Warnings: Heavy swearing, gender-bending, and slight oddities.

I never wanted to be a heroine. Hell, I never wanted to be a girl.

Sadly, Fate's ironic sense of humor got the best of her, and here I am.

Yuugi Motou, age seventeen. Gender? Female. Who the hell names a girl Yuugi, anyway? Aside from my overly strange parents, that is.

For my whole life I've felt like was supposed to be born a male, but something in the cosmos seems to have gotten fucked up and they got it all wrong.

I also used to think that I, as a boy dammit, was destined for some unnamed greatness. Some saving the world kind of schtick.

Now that I'm actually trying to save the world, I realize that was the stupidest thing anyone could ever do. Or want to do.

Saving the world. HA. How does someone save the world when they can't even save themself?

I suppose I should start at the beginning of this whole mess though, because you probably think I'm not making any sense, don't you?

Alright, but here. Hold this. Careful, don't drop it. Now, how should I go about this...

Yeah, it's horribly short. But it's just a prologue, so bear with me. There's more coming up soon.