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Dawn had been knocked down a staircase that had then decided to move. Who's brilliant idea was it to make moving stairs, as though that would make things easier in life. Moving stairs. Honestly. The stairs, rather than helping, had split her away from her party. She had shouted at them to keep moving and then fallen back to a more easily defensible position until she could search them out. She'd fought her way around to where they were supposed to be and couldn't find them.

"Avada Ke-" The death eater was cut off with a merciless hand gesture as Dawn yanked the air from his lungs and didn't bother replacing it. The man behind the mask suffocated as she continued to search. They were supposed to stay in touch. She was supposed to stay with him and Percy-the-ponce. Dawn had been through too much in her young life. Too many wars, too many battles. She was numb in a way no one, especially someone her age, should ever be. Another flash of red. Not him.

"Ginny!" The young red head turned after incapacitating the person going after her.

"Dawn! Behind you!" She shouted. The brunette turned and moved out of the way of the crushing fist that was aimed for the back of her head. She caught the blow on her shoulder and gave him a right hook followed with a knife across the gut. The man wouldn't bother her again, not if he wanted to keep his bowels where they belonged. Too much more movement and they would fall out of his body completely. Dawn punched and cursed her way across the hall to the petite vixen holding her own against men twice her age.

"Have you seen your brother?" Dawn asked, giving a death eater that had gotten to close an upper cut and using a spell to throw him into a wall with enough force to dent the ancient stone.

"You'll need to be a bit more specific," Ginny growled, hexing a death eater and shielding another student from a curse.

"Fred," Dawn glared at the girl she had come to know and respect. Ginny gave a familiar grin and set the cloak of a death eater on fire before blasting him out a window.

"Sorry to disappoint," Ginny replied. Dawn clamped down on the worry in her heart and stayed by Ginny, the two of them fighting their way to the great hall.

"Mind if I join you?" The wispy Irish tones of Luna inquired as though they weren't fighting for more than their lives. The tiny blonde shot a particularly nasty hex at a clump of death eaters and the three girls rushed in to defend a group of younger students who wanted to be heroes and were quickly losing a battle that no longer seemed glorious or heroic.

"Seen Fred?" Dawn asked Luna as the three worked continuously, knocking out death eaters and defending the fallen child-warriors.

"Not since the beginning," Luna told her. They knocked the last of the group unconscious and Dawn chained them to each other before they all moved on.

"Find an empty classroom and defend each other from there, have others bring in the wounded. If you only have to protect the door than anyone who can still use a wand will still feel useful," Dawn shouted her orders and the three girls were down the hall and around another corner.

"Crucio," Luna was writhing in the air and Ginny was throwing out her own hex. Dawn stalked up to the young man hiding beneath the white mask and wrapped her fingers around his throat. He dropped his wand and Luna shakily stood up. Dawn lifted her knife and knocked the pommel into his temple. He dropped to the ground and the girls continued, Luna supported by her friends. They made it to the great hall and spotted Hermione headed for Bellatrix Lestrange, hexes and curses forming a hypnotic lullaby as the psychotic laughter rose from the womans throat. Luna stood up straight and added her own voice to Hermione's, Ginny taking her lead. Dawn decided that the three had the woman under control and turned her sights to another. With Harry down it was up to them.

Dawn threw her knife into the back of the neck of a death eater that had just killed some poor little girl and threw off her leather coat. Later she would be annoyed that she couldn't find it; after the adrenaline had left her system and she and Fred were cuddled in front of a fire at the Burrow with the rest of his rather large family. For now though, it felt overly cumbersome and restrictive to her and it needed to go, no matter how cute it looked with the matching pants. She'd mourn the loss of superior article of fashion later, along with her blood stained white lace tank top and the boots that she already knew to be ruined with gore.

"Wanna play?" She taunted a large man with an extra zap of electricity from her fist. He turned away from his current victim and focused on her. A leering grin crossed his face and a chuckle escaped his lips.

"Let's go pretty girl," He agreed, though they were both momentarily distracted by Molly Weasley calling Bellatrix Lestrange a bitch. Dawn was further distracted by the evidence that her future mother-in-law could hold her own in a fight. Unfortunately the distraction got her a black eye from a fist three times the size of her own. Dawn stumbled backwards and thanked every god she could think of in their own language that her sister made her train with Slayers; he was big, but Slayers were stronger, and a hell of a lot faster.

Dawn and the man exchanged punches and hexes, cursing and dodging those around them and each other as they saw fit, both of them ignoring the fights that seemed to be taking place around them other than to vaguely note that Harry seemed to have as much trouble dying as her sister did. Dawn dodged under one ham fist, diving in to land a kidney punch and not able to avoid the slap across her cheekbone that knocked her back a step. A curse stole her breath and a punch in his larynx got rid of his. unfortunately Dawn's breath wasn't coming back and the death eater was on the offensive again. She caught a kick with her hip and a punch in her shoulder, tripping over a body as black spots erupted in front of her eyes, forcing her to see an end to her pain. She cried out and landed on her back. The mans face split into an eerie smile as he slammed a foot down onto her abdomen and pointed his wand.

"Expelliarmus" two voices screamed together. Hermione reversed the curse and gave Dawn breath as Luna and Ginny watched the man fly backwards.

"You were doing rather well up until that last part," Luna said mildly.

"Yeah, note to self: Breathing is good," Dawn agreed. Ginny held out a hand and Dawn took it, getting shakily to her feet.

"We would have helped earlier, but you and the Death Eater were too close together, we were afraid we'd end up hitting you," Ginny told her, not looking at Harry and Voldemort.

"Distractions aren't good. If you don't watch and he loses you'll hate yourself," Dawn turned her friends shoulders until she was facing the epic battle that ended moments later with Harry victorious. "Now you know to go and give him a victory kiss," Dawn shoved the red head and turned to defend the once-again hero of the wizarding world.

As people beginning rounding up the wounded and the dead professors gave duties to those able bodied people they could see. Dawn was set on Triage, putting glowing balls of energy above those that needed help. She stood in one doorway, tagging people brought to the hall and trying to keep her nervous anxiety from being to noticeable as she tried to keep an eye out for her fiance.

"Quit wailing, you'll be fine," She growled to a woman in pink with a deep laceration across her shoulder. A group of fresh faces appeared in front of her. Dawn raised a hand and a solid wall of air came up between them.

"We're from the hospital, interns here to help," One of them said nervously, eying the carnage and turning green.

"Then one of you gets to take my place. Triage ladies and gentlemen. Green means they're fine, Yellow means they'll be fine, Red means treat now and black means if they aren't dead now they will be soon. Have fun kids," She waved off the wall and tagged herself green before jogging over to Ginny.

"Dawn," Ginny looked as exhausted as everyone else around them.

"Fred?" Dawn asked.

"No sign of him or Percy," Ginny said with a worried sigh. Dawn nodded and walked over to help where she could in the great hall. Someone had located her sword and brought it back to her. It was still covered in ichor from a troll she had taken down. She looked around for something to clean it off with and gave up quickly.

A commotion from one of the doors brought her eyes to the side of the hall again. Ron and Percy, a sagging body with red hair between them. Dawn knew that shirt as well as she knew the body beneath it. She found herself walking in slow motion as a black marker floated above him by mistake. Not Fred. He was fine.

Dawn turned around quickly, searching for the one face that could make this a joke. The one face that could make this whole travesty into some sort of horrible ill-timed joke. The one face that could make the ceaseless muttering around her disappear. A flash of red, but it wasn't him. It was the one that looked like him. He was across the hall and hadn't seen Fred yet. Good. The could fix the marker before he noticed.

She walked forward, a glorious vision of battles gone. Tall and lithe, she couldn't see the vision she was to those around her. Tall and lithe, her thin body covered in whip-chord muscles and soft curves. Her long hair come undone from it's braid and shifting around her in a dark tangled curtain. The black leather pants hugging her curves and her white lace tank top torn and covered in blood, giving peeks of marred flesh. Purple bruises blossoming across her chin and cheekbone, matching bruises marching from her shoulder down to and across her knuckles where one hand gripped a sword that almost looked to large for her body, it's scabbard discarded as excess weight after she had killed the troll. It was this dangerous beauty that had enthralled Fred Weasley from first glance.

"Dawn," Ron started. Dawn cut him off with a sharp move of her hand. She walked up to them and watched them for a moment. The two young men cautiously walked by her and laid Fred's body down beside the other lost souls of the final battle at Hogwarts.

"Don't put him there, he doesn't belong there. He'll be fine," Dawn told them blankly. There was a cry and Molly Weasley was pushing by and throwing herself across her sons body.

"Fred, Fred!" Molly shouted.

"Stop that, stop her, he's not dead. This isn't funny," Dawn shouted, pointing her sword at Percy as though that would make him show her that the thing Molly was crying over was just a silly doll. Some new creation of the twins. But the tears running down the mans face were a little too real. Dawn shook her head. Fate couldn't be so capricious as to take the man she loved. Not Fred. Not the man that smiled simply because he was alive and only wanted to make people laugh. Not Fred.

"Dawn? Why don't you put down the sword," Ron suggested, tears running down his face. Dawn looked down in surprise. She was still pointing the stupid hunk of steel at Percy. She couldn't seem to make her arm lower though. It was as though she was frozen. Molly wouldn't cry over a doll, would she? She knew better. She knew her boys. Every one of them.

"That can't be Fred," Dawn said, her voice sounded smooth and even, a mockery to the feelings twisting inside of her, strangling her heart.

"What's not Fred?" George had come over. He hadn't stayed away like he was supposed to. She was supposed to fix this before he came over. She watched the twin look at his mother. "No, NO!" Fred shoved his mother aside, not realizing what he was doing and shook his brothers shoulders. The head flopped back and forth in a sick imitation of life.

Dawn's arm fell to her side, the sword slipping from her grip and crying against the marble floor. She couldn't hear anything except her own breathing. It sounded harsh and loud to her, blocking out thought of anything as she watched the man she loved fail to react. He wasn't supposed to go. Not Fred. Not Fred. It would be her new litany. Not Fred. Never Fred. He was good, he was pure and innocent in a way that so many people wished to be. Fred couldn't be gone. It wasn't supposed to happen like that. She was supposed to keep him safe, keep him alive. Him and Percy. How dare he be limp in his brothers arms like that. No reaction except that stupid smile on his face. He was smiling. How could he be dead if he was still smiling. Sound suddenly rushed back at her and Dawn took a step backwards.

"Dawn?" Hermione had her arms around her boyfriend as she looked at her friend with worry. Dawn didn't look at her. She walked forward stiffly, kneeling beside George.

"Fred, this isn't funny, get up," Dawn demanded. George looked over at Dawn hopefully. As though she had the power to bring life back to Fred the way Fred had for her. "Fred Weasley, Get up NOW!" Dawn shouted into the pale face that was so dear to her. Dawn felt shaky and panicked, but she tried hard not to show it. If George believed this was a horrible joke than it had to be. It had to be.

"Stop it," Molly cried to them, She fell down across her son again, tears leaking from her eyes and sobs shaking her body. This strong woman had stood up to Bellatrix Lestrange not that long ago and won. Now she was crying over the body of her son.

"Not Fred," Dawn said softly, "Not Fred,"

"Dawn, dearest, you need to get your wounds looked at," Luna suggested softly. Ginny and Harry were wrapped in each other, both taking as much as giving support. Hermione was with Ron, neither knowing how to react. Dawn stared at the smile on Fred's face.

"Not Fred," She said softly as the world went dark.