Anything can happen in a Seekers night off

Written by Taipan Kiryu

Synopsis: Skywarp decides to take a night off and takes Thundercracker to an Autobot's bar to have some drinks. There they will find unfriendly faces and will be involved in weird situations. My personal tribute to this beloved pair of Seekers.

Authors notes: Hi everyone, this is my first fanfic. I LOVE Transformers, especially G1. English is not my first language, so it's very probable you will find many grammar mistakes in this story, but I hope there won't be very annoying. Well, enough with the talking, let's get into action! Please don't forget to review. I really want to know your opinions.

Disclaimer: I don't own Transformers. They belong to Hasbro and others. All I own is the story, which was written for entertainment purposes only. No profit was or will be made.

Chapter 1

"WHAT?" Thundercracker screamed with his optics as opened as possible. "Absolutely no, Warp!! Are you out of your mind?"

Skywarp sighed and rolled his eyes. "No, TC, I'm not out of my mind. Think about it. Our shift finishes in two hours and after that we have the rest of the night free."

Thundercracker didn't answer immediately. He was pretending to be busy checking some data in one of the terminals of the huge computer of the Command Center of the Decepticon undersea base in Earth.

-"You're really crazy, Warp. I don't understand how you even dare to propose something so stupid…"

"Come on, bro! I have everything planned. We leave the base at exactly 1200 hours and come back at dawn. Nobody will notice."

"Soundwave will…"

"Soundwave will be busy all night with Megatron and Starscream testing that weird energy diamond we stole from the humans. Besides, he doesn't give a damn about our personal businesses."

Thundercracker stopped pretending he was looking at the screen of his terminal and glanced at his companion. Sometimes he really wondered if Skywarp had some kind of brain damage.

"The Red Effigy is Autobot territory," he said trying to calm down. "If we get in there we'll get ourselves killed."

Skywarp smirked with contempt. "The Red Effigy is neutral zone. We won't be bothered."

Before Thundercracker could reply, Skywarp embraced him by the neck. "Wait, before you continue your lecture listen to me… I have been making some research. Technically, The Red Efiggy is Autobot territory, but they have no official dominion whatsoever. So, it's a neutral zone, some sort of permanent truce. There has not been violence in there in more than five million years."

"Yes, because in five million years no Decepticon has ever dare to show up… " was the dark answer from Thundercracker as he got rid of the embrace of his wingmate.

"Precisely that's what we're going to change tonight. We can go. Nothing forbids us to do it."

"Right, just a bunch of Autobots who will blow our heads off as soon as we put one foot in their place."

"It's not their place, stop that crap! Come on, TC, why do you always have to be so pessimistic? The only thing we'll find there will be drinks and party!"

"And why do you always have to be so slagging irresponsible? How can you think in parties when we are in the middle of a war?"

"That's exactly why we need to take a little break. We deserve it."

"And what about the Autobots?"

"They won't attack us unless we do it first. That's the advantage of neutral zones. Besides, what's the point of having fun without a little risk?"

Thundercracker sighed. "I still think it's the worst idea you've ever had."

"And I still think you are too strict. Come on, TC! You are my best friend and I really want us to do this together."

Thundercracker folded his arms across his chest and looked with anger at Skywarp. The fragging black and purple Seeker always seemed to know how to manipulate him.

"And what about Megatron? If he finds out about this we'll know how it feels to be blasted by a certain fusion cannon."

Skywarp smirked. "Don't worry about that. I used my influences and arranged us to be assigned to night patrol."


"Close. Ramjet, actually. He owned me a favor and didn't mind to exchange his night patrol with us. See? We have an excuse to be absent tonight."

"I don't know, Warp… getting inside enemy territory… and no one will know. If something happens…"

"What will happen is that you and I will get completely wasted, brother! And with the best high grade energon in the galaxy!" Skywarp laughed holding Thundercracker's head and rubbing it brusquely with his fist.

To be continued.