking the beast back.

Psycho Red was on the warpath as he attacked the Delta Rail punching and slashing at the robot with his claws knocking it back with each step. The Delta Rail used it's flame fist attack again but was blocked by Psycho Red as he absorbed its energy.

"Not this time!" he yelled returning it's power tenfold.

The blast was powerful enough to knock it clean off it's feet. And fired another hellish blast at the downed mecha. SWAT Megazord grabbed him from behind and attemped to pull him off, Psycho Red turned around and slashed it's chest leaving a deep gash in it's chest plate. The SWAT Megazord staggered back clutching it's chest as Psycho Red went on a rampage and ravaged it, sparks flew as it tried to tear the SWAT Megazord apart. Alarms went off in the cockpit as sensors reached critical stage.

"Kat the Megazord cant take much more of it!" said Boom.

"The Megazord's going to explode." she said typing in commands from the base.

"What do we do? If that thing goes it could destroy all the Rangers!" he told her.

"I know that Boom!" she said as she worked desperately with the controls.

"What's going on with the Megazord?" Jack asked.

"It's overheating!" said Z.

"Rangers draw Psycho Red towards the SWAT Megazord." said Kat.

"You got it!" said Jack.

The Delta Rail lumbered forward and sandwhiched him between the two zords and locked the SWAT Megazord's hands together. The neophite robot looked at it's predecessor as if to tell it good bye, the SWAT Megazord seemed to share the same sympathies. The rockets fired as it sent Psycho Red into the Earth's atmosphere. The Rangers looked on as it disappeared into the sky, Psycho Red struggled against the machine but couldnt break free of it's grip as it reached the outer atmosphere and finally exploded killing Psycho Red. The blast lit up the evening sky in a yellow blur. The Rangers sighed having felt as if a part of themselves died with it.

"I was always fond of that robot." Sky said.

"Let's finish this before it happens again, next time that could be one of us." said Charlie.

"Right, you heard her team!" Jack said.

The Delta Rail powered up it's flame fist attack once more as it raced to aid Cruger against Psycho Black while the Shadow Patrol came in the direction with it's Cyclone Fist. The two teams connected and raced past each other as Psycho Black was destroyed.

Psycho Silver destroyed the Mega Winger's wing blaster by slicing it in half and was about ready to finish off Zek. Before it could be done Sam raced towards them with another Spinout and slashed at the metallic angel from behind. Carving deep gashes into it's armor.

"Take it Zek!" yelled Sam.

Lightning flowed into the Mega Winger's right fist and punched at Psycho Silver destroying him. Psychos Green and Yellow were all that were left. The plant monster stood infront of the wasp creature knowing they didnt have a chance. The Delta Star powered up it's shoulder cannons and let loose a barrage of fire the tore through them. Shadow Patrol opened it's chest plate and shot rockets from it, while the Delta Rail launched a stream of fire at the two destroying them completely. With the last of the Psycho Rangers gone it was finally over.

A few minutes later the Rangers were on the ground with their helmets at their side as they approached each other.

"Is everyone all right?" Cruger called.

"Yeah." said Syd.

"Yes sir." said Sky.

"No injuries reported." Charlie said amongst others.

"This has been a very long battle but at last it is finally over. It seems as though that's the last we'll see of the Psycho and The Evil that spawned them has been destroyed." Doggie said.

"Sir there is it right there." said Bridge.

"What?" he said as the rest of the team turned to see it lying on the ground as Cruger walked towards it.

"Unbelieveable, all of our troubles came from this little rock." he said.

Laying his helmet on the ground he drew his sword and powered it up.

"Shadow Saber!" he cried breaking the chain that sealed his blade.

Holding his sword high above his head the Commander took one last strike at the stone slicing it in half releasing the evil that was contained within as a small whisp of dark energy. The remainer of the stone crumbled and was reduced to nothing. The Commander then stamped his foot against it and ground it up until it was a fine powder.

"So that's that huh?" asked Jack.

"I hope so, back to base everyone." Cruger told them.

The Rangers arrived through the doors of the Command Center awhile later to the cheers of everyone. The B-Squad looked and saw everyone in the Command Center applauding them for having finally defeated the Psychos. The Rangers were still in uniform as Kat unveiled a cake for the two teams.

"You had time to get a cake?" Bridge asked.

"Where'd you get a cake in the middle of the battle?" Jack asked.

"Hey come on guys, isnt it obvious you were going to beat them?" she asked.

Several of the guys laughed as they helped themselves to some cake. Syd turned around and put frosting on Bridge's nose to his suprise. She laughed and wiped some of it off with her finger and tasted it. While Sky craned over Z's shoulder to get himself some cake when she turned and accidently smashed it against his jacket.

"Ohhh, ha ha ha ha!" Z laughed as Sky dropped his arms exasperated.

"Perfect." he muttered.

"Head's up guys!" Jack yelled throwing some of his at the guys.

Syd shrieked as Bridge and the others retailiated.

"Guys not in the Command Center come on!" Cruger reasoned with his team as they continued fighting even getting some on him while Kat got some in her hair and took cover.

"So what's Cruger going to do with you guys now that it's over?" Jack asked Charlie.

"He hasnt really told us anything yet. We got alot to make up for." she said.

"Tell me about it." he replied Charlie gave him a look.

"We were thinking about transferring to another galaxy and help out there until we've served our due." she told him.

"You guys have come a long way." he said before hugging her.

"Yeah I know, I'm suprised to even be back on this side, guess we have Kat to thank for that." she said hugging him back.

"So is Zek coming with you guys?" he asked.

"Are you kidding? Like I'm going to let these guys out of my sight anytime soon." he joked.

As Syd was watching Bridge came up behind her put his arms around her and rested his chin on top of her head.

"Bridge what are you doing?" she asked.

"Nuthin' just using you as a head rest." he shook his head.

"I'm flattered." she said sarcastically.

As the guys were talking Z approached the Silver Ranger.

"I just wanted to say it was great working with you, and I'm going to miss you." she said.

"I'll miss you too Z." he said as she put her arms around him and kissed his cheek.

"Hey!" Sky yelled. Zek looked at him perplexed and then back to Z.

"Uh oh." he said as Sky went after him and he took off.

"Hey come on man I didnt do anything!" he yelled as they raced out the door.

"Your going to wish you hadnt, I dont care whose kid you are!" he said.

"She kissed me, why arent you chasing her?" Zek yelled racing down the hallway.

"Didnt you know that was going to happen?" asked Syd.

"I do, I just like messing with him." said Z.

"Cut me some slack man!" Zek yelled.

"Wait until I get my hands on you!" said Sky.

"I didnt know honest!" he trailed off as the rest of the team laughed heartily.


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