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Bold - Narration

Italic - Pasts

A group of ninjas gathered around the campfire in a peaceful sunset afternoon. They were most likely resting from what seemed to be a really long journey. Their campfire seemed to take place among ruins of an ancient city. Around these ruins, souls flew around, like fireflies.

These ninjas were very powerful, if there were to have made it this far. One of them wore a mask, the next had red eyes and red lipstick, one was a smoker, one had long blonde hair with a purple outfit, one wore a white robe and had light gray pupil-less eyes, one wore a jacket with light gray pupil-less eyes, just like the other one; and finally, there was a blond ninja who wore a black and orange outfit.

While they all sat at the campfire, the blond ninja sat up from his spot and places a hand on a kunoichi's shoulder, in a comforting way. This kunoichi, who beared these gray pupil-less eyes, felt very comfortable with the blond ninja. The blond ninja walked up a hill away from the group, to see the beautiful sunset, which engulfed the ruins of this ancient city.

NARUTO - This is probably going to be the last time we spend together. You should hear my story...

Final Fantasy X
It was nighttime in a beautiful city. People were excited about something that was about to happen, as if there was an event going on. Among the crowd, there was a mysterious boy with a hood...

A group of fans awaited a blond ninja, who sported a black and orange outfit, outside of his apartment. The blond ninja approached his fans, who held forehead protectors. The first group of fans the blond ninja approached was a group of fangirls.

FANGIRL 1 - Can I have your autograph?

NARUTO - (taking a pen out) Sure thing! (signing the fangirl's forehead protector)

FANGIRL 2 - Good luck with the exam tonight!

NARUTO - No sweat! (signs fangirl 2's forehead protector) If I win my first round, I'll...uh, do this! (giving two thumbs up) That will mean it's for you!

FANGIRLS - (giggling)

NARUTO - Where will you two be at?

FANGIRL 1 - East block in the front row!

FANGIRL 2 - Fifth from the left!

NARUTO - Gotcha!

Naruto then approached three young ninjas, who sported goggles on their heads. One wore a blue scarf, one had blush makeup on, and the last one had a runny nose.

KONOHAMARU - (handing Naruto his forehead protector) Can you sign this?

NARUTO - Sure thing! (signs)

MOEGI - Me, too!

NARUTO - All right. (signs)

UDON - Don't forget me!

NARUTO - Don't worry. (signs) Well, it's almost time. Make sure you guys cheer for me, okay?

KONOHAMARU - ...two, three.

KONOHAMARU, MOEGI, & UDON - Teach us some techniques!

NARUTO - Come on, I have to finish this exam.

KONOHAMARU - Then why don't you teach us after?

NARUTO - Hmm...maybe tonight...?

HOODED BOY - You can't tonight.

NARUTO - Um, I mean, tomorrow.


NARUTO - I never go back on my word!

In the middle of the night, Naruto was walking around the streets of Konoha. In the streets, he saw a TV banner of a man. This man had spikey blond hair like Naruto, and he wore a white trenchcoat with fire designs. Naruto looked at the picture with a resentful look in his eyes and waved it off. As he ran through the streets of Konoha, the announcer of the Chuunin Exams was heard around the streets.

ANNOUNCER - That night, I ran away from home and into a coffee shop, when I heard what happened. Our beloved Minato-sama was gone. Just like that. My dad was his biggest fan, so I know how hard he took the news. Truth be told, we all took the news hard. I asked myself, "What were you thinking?" I went back home, and we stayed up almost the whole night talking about Minato-sama. My dad didn't really talk much about him, though. Oh, whoops. Sorry, everyone. I didn't mean to talk about the past. In any case, after ten years in the making, the Minato Memorial Chuunin Exam tournament is today! Eight candidates who have fought valiantly through the preliminary rounds to make up to this special night. One thing is for sure, the fans have come all this way to see the "Superstar of Konoha." He is Minato-sama's flesh and blood, and the new hope for Pride of Konoha! What kind of performance will he show us? Will we get to see him perform Minato-sama's legendary technique? It looks like we'll be in for quite a show tonight, folks!

Thousands of fans approached Naruto and slowed him down as he tried to run towards the Chuunin Exam stadium. Naruto rushed through, fighting off the crowd's grip until he reached the stadium and the guards cut the fans off.
In the locker room, Naruto waited anxiously for his round to begin. Upon hearing his name and the name of his opponent, he quickly exitted the locker room and headed straight for the arena. He heard the crowd go wild over the sound of his name. Naruto was not only going to win this round, but he was going to give this crowd a show that they'll never forget.

Meanwhile, one masked ninja, while reading a book, was hanging out on one of the towers of Konoha. When he turned his head to the left, he saw water rising. The masked ninja calmly closed his book and jumped off the tower he was standing on.

Back at the stadium, things were going intense during Naruto's rounds. Kunais and shurikens were flying everywhere. Naruto's opponent was good at ninjitsu and taijutsu, but even those moves were not good enough to put Naruto down. The crowd roar for Naruto to win. Using his Shadow Replication Technique, Naruto defeated his opponent with one of his signature moves, the Uzumaki Combo. With the last hit, his opponent went down for the count.

While the masked ninja walked through the streets of Konoha, while the entire village was being torn apart by this strange water entity.

Naruto's second round was about to start. However, before the match could begin, the water entity shot out bursts of energy everywhere, destroying almost everything in sight, especially the stadium. The crowd panicked and quickly fled the stadium.

With everything destroyed, Naruto quickly fled the arena to see what was going on. On the way, he saw the masked ninja, standing against a pile of rubble.

NARUTO - Kakashi-sensei! (running to him) What are you doing here?

KAKASHI - Waiting on you. (walking off)

NARUTO - What do you mean? What's going on?

Naruto followed Kakashi to the ruined streets of Konoha. He saw more people running away from the dangers, until, for some unknown reason, everything stopped in its tracks. Naruto saw the hooded boy standing around, facing him.

HOODED BOY - It has begun. Don't cry.

When the hooded boy disappeared, everything continued on as it was. People were still panicking and Konoha was being destroyed. Naruto continued onwards towards Kakashi.

NARUTO - (catching up to Kakashi) Hey, wait! You're going the wrong way!

KAKASHI - (looking up) Take a look.

Naruto looked up to where Kakashi was looking. It was safe to say, he was ultimately surprised by an extraordinary sight to behold. This huge water entity hovered over the entire village, in a water orb-like state.

KAKASHI - It's the "Kyuubi."

NARUTO - The "Kyuubi?"

This "Kyuubi" then launched an array of mini demons around the village. They took the shape of a small demonic foxes and approached Naruto. Naruto, having not seen this kind of enemy before, did the best he could to dodge them before falling back.

KAKASHI - (handing Naruto a unique kunai) Take it.

Naruto grabbed the kunai from Kakashi's hand. This kunai had a tri-tipped blade, which was not normal for the other kunais. It was obvious that this kind of kunai was custom-made.

KAKASHI - Minato used that kunai once.

NARUTO - My dad?

KAKASHI - (drawing his kunai) I hope your training paid off.

Using their ninja skills with the kunai, Naruto and Kakashi fought side-by-side against these fiends. They fought a barrage of fiends standing in their way, ignoring the ones that were spawning behind them. As they kept hitting and running, they encountered a demonic-living tower of flesh, surrounded by the small fiends.

NARUTO - You don't belong here!

KAKASHI - They really want to die so bad!

Naruto and Kakashi combined their strengths to fight of the fiends and tear down the demonic-living tower of flesh, the Kyuubispawn Ammes. The living tower of flesh was the toughest to take down, however. Naruto and Kakashi had to summon enough chakra to enhance their strength. With their increased strength, the two ninjas used their kunais to cut down the Kyuubispawn.

With the obstacles down, Naruto and Kakashi continued onward through the ruined streets of Konoha. As they were running, Naruto looked up to see the image of his father again.

NARUTO - You better not laugh at me, old man. (to Kakashi) Kakashi-sensei, we have to get out of here!

KAKASHI - They're waiting for us. (running off)

NARUTO - Huh? Come on, what do you mean?

Naruto and Kakashi faced off another barrage of the fiends. During this fight, unfortunately, everytime Naruto and Kakashi struck down a fiend, another one took its place. It was stalemate.

KAKASHI - This isn't working. (noticing a Tanker) There! Hit it down!

NARUTO - Are you crazy!?

KAKASHI - Don't worry, Naruto. I have a plan.

Naruto did was Kakashi said and struck the tanker down as hard as he could, while being assisted by Kakashi. Eventually, after getting in many hits, the tanker fell off the street and landed on the base of the building, which held Minato's image. The building collapsed on the rest of the fiends, effectively destroying the enemies all at once.

KAKASHI - Time to go.

Kakashi and Naruto performed a leap of faith across the broken street. Kakashi landed on a platform, while Naruto grabbed a ledge next to his sensei.

NARUTO - (trying to keep his grip) Kakashi-sensei! Kakashi-sensei!

Above the two, the Kyuubi began sucking in the road that Kakashi and Naruto was on.

KAKASHI - (to the Kyuubi) Is this what you want?

Naruto continued to keep his grip. Naruto realized this was it. He was going to die.

KAKASHI - (grabbing Naruto's jacket) It's time, Naruto. This is your story...and it begins here.

Naruto witnesses Kakashi getting sucked into the void the Kyuubi created. Then, he saw himself being sucked in. All that was left was Naruto screaming as he was being pulled into the void. Everything became white. He didn't saw Konoha anymore. Kakashi or his friends were nowhere to be seen. However, he did hear something. Or rather...someone...

??? - Hey! Hey!


Naruto awoke to find himself in another dimension. He saw a destroyed stadium with a lake of fire below. Endless night even engulfed this entire place. On one platform, he saw a familiar figure standing with his arms crossed. Naruto realized he was floating in midair and tried to bring himself towards the platform. However, when he got there, the figure's form shifted to the younger version of Naruto.

NARUTO - A lot of things were going through my mind. Where was I? What's going on? I began to feel a little weird, and a little drowsy. This had to be a dream. A dream of me being alone. I wished that there was someone around. I didn't care who it was. I just wanted someone to be beside me...so I wouldn't feel so lonely...

To be continued...