This is the final chapter. It wasn't a long and serious story, so don't expect the ending to be epic or something.

Final Chapter: End of the Camp! We're on Our Way Home!

The next day afternoon after lunchtime…

The Smashers are now packing up their stuffs to get ready to leave. "It was great staying here," said DK as he rolled up his hammock.

"I understand you, but we can't stay here forever, or else we must pay even more," said Link.

"Mother Nature is no whore!"


Wario and Waluigi were cleaning up their stuffs. "Time to deflate this tent," said Waluigi.

"Go check inside to see if there's anything missing," said Wario, and then he went inside along with Waluigi.

Young Link came up to the tent just as he heard Waluigi talking about deflating the inflatable tent, so YL used his sword to poke a hole in the side of the tent, allowing air to come out and resulting in the tent slowly shrinking and flattening down.

When the tent died down, two figures can be seen standing underneath it. "Who did this?!?!!!" shouted the voice of Wario from underneath the tent while waving around in anger.

Mario stepped out from the cabin with his backpack behind him. "Eet's time to clean up-a! Everyone, let's-a go!"


The Smashers finished packing their stuffs and made it back to their Smash Limousine.

"I guess it's farewell for us here!" said Mr. 2.

"I'll be going with him, so good-bye!" said Reed.

"I'll surely miss you, Little Falcon! We had a great time here!"

"Shut up and get going!" CF shouted at him.

"You don't have to be such meanie!"

After that, Mr. 2 and Reed left on the pink swan car. Wario and Waluigi left on their own car too, without even saying good-bye.

"Okay, everyone ready to go?" asked Captain Falcon. "Nothing is forgotten, right?"

"No," replied everyone. And so everyone got into the limousine and CF drove towards the exit.

"Okay, we're leaving!"

"Wait! I forgot my comb at the cabin!" said Peach. "It's very expensive, so I must go get it!"

"Hurry up then!"

Peach left the car and ran back into the forest, and the Smashers had no choice but to wait for her to come back.

After a while of waiting, Peach finally came back. "Found it! Sorry to keep you waiting."

"Okay, let's get going," said CF.

"Wait! I forgot my alarm clock!" said Dr. Mario. "I must get it back!"

"Dang! Can't you just go and get everything in one round?!" said CF, annoyed.

"Sorry…" Dr. Mario ran out the car and went into the forest. After waiting for a while, he came back with a clock in his hand.

"Okay, if there's nothing else, let's get going already!!!" said CF.

The limousine started moving for real this time and headed for the exit. But when they went halfway, the car came to a stop and CF got out of his limousine and ran into the forest. "What's with him?" asked Fox.

"I bet he forgot something too," said Falco. "And he was telling us not to forget anything."

When CF came back, he was carrying the cage containing Parry with him. "I can't believe we forgot about this guy!!!"

"I can't believe you guys are so heartless to leave me behind!!!" said Parry angrily.

After making sure that nothing is missing, they began to move again, but then they heard a grumbling sound. "My stomach hurts… I need to use the toilet!" said Pichu.


After several minutes of waiting…

"I'm much better now!" said Pichu, hopping into the car after returning from the restroom.

"Took you long enough…" grumbled CF. "Can we go now?"

"Okay!" said everyone.

And so, the limousine left Generic Campsite for real this time.

"Wait a minute!!!!! I think I forgot my fishing rod back there!" said Link all of a sudden.


Now the Smashers are on the road, which unfortunately is suffering from heavy traffic jam.

"Argh… What a painful traffic jam this is…" growled CF in frustration.

While everyone was sitting silently in the car and waiting quietly, Parry said, "What kind of jam cannot be put on bread?"

"Everyone knows the answer to that already," said Mewtwo, looking uninterested.

"Boring…" mumbled Pikachu.

"You all hate me…" cried Parry.

Luigi looked out the window and at a car next to theirs. A little kid was inside the car, looking at Luigi. Seeing that the kid is very young, perhaps about 2 years old, he decided to play with him by making silly faces. Then the kid responded by showing his middle finger and sticking out his tongue. "What the?!" said Luigi in shock. "Where did he learn that at such a young age?!"

Then the cars on the road began moving, and CF was delighted. However, it was cut short when they were only able to travel a few yards before coming to a stop again. "Dang… This traffic jam is even worse than I think it would be…" grumbled CF.

"Vacation is ending and everyone is anxious to get back home before work starts," said Fox. "So it couldn't be helped."

"Of all times to go home, it had to be today…"

"I sing song to soothe everyone," said Jigglypuff. For saying this, she got a punch to the face by Mewtwo and fell unconscious.

Pikachu noticed Pichu looking very sick, and then asked him, "Are you feeling well?"

"I wanna spit up…" replied Pichu sickly.

"Hey! Don't do it on here!" shouted CF.

"I can't handle it any longer…"

"Oi!!! Someone get him a bag!"

"They're all occupied!" said Peach.

"Do something!" shouted CF in panic, and then he caught notice of a rest station on the side of the street not to far ahead of them. "Great! We'll head over there for a rest! C'mon, move it!!!"

As if they are responding to him, the cars began to move again, and this time just enough for the Smash Limousine to drive into the rest station. The moment they parked the car, Dr. Mario picked up Pichu and rushed out the limousine and zoomed for the toilet.


"Whoa… That was really loud and scary…" said Link.

"What did he eat earlier?" asked G&W.

And so, the Smashers decided to take a short break at the rest station before heading for the road again.


After they're done with their short break, everyone got back into the limousine and got ready to head for the road again.

"Everyone here?" asked CF.

"Mario is at the toilet," said Luigi.

"Well, let's wait for him."

They waited for about 5 minutes before Mario finally came back. "Sorry! I was feeling sick-a!" said Mario.

"Okay, let's get going," said CF.

"Wait! I suddenly want to use the toilet!" said Luigi.

"Then go fast!"

So Luigi got out and ran for the bathroom. After a while, he came back again. "It was just a small fart after all…" he said.

"All right, let's…"

"I need to use the toilet too…" said Zelda.

"Can't you people get everything done in one go?!" shouted CF in frustration.

"Sorry…" Zelda got off and went to bathroom in hurry. It didn't take until ten or so minutes before she finally returned. "Sorry for the wait…"

"Argh! Let's get going now! I don't care if anyone wants to use the toilet or not anymore!" Then CF began to drive the car out of the station, and that's when they all hear a…


Eveyrone stuck his or her heads out the window and saw that a car tire has popped. "That was unexpected," said Roy.

CF got out from the car and grumbled to himself, "I swear someone must be messing with me today…"

"Don't worry," Fox said to him. "I'll help you and we'll get this done in short time."

CF went to the car trunk at the back and opened it, but found that they're out of spare tires. "Dammit!"

"We can always buy new ones," said Fox. "You see they are having a special discount on tires currently over there."

They had no choice but to buy a new spare tire, and after several minutes of working, they finally changed the broken tire with a new one. "Phew… Done at last…" said CF, wiping off sweat. "Let's get going."

They got back onto the limousine and began to take off, but then a loud bang is heard and steam came out from the car engine.


"That was random…" said Yoshi.

"Um… Calm down, Falcon…" Fox said to now erupting CF. "The engine just overheated… We just need to add some water into it and it will be fine…"


To make a long story short, the Smashers finally got the limousine to work properly and were able to get back on road without problems.

However, the traffic jam is severe as usual. It was a really long ride home and they didn't reach home until midnight 3 AM…

What a long day this is…

"I'm never going to drive you guys to camp again…" grumbled CF.


Oh well, that's the end of story. I won't blame you if you think it's not pulled off perfectly, as I know this chapter indeed looks sloppily done.

You might be wondering about the Cult of Pessimism and what became of them now. I assure you that this cult will show up again in the future, but no, they WILL NOT appear in Rise of the Negativities. I have something else to do with them. Heheheh…