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Super Smash Bros.






Chapter 1: Bored and Nothing to Do? Let's Go on a Camp!

It's been a month after the aliens known as Bydo invaded Eagleland…

Everything is at peace and things are going smoothly and well.


Ness and Young Link had just finished a game of baseball with a team that they established themselves. They sat on a nearby bench and had snack.

Then an ice-cream truck came driving by on the road. "Come get the new flavor!" shouted the ice-cream seller.

"I'll go get two for us," Ness said to YL.

"Okay," he replied. And Ness went over to the ice-cream truck.

YL took a drink of milk while waiting for Ness to return, then a big, fat, ugly-looking boy came up in front of him. "I'm Billy the Bully," said the boy.

"Hi!" greeted YL in a friendly way.

Billy the Bully pointed to a puddle in front of them and said, "I bet you can't jump over that big pool ol' puddle!"

"What are saying?"

"I said you possibly couldn't jump over that pool of puddle because you're a little weakling! Hahaha!"

"Hey! I can do better than you think! Perhaps even better than you!"

"Then show me!"

YL got up angrily and went over to the puddle, and took a running start before heading for the puddle to get ready for a jump. However, Billy the Bully stuck out his leg in front of YL and made him trip and fall face first onto the puddle.


"Hahaha! Loser! You suck!" laughed Billy the Bully harshly. Then he went over to the bench and took YL's milk and drank it all, and then left. "Thanks for the milk! Yahahahaha!"

YL got up and wiped the dirt off his clothes and growled, "How dare you?!"

Ness came to him with two ice-cream cones in his hands and said to YL, "I saw what happened just now. That kid sure is a jerk!"

"I'll get my hands on him the next time I see him!"


Back in Smash Mansion…

The Ice Climbers were working on a jigsaw puzzle. "Strange, there seems to be a piece missing," said Popo.

"If I remember correctly, this piece should go here," said Nana, placing a jigsaw piece into a slot, but it doesn't fit.



"I think we're missing 80 pieces."


Mario is sitting on the sofa while watching TV and digging his nose. He is watching a fun TV show called "Super Mario Bros. Super Show". It is about a plumber duo—one named Mario and one named Luigi— and their misadventures in the life of fixing pipes.

Then the show went on a commercial break.

"Wanna do something fun this long summer?" said the guy on the TV. "Come to Generic Campsite! We are holding a special discount! For only $15, you can stay here for as long as you want, and if you are too lazy to get your own tent and live in the woods, we have special cabins for rent! All at only $15 and it doesn't matter how many people there are with you! Come and enjoy the relaxing and wonderful nature and experience nature to the fullest!"

"Theez looks like-a good-a idea!" thought Mario. "There's nothing to do during theez long holiday, so why not-a? I'll talk-a with da others about-a eet!"


Luigi walked into the kitchen while rubbing his stomach. "I'm hungry. I think I'll have instant cup noodles."

He got out a cup noodle, tore the cover, poured in the contents, and went to the water boiler and pressed the top, but only a bit of water came out.

It's out of water.

"I've been teased…" mourned Luigi as he sat in the corner with a gloomy aura around him.


That night, everyone was at the dinner tables having dinner.

"And then that women sued the guy at the counter about the coffee being too hot!" said Kirby. "I mean… that's totally stupid and crazy! That woman spilled the coffee onto herself!"

"People nowadays do not have sane minds, unfortunately," said Mewtwo.

"What can be crazier than that?" said Yoshi.

"There was a news about someone suing a store about their shop mascot statue taking up too much space at the sidewalk," added G&W.

"Makes you wonder what those happy-sue people do for living," commented Link.

Mario decided that it is the time to talk about his idea, and just when he was going to speak, Peach spoke up, "Hey everyone! I have a great idea to spend this holiday! Let's go for a camp at Generic Campsite! They have a special discount and offer there currently!"

"Yeah, I saw that on TV," said Samus. "And I was thinking of the same idea."

"I saw it on TV too!" said Pikachu. "I think it would be great!"

"I have no opinion on that," said Captain Falcon. "If you guys wanna go, I'll tag along."

"Everyone agree that it's a great idea?" asked Peach.

"Not a bad idea," said Roy. "And I'll ask Lilina if she wants to come."

"Living with nature is good for your health," said Dr. Mario. "So I suggest that we all leave this cooped up place and go for some fresh air out there!" Everyone else nodded in agreement, except DK, who didn't hear anything.

"Okay, then it's a deal!" said Peach.

"And eet wuz my idea in da first place…" mumbled Mario.

"We can't just go unprepared," said Fox. "I think we should spend our time preparing things tomorrow and then leave on the day after tomorrow."

"Let's hope there won't be a tidal wave and a massive temperature drop," prayed Popo.


The next day…

Ness, YL, and Pit were at the convenience store buying snacks for the camp tomorrow. Ness brought his already and was waiting outside the store for the other two to come out. Then Billy the Bully came up to him. "It's you from yesterday!" said Ness.

"Those snacks look good! Gimme!" said Billy the Bully.

"No way! They're mine!"

Then Billy the Bully reached for Ness's cap and took it from him. "Then I'll have this instead!"

"Hey! Give it back!"

"Here ya go!" Billy the Bully tossed the cap high into the air and it landed on top of the store's roof.

"Oh no!" cried Ness as he looked up at the roof, and that's when Billy the Bully snatched his bag of snacks from his hand.

"Thanks for the snacks! Nyahahahaha!" laughed Billy the Bully as he ran off.

"Hey you!" shouted Ness angrily.

The other two came out and Pit asked him, "What happened, Mr. Ness?"

"That idiot took my snack and tossed my cap onto the roof!"

"It's that guy again…" said YL, looking at Billy the Bully who is seen running over the horizon.

"I'll get it for you." Pit flew onto the roof and collected the cap for Ness.

"Thanks!" said Ness.

"I really can't sit still without teaching him a lesson!" said YL angrily.

"And I happened to just came up with a way to get even with him!" said Ness.



Captain Falcon's Blue Falcon pulled up next to a store, and he went inside and asked, "I'm here to buy a barbeque grill."

The shop owner came out to greet him and said, "Hello! What kind do you want?"

"Any kind that is durable and can cook food to the best quality!"

"Then I recommend this!" The shop owner pointed to a shiny four-legged grill.

CF inspected it and said, "I'm not a pro at kitchen equipments, but this one does look like it's good. Is it durable?"

"You want to punch it over the horizon again?"

"You still remember that…?"


At Smash Mansion…

The phone rang, and Zelda picked it up, and answered, "Would you mind? We're busy preparing for a trip tomorrow and we do not have time to even tell you that this place isn't Caesar's Pizza Palace!"

Then YL, Ness, and Pit came into the mansion and headed for the kitchen first thing.

"You know what to do now," Ness said to YL.

"Sure do!" YL nodded as reply.

"But is this good?" asked Pit. "We're hurting someone if we do this!"

"He's asking for this in the first place," replied Ness. "A bit of pain wouldn't hurt him. Plus, there won't be any bloodshed in this."


"Thank you for coming!" said the shop owner.

"Now that we got this, time to head back home, DK," Bowser said to DK as the both of them headed out the camp equipment store.

DK was carrying several things on his back, and when he tried to leave the door, the things were too big to fit through the door and are therefore stuck. "They won't come out…" said DK.

"Pull harder!" said Bowser.

DK tried to pull harder, but still no use. The shop owner pushed the stuffs from inside the door, and DK would pull even harder, along with Bowser's help.

After a bit of struggling, the things finally came out of the door, and it resulted in those two tumbling across the street while causing a bit of traffic disaster.



Back at the mansion…

"Yes, we would-a like-a to rent-a cabin at da camp," Mario spoke into the phone. As you can tell, he is obviously reserving a place at Generic Campsite. "There would-a be around-a 20 of uz! Okay, that-a one sounds good! Book eet then!"

The three kids can be seen leaving the mansion in the background.


Roy and Lilina were walking down the street while chatting to each other. "So you want to come?" asked Roy.

"Of course! It'll be lots of fun!" she replied.

"Okay! Then we'll pick you up at your house tomorrow morning!"

Then Reed happened to be passing by when they were talking about this. "Are you two going on a date?" asked Reed.

"Sort of, but more like a group camp with my comrades," replied Roy.

"A camp? Where are you going for a camp?"

"Generic Campsite. Haven't you seen it on TV?"

"I wish I have one…"

"Okay… I understand…"

"Aye… Life is hard for someone who couldn't graduate from a good college like me… Even finding a job is hard too…"

"Don't be sad," Lilina said to him. "Want to come on the camp with us?"

Reed's head shot up and said, "Really? I can?"

"Um… Are you sure, Lilina?" Roy said to her.

"Why not? The more people there are the more fun there will be!" she replied.

Roy let out a sigh and said, "Aye… I'll talk to the others about it, and then we'll pick you up tomorrow."

"All right! I'll go prepare for tomorrow!" And then Reed rushed off.


YL, Ness, and Pit were in a park, looking for that darn bully. "There he is!" said Ness, pointing to Billy the Bully, who is in the distance.

"Let's do it!" said YL.

The three of them walked up to him. "What do want?" asked Billy the Bully.

"I want to prove to you that I am no weakling!" said YL. "I'll prove it to you by jumping across that puddle! But if I cannot jump over it, you can have this sandwich and soda that I bought for snack!"

"Sounds like a good deal!" said Billy the Bully. "Then you show me!"

"Here goes!" YL placed the sandwich and soda onto a bench and ran towards the puddle. He performed a jump, but landed onto the puddle instead. "Oops…"

"Haha! You couldn't even cross a small puddle like that!" laughed Billy the Bully. "I'll take your snacks then!" And he picked up the sandwich and took a bite.

A sly grin appeared on Ness and YL's face as he took the bite.

Shortly after biting into the sandwich, Billy the Bully's face began to sweat and turned red, and he screamed, "HOT!!!!"

Ness and YL began to laugh at him maniacally. "I put wasabi, chili sauce, toothpaste, mashed garlic, pepper, and raw egg onto sandwich!" explained Ness between laughs.

Billy the Bully reached for the soda and drank it, and then screamed, "DISGUSTING!!!! BLEGH!!!!"

"And I added vinegar, soy sauce, soda water, lime juice, ketchup, prune juice, expired milk, and even my own spit into that can!" explained YL.

"I NEED WATER!!!!" screamed Billy the Bully while jumping around like mad.

"I'll give you water!" said Ness as he lifted him into the air using telekinesis.

"Hey! Put me down!"

Ness then tossed him at a drinking fountain.


The drinking fountain is shattered and Billy the Bully is lying next to it and water is pouring out from the wrecked fountain and into his mouth. "You can now have all the water you can drink!" said Ness as he continued to laugh, and so did YL.

"Isn't that too harsh on him?" asked Pit.

"As long as he's still breathing, it's not too harsh," said Ness. He patted Pit on the shoulder and said, "Get used to this. Life isn't simple like you think."

"I'm satisfied now!" said YL. "Let's go home and prepare for the camp tomorrow."


That evening at the mansion…

"Who's Reed?" asked Marth.

"Um… You know, that guy who lived at Ten Lives Apartment," explained Roy.

"You mean that guy who tricked us into believing that he was going to graduate from College of Eagleland but turned out to be College of Economics?" asked Falco.

"Yes, him."

"Oh… So what about him?'

Then the phone rang and Bowser picked it up and answered, "Too bad! We're going on a camp for many days tomorrow so you won't get any pizza from calling here! It's not like you're going to get pizza by calling this number in the first place!" And he hung it.

"It would be good to be away from this annoying ringing for some time tomorrow," said Parry.


The next morning…

CF was preparing the Smash Limousine to get it ready for traveling. The others were carrying and loading luggage into the limousine.

Dr. Mario noticed Falco carrying what looks like a portable TV and asked him, "Is that a TV you're taking with you?"

"Yes," he replied. "Can't go a day without a TV even if it's out in the wilderness."

"How are you going to…"

"I know what you're going to say. It's battery-powered, and I got spares!"

"Is everyone ready?" asked CF.

"Yes!" they all replied.

"Then what are we waiting for? Let's get going!"

"Eet will be a three day canmp-a!" said Mario.

And so, everyone got into the limousine.

"We're going to pick up Lilina first," said Roy.


Lilina was waiting outside the apartment she lives in, and after a bit of waiting, the limousine pulled up. "Sorry to keep you waiting," Roy said to her from the window.

"I haven't waited long yet," she replied. After putting her stuffs into the back of the car, she got onto the limousine and they took off again.

"Anything else?" asked CF.

"Nope, we're all here!" said Roy.

"Okay, let's go to Generic Campsite!"

And the limousine drove away towards the campsite.


Outside 10 Lives Apartment…

Reed was waiting at the gate with his stuffs. "Where are they?" he wondered.


This is only the first chapter, but I assure you that this will be a fun camp! Review and enjoy!

1. Yes, that grill seller is that same guy from my first story SSB: Pokemon Adventure. I don't recommend reading that story though.
2. While Billy the Bully first appeared in Those Who Deserve Beatings, this story is his first debut going by in-story timeline.