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Bold - Narration

Italic - Pasts

Naruto found himself floating on a rock in the middle of a lake. The lake was filled with ruins of unknown origin. The skies were dark and there were no signs of life. Not even Kakashi was around to retrieve the lost ninja.

NARUTO - Is there anyone around!? Kakashi-sensei!? Where are yooooouuuuu!?

Naruto had to choice but to swim towards to what he saw as an ancient temple. That was the only shelter for Naruto to take.

He continued to swim towards other fallen structures, until he finally regained his footing on another platform. From here on, it should be smooth sailing...or rather smooth walking. Naruto came across a bridge, which led directly to the ancient temple he was heading towards. Little did he know, however, there was someone...or something lurking beneath the water.

Suddenly, there was a rumble, which caused the bridge, that Naruto was standing on, to collapse. While he was in the water, Naruto spotted three fish-like demons chasing after him. Naruto quickly drew his katana and attempted to fend off these fish-like fiends. He quickly killed off two of the fish-like fiends, but before he could finish off the third one, a gigantic fish-like fiend suddenly came in and devoured the third fiend. For every small fish, there was always a bigger fish. This big fish spotted Naruto and attempted to escape, knowing he couldn't finish off this thing. Naruto spotted an entrance to the ancient temple underwater and swam as quickly as he could. The jaws of the big fish nearly engulfed Naruto whole, but Naruto made it in the nick of time, due to the entrance not being big enough for the big fish. The big fish's jaws accidentally caused the entrace to collapse.

NARUTO - Somehow, every turn I end up making always ends up bad. I went from the fire hell...to the frozen hell. I always thought that this was going to be the last place I'll ever be in.

Naruto found himself in the temple will fallen debris everywhere. However, the debris didn't block Naruto's way as he began to explore the area. The temple was too cold to be in. He realized that he needed to make a campfire, if he was going to live, even if it's for a little while longer.

When Naruto entered the temple's hallway, he jumped a little when thunder crashed and it showed a scary-looking statue. He sighed in relief that it wasn't another fiend. He also realized what was causing temple to be so cold. There was a water fall in the hallway, which gave off a chilly temperature. Naruto saw some bouquet that could be used for fire, but because they were drenched under the water, it was no good to make fire out of it. In the middle of the hallway, he found a campfire, which was nice and dry. Naruto explored the temple ruins to find something he could use to make himself a campfire. Around the temple, he found a dry, withered bouquet that could be used as a medium for the firewood. Seconds later, he found something to start a fire: two flints.

Using these two materials, he placed the bouquet onto the wood and quickly began to click the two flints together. Because of the roughness of the stones, it made sparks, which was enough to burn the bouquet and start up the campfire. All that was left for Naruto was to sit in front of the campfire to keep himself warm. He then lied himself on the ground, obviously bored out of his mind.

NARUTO - I'd do anything for ramen, right now.

NARUTO - What do you want?

KAKASHI - That was a big mistake, Naruto. Your misjudgement was the reason why your platoon failed.

NARUTO - You called me here just to tell me THAT?

KAKASHI - Ten years have...passed. By now, you should've been crying.

NARUTO - Why me?

HOODED BOY - Because you always cry...

Naruto woke up from his dream. He must've fallen asleep. No food can do that to a man. Naruto turned his attention to the campfire, which, unfortunately, was dying out.

NARUTO - (getting up) Whoa, wait! Not yet! Don't go out on me now! Hold on, I'll find more wood!

Before Naruto had a chance to look for more, he spotted a large fiend staring at him. Finally, it let out a screech and jumped down to eat Naruto. He quickly drew his katana to fend off the fiend. It was a tough fight, however, since it was a little strong.

During the fight, the sealed door in the hallway exploded, and an unknown group wearing goggles and gas masks emerged from the door. Naruto immediately went on the defense. Were they friends or enemies? One of them, a blonde girl approached Naruto's side and equipped herself with a bladed gauntlet. From the looks of it, she wasn't going to fight Naruto.

NARUTO - You're fighting with me? Now that's what I'm talking about!

Naruto and this mysterious blonde ninja fought off against the fiend. The blonde girl used her kunais that were attached to explosive tags. They were enough to weaken the fiend for Naruto to land the final blow. Naruto faced the blonde girl, who removed her goggles to show her eyes and her face.

NARUTO - (sigh) Man, I'm glad that's over.

Unfortunately, the worst was just beginning. One of the group members grabbed Naruto by his hair, while another had a kunai to his neck.

GROUP MEMBER 1 - Fryd ec drec? (What is this?) (A/N: I can't do "Al Bhed" in my own words. Please bear with me.)

GROUP MEMBER 2 - Y fiend! Eh risyh teckieca! Oac! Ed ec cu! (A fiend! In human
disguise! Yes! It is so!)

GROUP MEMBER 3 - (holding a kunai to Naruto's neck) Fa gemm ed? (We kill it?)

GIRL - Fyed? Fryd ev ed ec risyh? (Wait? What if it is human?)

GROUP MEMBER 3 - Drao yna dra cysa eh taydr. (They are the same in death.)

GIRL - E vunpet ed! Fa pnehk ed fedr ic. (I forbid it! We bring it with us.)

The girl approached Naruto and stood close to him. Naruto began to wonder what was going to happen.

GIRL - Cunno... (Sorry...)

Before Naruto could see it coming, the girl punched Naruto in the stomach really hard, effectively knocking out the ninja. Before Naruto blacked out completely, he saw the girl walk away, while one of the group members ordered his men to retrieve his body.

Naruto awoke to find himself aboard a ship in the middle of the ocean. Naruto was about to get up, but his captives spotted him and kicked him back to the ground.

NARUTO - That hurts, you dumbass!

GROUP MEMBER 4 - (holding a spear to his face) Hu sujehk, rayn? (No moving, hear?)

NARUTO - Geez...all right, all right.

The hatch on the ship opened and the girl and a man emerged from the door. Naruto glared at the girl for the fact that she double-crossed him. The girl picked up Naruto by his arm and restrained it behind him, so he wouldn't move.

MAN - Caynlr res! (Search him!)

The man began to grunt, while trying to demonstrate what he wanted Naruto to do. Naruto, being the clueless guy that he was, didn't quite get what he was trying to say.

NARUTO - Um, okay...whatever you say.

MAN - Tu oui hud cbayg? (Do you not speak?)

The man once again began to grunt while demonstrating to Naruto, showing him a pair of goggles. Like before, Naruto still didn't know what he wanted.

NARUTO - Can you speak in my language so I'd understand?

GROUP MEMBER 2 - Ehcumahla! (Insolence!)

GIRL - Fyed! (Wait!) (to Naruto) He said that if you work for us, he'll take you in as a refugee.

NARUTO - (surprised) You...actually understand me?

One of the group members showed more hostility to Naruto for him being uncooperative. Seeing no other choice, Naruto reluctantly decided to work for them for now.

NARUTO - (rubbing his head in pain) Okay, okay, I'll work for you guys! Stop hitting me!

Naruto gathered up some supplies for whatever job they wanted him to do. He took his sword with him, knowing that there could be some dangerous fiends underwater. Before he could go in, he approached the girl so he would know what was going on.

GIRL - Our reports indicated that there is an ancient ruin right under us. It's not working right now, but there might be some power left, still. We have to go down below and get it working. After that, we'll be able to get the "big treasure" below. All right, let's get to work!

NARUTO - Got it!

Naruto and the girl dove into the ocean together and began to swim deeper and deeper into the ocean. Along the way, Naruto and the girl fought off some fish-like fiends. They weren't as bad as the ones Naruto encountered, since these fishes were very small. After swimming down further and further, the two ninjas found an underwater ancient ruin. They entered the ruins and activated a generator inside. The two ninjas were on their way out, but suddenly, a gigantic octopus-like fiend appeared and blocked off their exit. The two ninjas used their ninjitsus and their teamwork combination to defeat this fiend. After the fall of the fiend, the two ninjas escaped from the ruins and began to swim back up the to the surface. On the way, Naruto was amazed on what they found. It looked like gigantic ship of some sort. Perhaps a war machine?

Naruto and the girl came aboard the ship and dried themselves off.

GROUP MEMBER 1 - Fa vuiht dra airship! (We found the airship!)

GROUP MEMEBER 2 - ra naluntc fana nekrd. (The records were right.)

GROUP MEMBER 1 - Huf, ruf du tnyk ed ib? (Now, how to drag it up?)

Naruto was about to follow the girl and her friends inside the ship, but one of the group members shoved him out, forcing him to stay outside.

NARUTO - Hey! Are you guys that ungrateful!?

Minutes later, Naruto was lying down on the ground with his elbow propping his head. It's been hours since he had a decent meal. His stomach was beginning to growl because of it.

NARUTO - Man, I don't care, I just need to eat something.

The girl came by and kicked Naruto in his elbow, trying to catch his attention. Naruto grabbed his sword and went on the offensive. He didn't know what was their problem, but he was starting to get fed up with their hostility. However, the girl was trying to show Naruto that she had his food ready.

NARUTO - Hey, now we're talking!

Naruto grabbed the plate of food from the girl and began to eat it very fast. It was to be expected. Naruto was quite hungry after all. Unfortunately, because he was rushing on his meal, he began to choke on his food. He looked around for something to help him swallow it down. Then the girl offered him a water canteen, which Naruto quickly grabbed and consumed. Naruto was relieved that the food was down in his stomach.

GIRL - You shouldn't eat too fast!

Thanks to the fact that Naruto had food and his natural energy was back, he got up and stretched his arms out.

NARUTO - Hey, what's your name?

GIRL - My name is Ino.

NARUTO - (grabbing Ino's hands and shaking it rapidly) Wow! You actually understand what I'm saying! (laughs) My name is Naruto. By the way, how come you didn't say anything earlier?

INO - I didn't know what to say! My friends thought oui were a fiend.

NARUTO - "We?"

INO - Oh, "oui" actually means "you."

NARUTO - Who are you guys?

INO - We're the Al Bhed. You didn't notice? Wait a minute, you don't like Al Bhed's, don't you?

NARUTO - I have no clue what an Al Bhed is.

INO - Where did you come from, Naruto?

NARUTO - I'm from Konoha. I'm a chuunin. One of the best ninjas in Konoha!

INO - Did someone give you a concussion or something?

NARUTO - The ones that hit me so far were you guys.

INO - Oh, yeah... But, did anything happen before any of that?

NARUTO - I told Ino everything about Konoha. I told her what Konoha looked like, the ninjas that lived there, Kyuubi's sudden attack of the village. I even told her about how Kakashi-sensei and I were trapped in this huge light. I just told her the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Then I began to think...

NARUTO - I didn't say something wrong, did I, Ino?

INO - Were you that close to the Kyuubi?

NARUTO - Yeah.

INO - That's okay. You'll be fine. They told me that you kind of get lost in the head when you get too close to Kyuubi. You probably just dreaming.

NARUTO - You're not saying I'm sick, are you?

INO - Only because of the poison from the Kyuubi.

NARUTO - Seriously?

INO - Yeah, because Konoha doesn't exist anymore. A millennium ago, Kyuubi came by and destroyed it. Jonin exams aren't held there anymore.

NARUTO - A thousand years ago? That can't be. I saw it with my own eyes! Kyuubi attacked Konoha right in front of me. There's no way that could've happened a thousand years ago!

Naruto was now confused. How did a thousand years pass by so quickly? There was no way the Kyuubi could attack Konoha and it would be a thousand years later in the future.

INO - Hey, Naruto, you said you've participated in the jonin exams, right?

NARUTO - Yeah.

INO - Maybe you should go to the Village Hidden in the Waves. You might be able to find someone that you're looking for.

NARUTO - The Village Hidden in the Waves?

INO - I'll take care of everything. I promise, I'll get you there myself. Stay here for a second, okay? I'll tell the others. (running to the hatch and stopping) Oh, one more thing. Whatever you do, don't let anyone know that you're from Konoha. It's a holy land for Yevon, and you might get someone angry. (leaving into the hatch)

NARUTO - Konoha is a holy place? I thought to myself, "That's not true." When was it ever holy? The Village Hidden in the Waves? Yevon? Kyuubi? At first, I thought the Kyuubi took me maybe one or two days after its attack. Instead, one thousand years into the future. What's going on?

Naruto didn't know what to think. Out of boredom, he kicked the cargo. Suddenly, out of nowhere, vibrations came from the water, causing Naruto to lose his balance and fall to the ground. Three of the Al Bhed members came out to see what was going on. They looked overboard and realized what was happening.

AL BHED 1 - Kyuubi!

AL BHED 2 - Kyuubi ec lusa! (Kyuubi is come!)

AL BHED 3 - Ihtan ic! Ihtan ic! (Under us! Under us!)

Another vibration rumbled the ship, causing Naruto to lose his balance again. Naruto lose his footing and accidentally fell overboard and into the ocean, where the Kyuubi awaits. Ino and her friends were helpless to aid Naruto, as he was swept away by Kyuubi.

Only his fate knows where he'll end up next...