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Chapter 3

Everything happened so fast. Nobody had time to react or to even think. Ironhide was a red beam of energy full of anger. Everything around him disappeared. He could only see the scene in front of him. Ashtorage and that slagging Decepticon.

"Iron, Iron! Wait!!" Bumblebee cried after him, but Ironhide didn't listen. He just couldn't. His audios were closed to anything else but his fury.

He was in front of the couple in a matter of astro seconds. Skywarp and Ashtorage were still kissing each other, so they didn't notice his arrival. Ironhide roughly grabbed Skywarp from one wing and punched him on the face, throwing him to the floor.

"You already had enough fun for tonight, Decepticon! We were very tolerant with you but this is it! Get the slag out of here before I blast the hell out of…"

Before Ironhide could finish talking, the fallen figure in front of him disappeared. Half a second later, there was a purple light behind him and the weapon specialist felt a violent hit on the nape that threw him a couple of steps forward. He turned immediately to see Skywarp, who was standing behind him.

"But of course! You can't lift a finger without teleporting, can you piece of scum?"

Skywarp pointed his weapons toward Ironhide's face but the strong arm of Thundercracker came from behind and stopped him, holding his forearms.

"Enough, Warp! You got even. We didn't come here looking for problems."

"Well, you already found them, Decepticons!" Cliffjumper shouted stepping beside Ironhide.

"Whenever you want, runt!" Skywarp replied, trying to get rid of Thundercraker's grip.

"Don't you dare to call him runt, you slagging piece of junk!" Ironhide barked, being stopped by all his teammates who arrived just in time to stop him from charging into the Decepticons.

"Calm down, Iron, come on! The Cons were not doing anything wrong," Blaster said, standing between both groups.

"Exactly! The only one with the brain damage in here is you, Autobot!" Skywarp retorted, struggling to get rid of his friend grip. Thundercracker had to hold him with both arms.

"OK, this is enough. Don't push it too far, Skywarp. You two better leave before we do something we could regret" Smokescreen intervened.

"You have no right to throw us out of here!" was the furious reply from the black Seeker.

The female Autobots were watching seriously the scene in front of them. Darkstalker turned to face her teammates. "Enough macho attitude for one night. Let's go girls. Autobots or Decepticons, all males are neanderthals". She pushed Ashtorage and Speedup to the door; both reluctantly followed.

Skywarp's anger disappeared just like that, as he looked to the door and shouted. "Can I call you?"

But Ashtorage couldn't reply. She disappeared behind the slender figure of Speedup, who glanced at Thundercracker with sadness.

As soon as the door hissed close behind the femmes, Skywarp's face returned to an expression of fury and he glanced back at Ironhide. "You are doomed, Ironfrag! Nobody ruins me a date! I'll tell you what'll happen. I'll teleport five times, and each time I appear back I'm going to empty my weapons on every one of you, slagging Autobots!"

"No, Warp!" Thundercracker quickly interrupted. "You won't do anything, did you hear me? Nothing at all.

"And who is going to stop me?!"

"If Megatron finds out about this, you will be in a very serious problem, think about it."

The only mention of Megatron's name seemed to have an immediate effect on Skywarp, who froze and stopped struggling against his wingmate.

Ironhide clinched his fists. "So? What are you waiting for, Decepticon scum? Teleport whenever you want. I dare you."

"That won't happen, Autobot, so all of you better back off and we will leave in peace. Do we have a deal?" Thundercracker said.

Skywarp struggled again. "What are you talking about, TC?? We are not going anywhere!! Hey you, bartender, gimme another bottle of your best energon!" he shouted looking at the fearful Gamblertick, who was hiding behind the bar.

"Come on, Warp. You have drunk enough for tonight. You're getting over energized". As soon as he finished talking, Thundercracker found himself holding the air. Skywarp teleported and, a purple glimpse after, Ironhide kissed the floor victim of a violent punch.

Cliffjumper honored his name and jumped toward the aggressor, but Skywarp teleported again and appeared at the bar. "Ha ha ha, you are soooo slow, Autobots! You are no match for me," he laughed as he grabbed Thundercracker's energon cube, which remained almost full.

Ironhide charged against Skywarp. Smokescreen turned toward Thundercracker and cautionary prepared for battle. "So, Thundercracker? Won't you intervene?"

The blue and grey Seeker shrugged his shoulders. "I'm tired of this. I can't deal with him when he is in one of his moods."

Blaster smiled and lifted a cube half full of energon. "Well said, man. You see, your buddy there made a mistake. Ironhide has been trying to score with Ashtorage for a while and well…"

Thundercracker smirked from inside. So the old grumpy Ironhide was jealous?

Meanwhile, Ironhide arrived to Skywarp. "Stop being a coward for once in your life and fight!".

Skywarp frowned. "Don't call me coward! It's not my fault that your inferior technology doesn't allow you to teleport."

"Please, please sirs… don't make problems in my tavern…" Glambertick muttered, his voice shaky.

Ironhide looked at the old Transformer and then back to Skywarp. "Do you want to go outside, Decepticon?"

"Sure," replied Skywarp, drinking in one sip all what was left in Thundercracker's cube. He teleported after that.

Ironhide frowned. "I hate when he does that." And he walked straight to the exit.

Cliffjumper and Bumblebee followed immediately. The yellow Autobot was begging. "Please, please Ironhide… don't make a fool of yourself." But he was not listened.

Thundercracker and Smokescreen sighed and followed the group outside the tavern. Blaster rubbed his hands with pleasure. "Cool man, fight, fight, fight!"

A cold winter surrounded The Red Effigy as both Skywarp and Ironhide faced each other.

Thundercracker was behind Skywarp, whispering to his audios. "We're still on time to leave, Warp. Come on, this will only end in disaster".

"This is personal, TC. This Autobot attacked me for free and he must get what he deserves. Whatever happens, don't interfere."

"Well, he's right about that. He was not doing any harm, man," Blaster affirmed.

Ironhide frowned at the communications officer. "Which side are you, Blaster? He didn't have to come here in the first place."

Smokescreen stood between both groups. "Alright you two, since you decided to go on with this, I just want to remind both of you to make a clean fight. This is neutral territory, not a war zone, which means no weapons, no special abilities and no dirty tricks."

"Did you hear that Deceptijerk? That means no sissy teleporting," Ironhide scowled.

"I don't need to teleport to break that disgusting face of yours, you ugly abort of a Quintesson," Skywarp replied, his fists ready to crush Autobot's metal.

Smokescreen retreated and so did the others. Both fighters approached each other with anger filling their optics.

Ironhide attacked first. A fist as hard as a cannon blast impacted Skywarp's face, who almost fell to the ground.

Thundercracker shuddered with the violence of the hit. Ironhide was a deadly fighter, very respected among Decepticons, almost as much as Optimus Prime himself.

However, Skywarp recovered immediately and punched back a brutal hit to Ironhide's stomach. The weapon specialist bended and stepped back.

Thundercracker felt relieved. Although Skywarp's specialty was aerial combat, he was not bad in hand to hand fights.

For several minutes, the only sound that could be heard outside The Red Effigy was the brutal music of the blows, plus eventual curses. The fight was very intense, worth of two brave gladiators. Although Ironhide was stronger and more experienced in that kind of combat, Skywarp balanced with his speed and flexibility. At some point, both fighters stopped insulting each other and started to look at each other with something very close to respect.

Suddenly, both punched each other at the same time and fell to the floor. When their teammates noticed they were taking some time to get up, decided that it was enough.

Thundercracker kneeled beside Skywarp and helped him to get up. "So, tough guy? Did you have enough?" he said with friendly voice.

Skywarp got up slowly and looked at Ironhide. "Don't hide, Autobot, we still have the second round to go…"

Ironhide was in the same condition as his rival. "Sure, bring it on."

Smokescreen lifted his friend by the arms. "That's it, chief. Neither you or him can continue."

Ironhide remained silent for a moment and then he looked at Skywarp. "I guess… I guess you are not that bad, Skywarp, for a Decepticon I mean…"

Skywarp's face relaxed. "Neither you… for an Autobot of course".

Blaster lifted his energon cube and offered it to Skywarp. "Excellent fight, you guys! The best I've seen in vorns, I swear to Primus!"

The Seeker hesitated for a second but then accepted the cube and emptied it with a single sip. Blaster laughed. "What a throat! This guy is a party!"

Two hours later, only seven customers remained inside The Red Effigy. In front of the bar, Skywarp was drinking from a bottle, Ironhide hugging one of his shoulders and Blaster the other one. The three Transformers extremely over energized.

"How can you drink soooo much and keep functioning, Ssshkygarp?" Blaster asked with a very dumb voice. "You should be like that already…" he pointed at Bumblebee and Cliffjumper, who were lying unconscious over a table with big smiles on their faces, their bodies surrounded by empty transparent cubes.

"Watch and learn, Glassster, watch and learn…" was the even dumber answer from Skywarp.

Ironhide patted Skywarp's face with his optics almost dimmed. "You are nooot that bad, Deshepticon… But beware, you may be not that lucky next time…"

Skywarp laughed. "You still have a lot to learn, Gaironhide… a looooot… Hey TC!! Come here and toast with us!"

Thundercracker shook his head from the chair he was sitting on. Beside him was Smokescreen, both were drinking regular energon.

"You are lucky, Thundercracker. You just have to deal with one over energized mech. Just to imagine what the slag I'm going to do with four… Life sucks."

Thundercracker slightly smiled.

"So," Smokescreen continued, "what's your story? How did you end here after all? It was a big surprise to see you guys here, it takes guts."

"My mistake. Seems like I never learn to close my audios to his crazy ideas."

"You two are very close, right?"

"Just wingmates."

Smokescreen smiled. It was obvious that Thundercracker cared a lot for Skywarp, but as any Decepticon he would try to hide any signal of affective emotion. A very Decepticon attitude, for sure, which reminded the Autobot who he was talking to.

"You are a serious guy indeed, aren't you?"

Thundercracker looked uneasily at the Autobot and then back to his cube. "Fraternizing with the enemy is the worst thing a soldier can do in the middle of a war" he seriously stated.

"Why? Are you afraid that if we talk a little, or if they get over energized together, we may have some sort of second thoughts if we face each other on the battle field tomorrow?"


"I see your point, but it won't kill you to forget about those things for one day, don't you think? Moments like this… are very rare, after all."

Thundercracker was about to say something but a very drunk Skywarp collapsed over his shoulders, almost throwing both of them to the floor.

"Hey, TC! I want to introduce you to my new friends, Gaironhide and Glaster…"

"Hi Dondercracker!!" both Ironhide and Blaster said at the same time, as over energized as Skywarp.

Thundercracker tried to free himself from Skywarp's grip, but it was useless. "Guys, he's Dondercracker… my beeeeeeest friend ever!"

"It's a pleasure Deshepticon… hip… Sgaiwarp's friends are my friends…" Ironhide babbled.

Ironhide slipped and landed on Smokescreen, throwing him to the floor. Skywarp celebrated the scene clapping his hands. "These Autobots are freaks! I love them!"

Thundercracker did his best to hide a smirk. "Yeah, right… Well, be better get going, Warp. Our shift begins in two hours and I don't know how the slag I'm going to explain your absence to Megatron, because obviously you won't be able to make it in this condition."

Skywarp shook his head and looked for more drinks on the table. "Bah bah bah… Megatron likes his soldiers to have fun…. Hey, you guys! A toast for my great leader… To Megatron!" he raised a cube.

Ironhide and Blaster raised his cubes too. "To Megatron!" they happily toasted in unison.

Thundercracker knew he would never forget that scene in his life. Autobots toasting for Megatron… It had to be the most insane moment he had seen during the war.

"Hey, hey… but don't you forget about my leader too…" Blaster stammered.

Skywarp raised his cube again. "But of course! To Optimus Prime!"

"To Optimus Prime!" was the general answer.

Thundercracker couldn't hold it anymore and burst on laughter. Smokescreen was right after all. There was nothing wrong to forget about some things for a day. After all, anything could happen in a Seeker´s night off.


Well, this was it for my first fanfiction. I hope I didn't abuse too much on the characters, and although I know some of them were for moments OOC, I made it in sake of the humor. This was supposed to be a funny story after all.