Stardust 2 – Journeys Untold

Author's Rambling – Just watched Stardust for the fourth time. Amazing film. I love video streaming sites. Of course, I will go and see it when it comes out over here, but I'm in England and it won't be out for another month, so until then, I have to make do with a crappy copy online.

Anyway, I was watching it, and loving it all, especially the scenes with Robert De Niro and Dexter Fletcher, and wishing there was more interaction between them, or even a little of a relationship for Dexter Fletcher's character (unnamed in the film, but played the character of Skinny Pirate, Captain Shakespeare's first mate).

So I decided to write my own story, as a little sequel kinda thing. I love romance, so obviously, this will be a romance, but maybe it will explore a little more of the working relationship between Captain Shakespeare and his first mate.

Summary – There was unrest in the Celestial Heavens. One of their stars didn't shine! The Celestial Gods had to exile her; a star that didn't shine was no use to anyone. Elizabeth landed in Stormhold, and wanting to see more of the world, she set off on a journey that would change the course of two men's lives forever.

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"It's normally only every couple of hundred years that a star falls, and Yvaine only fell two years ago," the God Seras said.

Elizabeth nodded. She had an idea about why she'd been called here today. "That's all very well and good, Celestial Seras, but what does it have to do with me?" she asked, as if she really didn't know.

Even standing here in front of the Celestial Gods, she could see the differences between them. The Gods were tall, thin, blonde and beautiful. Elizabeth was short, fat, brunette and at best, plain.

"Let's put our cards on the table, as the humans say," Celestial Selene said. "You are a star, Elizabeth. You are. And yet, my dear, you don't shine. A star that doesn't shine has no place in the Heavens."

"With this in mind," Celestial Yvette began to say. Elizabeth broke in.

"So, I'm to understand that you're punishing me for having a broken heart? No star can shine with a broken heart, and I was born with mine!"

"With this in mind," Celestial Yvette said, pretending Elizabeth hadn't spoken. "We have, after many, many years of deliberation, reached our verdict on you."

Elizabeth held her breath. She knew what was coming, and she welcomed it. All stars have to do is shine, sleep and watch the Earth. Since she didn't shine, Elizabeth spent more time than most watching.

And she loved what she saw. Everyone on Earth got to live life to the fullest extent, and even the rejects got to shine once in a while. Elizabeth wanted to be there.

But of course, if they'd thought it was a dream come true, it wouldn't happen, so she pretended to be horrified when they told her of her 'punishment'.

"Elizabeth, you cannot stay here. You do not, and cannot, shine. Although it is almost unheard of for stars to fall so close together, we're sending you to Earth," Celestial Seras said, looking as upset as it is possible for a star to look.

Elizabeth gasped. "But what will I do? Where will I go? How will I avoid witches?"

"That is not our problem, Elizabeth. We cannot offer you advice. All that is left is for you to go," Celestial Selene said. Elizabeth allowed a tear to slide down her face as the tower where all cast-out stars fell from was unlocked. She took a shaking breath and took a small step forward. Celestial Seras, taking pity, said, "Elizabeth, we can give you one small bit of advice. Do not cross the wall. You will not live, else."

Elizabeth nodded slowly. Still pretending to be upset, she said, "I wish there was a way I could shine, Celestials. But I can't."

"You will find your way on Earth, Elizabeth," Celestial Yvette said kindly.

Elizabeth nodded again. "Hopefully." Taking another, smaller, step, she stepped out of the tower and out of the Heavens, beginning her descent and her new life.


A/R – Well now, that was just a lil taster. Need to set the scene! Sorry for the weird dividers, the bloody upload thing takes them out. Grr.

Next chapter's when it all starts to happen, so look out for it! Shouldn't be too long in getting to you, it's all written already, just need to type it all up!

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