Silver Linings

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Dawn stared up at the medi-witch in shock. Her family had insisted that she be taken to St. Mungo's for a full check up, especially since she hadn't after the battle. Her bruises were gone, apparently taken care of during the night she'd been out. Her family had crashed at her place with George and Lee, who still didn't want to be away from his best friend yet. She'd woken up on her own, everyone chased out by Medi-witch Hazel, who was apparently older than dirt and fare meaner. And had just given her strange news.

"I realize it's a bit of a shock dear," The white-haired lady told her, an understanding look on her face. Dawn nodded, a protective hand covering her lower abdomen.

"Tell me again?" She asked the imposing looking woman, imposing and scary weren't things that made Dawn react like a normal person. She liked people who were tough and tended to treat them like sweethearts. It was a good defense for the most part.

"You're pregnant," The woman said, a slight smile on her face at the fragile hope on the younger womans face. Dawn's other hand met the first, she felt her lips tremble into a tiny smile as she looked up at the woman.

"Again?" She whispered, biting her lips as tears spilled down her cheeks. Her shoulders shook as she leaned against the headrest. The witch sat beside her on the bed, resting one of her own hands on top of Dawn's.

"You are going to have two beautiful little girls in about 8 and a half months." She told her with a light sigh before pulling the girl up into a hug. Dawn wrapped her arms around the woman and laughed, tears traveling down her cheeks, unsure whether she was more happy or sad.

"Dawn? What's going on?" George asked quietly from the door. He hadn't been able to sleep and decided to come visit his sister. She would always be his sister, whether the wedding had actually occurred or not. Dawn sent him a blinding smile as she and the witch extricated themselves from each others arms. The medi-witch left the two to share in the newfound happiness. Dawn took Georges hands as he came to sit beside her and sat him down on the bed.

"Fred found a way to have the last laugh," Dawn told him with a chuckle, taking his hands and placing them over her abdomen. George looked confused for a moment before realization dawned in his eyes.

"Really?" He asked, a smile breaking onto his face. Dawn nodded with a smile of her own.

"Twins. Girls," She told him, falling back onto her pillows in delight.

"Mum is going to flip her lid," George told her, shaking his head.

"Your mom? Wait until I tell Buffy and the others," Dawn said with a laugh. George got serious again, though the smile didn't disappear.

"You know Fred was planning to have them at the wedding, right?" George asked, his blue eyes staring into her own. Dawn sighed lightly.

"I'm not surprised, he knew me better than I know me," Dawn told him, not minding in the least.

"Yeah, he was good at saving people from themselves," George agreed, laughing again as Dawn smacking him lightly on the leg.

"We never talked about kids. Never talked about names for them," Dawn told George after a few moments.

"Well I for one think you should keep away from matching names. Like Abigail and Gabrielle, it's a horrible think to do to a child," George said with a shrug.

"Not a chance. Is it wrong that I don't want to name them after people that have died? At least not their first names. Their middle names are going to be Joyce and Anya. I think their first names should be all their own though," Dawn told him.

"Like what?" George asked curiously. Dawn shrugged, her smile growing larger.

"I don't have any idea," She told him, breaking into giggles again. George chuckled and ruffled her hair.

"What say we blow this joint? It's 9, Florian's is open, we can have celebratory ice cream," George told her.

"See, this is why you're my best friend," Dawn told him as he pulled a tiny bag out of his pocket. A flick of his wand and the bag was larger and he was handing it to her. With a peek inside Dawn laughed. George had planned on breaking her out of the hated hospital all along. He stood guard at the door, his back to her, as she pulled on well worn jeans and a fitted Weasley Wizarding Wheezes tank top before she found socks and a hoodie to slip on as well. After putting on the sneakers she shoved the dress and sandals that were folded on a table into the bag and shrunk it, shoving the now tiny bag into her own pocket.

"Coast is clear and Mum shouldn't be coming to check on you for another hour at least," George told her with a cheeky grin. Dawn smiled at him, realizing that neither of them had smiled since they had spotted that horrid black dot at the school, floating above the person they loved most. At least they hadn't smiled like this ... as though their world was alright.

"Let's go darling," Dawn said, a cheeky grin of her own crossing her face. She circled an arm around George's waist and disapparated them to Diagon Alley without a sound.

8 Months Later

Dawn stood at the foot of Fred Weasley's grave, she had just placed fresh flowers on the newly grown grass, just as others were doing all over the cemetery. She was alone though, unlike everyone else that she could see. One hand rested on her bulging stomach, her long golden brown hair braided in two, each hanging over the front of her shoulders and to the side of her belly. Her simple pale green dress showed off her pregnant figure, a figure she was quite proud of. She hadn't gained away weight except in her stomach and chest and she knew she'd lose that soon enough after the kids were born. She was too active not to, and she knew that children of hers and Fred's would be just as active. She laughed a little and rubbed the side of her belly where she had just been kicked.

"They're little monsters," She told the grave fondly. "They refuse to let me rest, are constantly dancing or fighting or doing something equally active and painful inside my stomach. Still, they make me feel alive. Thank you. Thank you for giving me something to live for," She paused and looked down at her stomach and then at the gravestone. She had used her own magic to change the epitaph. Where it had once read 'Fred James Weasley - The Laughter In The Air. Beloved Husband, Brother, and Son," It now had the word 'Father' tacked between husband and brother. She knew that no one would mind. No one had even commented in the past two months since she had done it.

"Willow, Buffy, Giles, and Xander will be here in two days so they can be here for the birth. Faith has actually been a lot of help. It surprised me when she came to England to be the British Main Slayer, but Molly wanted to travel, get away from the memory of her own dead family. She's a little leery about the scoobies, but she's promised to behave. At least as much as Faith can behave." She chuckled again and then groaned in pain just before her water broke.

"And that would mean that I wasn't having false contractions again. Damn, I'll talk to you later sweetheart, our girls decided on an early entrance," Dawn groaned. She put a hand to her lower back and shook her head before heading over to the nearest people she could see.

"Hey, I need some help over here," Dawn called, waddling over to them. She'd been waddling for almost two months now. At least she knew that the flip flops she was wearing were probably all right. Probably because she hadn't been able to see her feet for as long as she'd been waddling.

"Miss?" He asked cautiously.

"Summers, Dawn Summers, and I seem to be about to give birth," She told him with a wince as another contraction ripped through her, she knew they'd been strong.

"At a cemetery?" The man asked in horror. Another person came over to see what the problem was.

"I came to replace the flowers on my husbands grave," She snapped at him.

"Dawn Summers? Fred Weasley's wife, right?" a girl about her own age asked. Dawn nodded and groaned out loud.

"I'm Hannah Abbot, let's get you to St. Mungo's," The curvy little blond offered. Dawn nodded again and let Hannah take over. Once at the hospital the medi-witches and wizards took one look and got to work.

"Call the Weasley's, please! I need George or Ginny or Faith or Molly," Dawn called from behind her. Hannah nodded and disapparated, showing up in the middle of the dining room at the Burrow only to find herself falling flat as everyone pulled out their wands on her. Harry looked jumpy, but Ginny and Molly settled down as soon as they recognized her.

"Hannah Abbot?" Ginny asked, surprised. The spell was removed from the blond, who started speaking at once.

"I was at the cemetery and Dawn is having her baby and you need to be at St. Mungo's," Hannah spit out quickly.

"Did she say anything deary?" Molly asked, calmly and quickly gather her coat and scarf and whipping out her wand to send notes to everyone else in the family.

"She wanted Faith or George or Ginny or you ma'am," Hannah told her. Molly sent out another note and took Hannah's arm before disapparating them to the hospital. In the waiting area they found Harry alone.

"Where is she? What's going on?" George demanded, waving a note in the air.

"They took her to the maternity hall, she'll be fine," Molly told him, "Ginny's gone to her, isn't that right Harry Dear?" She asked, turning to the dumbstruck brunette. He nodded absently as George suddenly collapsed into a chair against the wall. In a short amount of time everyone else in the family joined them to stand around waiting on news, Bill holding his daughter in his arms while Fleur rocked little Teddy Lupin. A figure in black leather and cleavage came flying through the door, two guard running after her.

"Got held up, what's the sitch?" Faith demanded, turning and punching one of the guards in the nose, not bothering to watch him fall to the ground as she turned back to Molly.

"Dawn's in the delivery room with Ginny," Molly said with a sigh, trying not to chuckle at the antics she'd grown used to over the last six months.

"Calmly now," a voice whispered into Faith's ear as large hands began rubbing her shoulders. Charlie gave a look to Percy and the slender man shook his head.

"Got it," The ministry official took hold of the two guards and led them away, no one listening to what was said. Molly looked around at her family with a surge of pride. She hadn't been sure at first if they would survive the loss, but they'd done well. Especially George and Dawn, even if George was nervous as a basket of kittens. Dawn had seemed better as soon as Faith informed the girl that she was staying. Molly hadn't been quite sure about the brunette at first, but had discovered that underneath ... the obvious Faith parts ... was a steadfast, loyal and nervous young woman who had been beaten down far too often in her childhood. And when Charlie had decided he wanted Faith ... well that wasn't something that made her happy, but the two were surprisingly good for each other. Her most easy going child was good at taking care of Faith without making it obvious, and she worshiped him, though she'd deny it if someone called her on it.

"Beautiful wonderful baby girls," Ginny said delightedly as she suddenly slammed through the door. She paused just long enough to say the words before throwing herself at Harry, who caught her and swung her aroun.

"Is Dawn alright though?" Faith asked.

"Ms. Summers is fine, though she's sleeping right now, if you'd like to see her and the babies they'll be in their room in about half an hour," The doctor told them all before heading somewhere else to allow the family to enjoy themselves.


"They couldn't have waited two days?" Buffy teased her sister as she looked down at the little mirror images cradled against their mother, tufts of dark red graced both their heads, and when their eyes opened there were two pairs of deep blue eyes.

"Be glad you got to wait two days, they looked like wrinkled old monkeys at first," George teased, tweaking one of the babies' feet gently, an adoring look on his face.

"Dawn, you did good here," Xander told her. Dawn nodded with a sniff, tears suddenly coming to her eyes as she smiled and tried to wipe them away.

"What's this?" Willow asked, taking the baby George passed her.

"Oh god, hormones," Dawn chuckled wetly as Buffy sat next to her, putting an arm over her shoulder.

"You can tell us," Giles told Dawn, taking the second baby from George to coo softly.

"It's just, Fred was amazing and the only way they'll know that is from me and the family. Memories," Dawn shrugged as Buffy wiped away tears.

"You will make a wonderful mother and they will always have their fathers with them, even if they can't see them," The blond told her sister, smoothing her hair and gently kissing her on the temple.

"I know," Dawn nodded sadly.

"They wont even need a picture, they can just look at their Favorite Uncle Georgie," George said, sticking his chest out proudly.

"Who said you get to be the favorite uncle?" Xander demanded.

"Gene's my good man," George returned immediately. Xander stared at him for a few moments.

"You can't argue with that," The carpenter finally agreed with a shrug.

"They're angels," Willow said. Everyone started laughing at that comment.

"Not for long," Dawn told her, shaking her head, "Sylvia Joyce Weasley and Grace Anya Weasley are going to be hellions if I have anything to do with it,"