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The 300 Final Chapter

She could hear the screams of dying men, plaintive cries for family, but most of all she could hear the King's desperate plea for his Queen and wife. Tears poured out of her as Winona heard the twang and rush of millions of arrows speeding towards the man she respected most. Winona sat silently, dressed in the Spartan garb, cursing Ephealties with every breath in her body.

It was silent now, almost anticlimactic. Her body was numb, the screams and cries had chased her into a cold dark place. Dimly, Xerxes order to desecrate Leonidas' body and leave the rest of the bodies for the crows registered in her mind. Tears began to pour out again. An hour later, the call to move out bellowed.

This was what she had been waiting for, pressing her back into the dark stone, Millions of cruel men marching past, only needing the slightest movement to catch their eye. Winona tightened her grip on the blade Dilios gave her, the hilt digging in, cutting into her hand. She would not go down without a fight, her resolve spoke, she would not betray their memory that way.

They marched slowly past, Winona's eyes almost begging to be found. They zoomed in on the God King's float, zeroing in on the cut that marred his face. A smile made its way on her face. Leonidas kept his promise.

Hours past as she held onto her taunt position, hours past before his men finally disappeared. It was twilight before Winona felt safe to rest her exhausted body against the cave wall. Her eyes stayed open, the need to see washing over her body, hiding its need for sustenance. Winona clumsily stumbled out of the cave and moved to the mouth of the Hot Gates.

A grieving scream ripped through the night, tearing from her throat. Their bodies lay where they fell, some trampled, all bloody. The smell reached her nose, causing her to collapse and vomit. The Aries amulet dangled innocently from her neck, unaware of Winona's glare. With an angry yell she ripped it from her throat and threw it, watching as it sail through the air and land near the disturbed earth that hid the King's body.

The bodies once more captured her gaze, a determination glowing in her eyes. Changing back into the clothes that she arrived in, Winona grabbed a Spartan shield and began to dig. Hours past, followed by days without food, without rest. Her body bled yet still Winona dug, unrelenting, with purpose, until at last she made a grave big enough for the Spartans. Taking a moment to wipe the sweat from her brow and give in to her need for food and water she looked at the decomposing bodies.

"You didn't die in vain," she whispered to the find, unaware of her form being watched.

Ephealties looked on as the young girl dragged all the Spartan bodies into a mass grave, her grief lending her strength. Guilt and mourning washed over his body, drowning out all other emotions.

By the fifth day since the gates fell, Winona was done. Walking back to her pack, she spied a flash of crimson. Wandering over to it, she picked it up, choking back another wave of guilt. Bringing the cloak to her nose, she breathed in the scent of Astinos, glad that she had a remanent of him, even if it was his spare cloak. Tears burned behind her eyes once more, only this time she wiped at them angrily. Still holding onto the cloth, she walked back to her pack and picked it up before walking to the springs to bathe. Once she cleaned off all the dried blood, Winona dressed into the Spartan dress and wrapped the cloak around her shoulders.

"Sparta is south of here." A voice spoke from the gloom. Ephealties walked out from the shadows.

"Leonidas still cursed you." Winona replied after a while, her throat making her words husky.

"You will come to no harm while you travel," he said sadly, watching her pick up her pack and turn from him.

"You will live forever," Winona prophesised, walking away.

Winona walked with purpose, stopping only when her body really needed it. Days past slowly as she made her way relentlessly towards Sparta, Finally, Winona came to the final rise. Her breath caught in her throat as she took in the burning city. Her eyes stared on, horrified, as plumes of smoke rose to the sky.


She gasped and turned around, her hand grasping her blade. Dilios stood behind her, next to a tree, soot and blood covering him and his eyes bloodshot. She threw herself into his arms, her body shaking with emotion. He held her to him tightly.

"I was afraid that they found you," he whispered in her ear gruffly. Winona shook her head, unable to speak. "You should have returned with me."

"I couldn't," Winona spoke eventually. "It was something that I had to do."

Dilios looked at her for a moment before guiding her away from the city. Before he reached the bottom, his way was blocked by two hooded figures.

"It is time for you to choose." Their voiced sent shivers down her spine. Winona blinked surprised before turning to Dilios, her eyes wide with shock.

"He is frozen in time." She was informed.

"But-" she looked at him helplessly.

"You do not belong in this timeline. If you stay, all memory of your life will be lost."

"I love him," she said sadly.

"He has a future will someone else," the disembodied voice replied, slightly sympathetic. "As do you."

Winona blinked back her tears as she sat heavily on the ground. She had the choice of loosing all her memories and staying with Dilios or leaving him and remembering everything. Looking over at him, she wiped at her tears.

"Will he be taken care of?"

"He will be well loved and will only vaguely remember you."

Winona threw a dirty look at them. "Can I say goodbye?"

The figures nodded and moved a hand, releasing Dilios of the spell. He looked at the figures startled then down at Winona.

"Winona?" he glanced at her confused.

"I have to go now, Dilios," she said softly.

"No," his remaining eye filled with pain.

Winona leaned up and kissed him softly. "It isn't our time, Dilios." She touched the leather around his eye. "But I'll always have you in my heart."

He pulled her into a desperate kiss, his hands fisted in her hair. "I can't live without you."

"You can, Dilios, and you will. You'll find a wonderful woman who can give you so much more than me," Winona said firmly, their noses almost touching. "And you'll love her so much that it will take your breath away." He looked at her, pain etched in his face. "You need to let me go, Dilios." A tear slipped down her cheek.

"Goodbye." He released her roughly, turned and walked away, not once looking back. Winona watched as he left her sight before turning back. "I'm ready to go home now."

Three Years Later

"Astinos get back here," Winona laughed, sweeping the giggling two year old off of his feet. "Bath time for you."

Helen watched her daughter play with her son. Winona glanced up at her mother. "What's up?"

"Just thinking," the older woman said innocently.


"The time when you were in the past." Winona smiled softly, the dull ache thudding in her chest. "I still miss Dilios, mum."

"I know, sweetie," Helen grinned at the cherub in his mother's arms. "Astinos, do you want Grandma to bath you tonight?"

The enthusiastic nodding made the two women laugh. The doorbell rang as Winona put down her baby boy. "I'll get that, mum." Walking through the house, she pulled her hair to the side and opened the door. Her breath left her body.

"Um, hi, I'm Dylan, I've just moved into the neighbourhood and just wanted to introduce myself," A two eyed younger version of Dilios stood at the door.

"Um, hi, I'm Winona," she replied, shaking out of her funk and giving him a bright smile. "Would you like to come in and have some tea?"


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