Chapter 4

"Kerry Hun? You okay?" Cate asks from the other side of Kerry's door.

"I'm fine, go away."

"Kerry, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm sorry. Can I come in? Please?"



"I guess."

Cate comes in and sits on the bed facing her daughter. "Look Kerry, I know that this is hard for you, and it's not going to get easier, but we need to learn to work things out. We can't afford to be fighting all the time. We need to support one another. I want you to know that I'm really, really proud of you. You're doing a wonderful thing and it takes a lot of courage to subject yourself to the judgment you're going to experience and the discomforts you're going to have to live with. You're very strong willed and I admire that."

"I suppose I always loved to be controversial."

"See, you're staying true to you're character. You don't choose to do things because you want others to accept you. You do what you feel is right. Not everyone has that strength."

"Mom, what am I going to tell people? How do I tell Kyle? What if they kick me out of school? This should be happening to Bridget. At least she has no future. Now I don't have one either."

"Hey, is that any way to talk? Bridget will find something that suits her abilities and personality and there is still a future for the both of you. Women have babies all the time. Kerry, your life may be put on hold for a baby, but you are so talented. You can still be successful, just be patient."

"I'm scared."

Cate pushes a loose strand of Kerry's hair behind her ear. "I know sweetie, but you'll be okay. It'll be tough, but you'll be okay."

"What if Kyle's not ready to be a dad? I mean, I'm not even ready to me a mom and girls mature faster than guys do. He's gonna bolt mom. I'm going to be alone," Kerry says as a few tears begin to creep into the corners of her eyes.

"You won't be alone. You have a family who loves you and is going to support you no matter what. I admit, it would be nice if Kyle would take fatherhood seriously, but he's going to be just as scared as you are."

"He shouldn't be. I'm the one who's going to get huge. I'm the one who has to eat healthy and take vitamins and have swollen ankles and whatever else happens to pregnant women. I'm the one who has to spend hours in labour. It's not fair. He should just be glad it's not him!"

"I know, life sucks. Believe me I agree with you, but guys don't always find it easy to see it from the women's point of view."

"I hate Kyle!"

"You haven't even told him yet. How do you know what he'll say?"

"I don't care. He did this to me!" Kerry begins to cry hysterically-again. Cate lies down beside her and pulls her close.

"All you can do is tell him," Cate says, "The rest is out of your hands."

- - - - - - - - - -

Despite her mother's warnings, Bridget decides to wake Kerry up when she gets home from Samantha's.

"Kerry, I think there's something I should tell you," Bridget whispers.

"Is it really that important? I'm trying to sleep."

"You're not going to like it, but I think you should know."

"Oh my gosh, did you tell somebody? Bridget I'm going to kill you!" Kerry shouts, sitting up in her bed.

"Don't hurt me! I didn't tell anyone. It's about Kyle."

"Did something happen?"

"Well, me and Samantha got talking and she told me that Amanda, who talked to Amy, who talked to Rich Brittany, said she saw Kyle and Jill kissing at Nicole's party last Saturday. I was like, 'you're kidding', but she said that yesterday she saw Kyle and Jill walk off school property together."

"What?" Kerry stares, dumbfounded at Bridget. "How could he do this to me? I give him my virginity and he pays me back by making out with Jill Wakefield? God, I hate girls like her! I had her as a partner once in chemistry and she couldn't even carry on a conversation! Why would Kyle do that? I thought he loved me. I'm so stupid. I can't believe I trusted him! I can't believe I…I…" Kerry puts her hands on her stomach and bursts into tears.

"I'm so sorry. Do you want me to talk to Kyle, tell him that you're breaking up with him?"

"No, I'll do it. I'll talk to him."

- - - - - - - - - -

"Hey, Kerry, whad up babe?" Kyle leans in to kiss her, but Kerry's hand stops his lips from meeting hers. She shoots him the death glare.

"We need to talk," Kerry says.

"But I promised Mike that I'd…" she cuts him off before he can finish.

"Now!" Kerry grabs his arm, pulls him out of the hallway and into an empty classroom, closing the door behind them.

"Ouch, Kerry! You're hurting me!" She lets go of his arm.

"I'd like to know what you've been up to. Kiss any new girls lately?"


"Yeah, uh-oh! Last night I found out that you've been spending an awful lot of time with Jill Wakefield. Funny, considering I'm your girlfriend," she growls.

"She kissed me! I didn't kiss her!" he says defensively.

"Huh, then why did you go out with her yesterday?"

"Look Kerry, I…"

"You what Kyle? You didn't plan on me finding out, right?"

"No, I…I was lonely, okay? All of a sudden you just stopped talking to me. I never even see you in the hallways anymore. It's like you've been avoiding me or something," he explains.

Kerry looks down at her shoes and crosses her arms protectively. "You could have talked to me. You didn't have to run off with another girl."

"Look, I'm sorry." Kyle moves closer to take Kerry's hands in his. "I think we just need to start over."

Kerry doesn't let him get his hopes up. "Kyle, I'm pregnant."

"Whoa." He pauses to take in the information. "Are you sure it's mine?"



"I know."

"I'm not ready… We don't have to get married, do we?"

"It's over Kyle."

"What?" he asks.

"You're right. You're not ready to be a dad. I've thought about it a lot and quite frankly, I don't think you're mature enough. I just… I don't think it could ever work between us."


"It's okay. You should be happy. I'm letting you off the hook."

He doesn't need much persuasion. "So…that's it?"

Kerry nods her head. As Kyle makes his way out the door she adds, "Wait, Kyle!" She looks at him pleadingly. "Please, don't tell anyone."

- - - - - - - - - -

A/N: Please, don't hate me just yet. I know you all probably want Kyle to be in the picture… I just don't know how I like them as a couple. Kerry will have some love interest though…I just have to come up with something.