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Yuugi, done with her explanations, continued to pace as she frowned. She and Bakura had both been caught in the strange explosion, but she was the only one to land in Atemu's lap.

She had no idea where her ...partner, she grimaced at the thought, had ended up.

"Where exactly am I, anyway?"

"Domino City."

"Sure don't look like Domino."

"Well it is." There was a moment of silence as Yuugi thought.

"Where can I find Bakura?"

"It depends on the Bakura you mean. Yours, or the one from this universe."


With a loud bang, Bakura fell flat on his face, swearing like a trucker. After a moment of lying there swearing, he climbed to his feet, and swore again, taking in his surroundings.

"Yuugi? Where are you? Where am I?" Frown. "Yuu-Yuu? Come on, answer me!"

"Bakura! What in the world are you doing home?" Ryou cried, as he grabbd his arm. "You have soccer practice in ten minutes! You promised to stick with at least one sport this year!"

"Wha-?!" Bakura yelped, as he was grabbed and manhandled by his younger brother. Ryou ignored his protests as he dragged him out to the car.

"Go, go! You'll be late and you know how your coach is!"

"Ryou! hold up!" Ryou paused and glanced back.

"When did I join the soccer team? And when the hell did you get strong enough to manhandle me? And where on fucking Earth are we anyway?" Ryou gave him a look of confusion.

"You joined this year 'Kura. And we're at home, don't swear."

"This ain't our house Ry. And last I checked, me and Yuugi-chick were saving the world from evil."

Ryou's blank stare and question of "Who?" confused Bakura. "What do you mean 'who'? Yuugi. You know. Classmate, girl I may possibly like a little more than is healthy, she can't stand me?"

"Bakura, Yuugi's a boy...Have you gotten into the alcohol again?"

"You're kidding, right? Yuugi-chick's been a girl since we met her in fifth grade Ry. Hell, she's been a cute girl."

"...I'm calling Yuugi now." Ryou dashed off.


I think this was the first time since the day we'd met I'd ever been relieved to know Bakura was around-and maybe okay too- and actually wanted him with me now. Like, right now. I snatched the phone from Atemu (That's what he said his name was, right?) and demanded Bakura right away from the boy on the other end. Ryou, I think he was.

Weird, fucking for serious.



"Call me that again and I'll kick your ass. Hard. Where are you?"

"With Ryou. Who's not Ryou. I dunno, it's fucking nuts here. He said you're a guy,"

"Yeah, I know. I think we, uh..Bakura, what the fuck did you blow up back home!"

"If I had any clue, do you think I'd tell you? Fuck, then you'd never date me!"

"I'll never date you anyway!"

"Hey, I can dream babe."

"Fuck you. Get over here now. Ryou or whoever, he should know where "here" is." Click. I hung up on him before I felt the need to srangle him over the phone, and turned to Atemu.

"He's on his way."

This was going to be fucking hell.


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