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Sisters, Stupidity and Plans

"Okay, are you stupid or something?!" Derek´s head snapped up, no longer focusing on his paperwork he had just been doing. When he looked up, he saw his oldest sister, Nancy, in front of him, an annoyed look on her face.

"Nice to see you too" Derek rolled his eyes at her nice greeting.

"No! It´s not nice to see you!" Nancy raised her voice, she hated her brother right now and couldn´t get how a single person could actually be THIS stupid! "What the hell do you think you´re doing?!"

"Uhh, paper work?"

"Oh don´t play stupid, which I still think you are, but you know exactly what I mean!" and Derek did. He knew what she was talking about, but didn´t really want to get into this, so he just didn´t reply and went back to some charts in front of him.

"Derek, I´m so gonna call mom and tell her about this!" Nancy knew that this would work on him, it always had and he should be thankful she didn´t tell Rita about the whole 'Addison packed her things and moved and your son just let her go' thing yet.

"Noyou wouldn´t" he responded, not bothering to look up.

"Try me" Nancy grinned, fishing her phone out of her purse and flipped it open.

"Okay, fine" Derek said annoyed "What is there to talk about?! She left."

"And that doesn´t even bother you?!" Nancy hated her brother, she seriously hated him. How could he just let her go like this?!

"I never said that!" he replied shortly. Letting his big sister know how much it hurt him that his wife left wasn´t exactly something Derek Shepherd would do.

"Then what is it? Why did you have to be such an asshole and just not care about her?!" he could tell she was mad, furious even and he couldnßt really blame her. His family loved Addison.

"I did care about her! Hell, I still do!" Derek could feel his temper rise.

"No you didn´t! She came alone to Christmas, to mom´s birthday and always had to make up important things you had to do!" Nancy yelled back, pretty sure the entire hospital could hear them.

"I did have important things to do!" he defended his absence over the last year, if not longer than that, he actually couldn´t tell.

"Great, more important than your wife! You´re such a jerk! Did you ever even bother how she felt? At least a little guilt?"

"Of course I feel guilty" I do every day!"

"Yeah, but just since she left! Oh god, what happened to my little brother who would do everything for Addison?" Nancy questioned, she could remember the look in his eyes everytime he just looked at her, but that look disappeared. And if his family noticed, Addison must have too.

"We both had to work a lot!"

"That didn´t stop her from coming to Christmas! Christmas, Derek!" Nancy said reproachfully, in a tone, his mother had always used to make him feel guilty.

"It was just once!" Derek was annoyed by her, as if he wouldn´t feel guilty enough about what had happened.

"I´m not only talking about Christmas here!" Nancy´s voice was sounding more calm than before "You also forgot her birthday. I´d have left you right after that"

"Gee thanks Nanc"

"I never sugar-coated things and I sure as hell won´t start now. So, you want hr back?" she raised her eyebrows.

"Yeah I do, more than you could know" he sighed sadly, knowing he screwed it up.

"Well, one thing is for sure she doesn´t trust you. There will be snow on the hills of hell before that happens. " she said, noticing the look on Derek´s face and then quickly added "but I can make it snow in hell. Or I can help you."

"How?" Derek wanted to get Addison back, but he had no idea how.

"Well, we just need a plan, don´t we?"


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