Her shadow, the artist reflects, tucking a strand of pale blonde hair behind her ear. Her crystal blue eyes seek out the color she is looking for. An expression of deepest concentration crosses her face as she begins sketching, her legs crossed (just like her Somebody), her eyes focused (just like her Somebody), her lips taut (just like her Somebody). A red crayon next, for the hair. Then a blue, the same shade of her eyes that are an echo of the other girl's.

Over the picture of Kairi, she draws herself, surprised again at how alike they are. Just replace that red with blonde, lengthen it...yes, that looks good...hard to draw a white dress over a dark outfit, but she manages. There. The features have blended, and you can't tell where Kairi ends and Naminé begins, because Naminé is Kairi's perfect shadow, and the more the artist draws the more obvious this becomes.

She gazes at the drawing, the next step of replacing the red-haired girl with herself. That is, in Sora's mind. In reality, she is still just Kairi's shadow; a reflection of her being. But Naminé is not a perfect copy. She is, outside and in, both Kairi's reflection and Kairi's inverse. Because of one simple thing that Naminé lacks, but the other girl has plenty of.

A heart. And as the artist looks at her handiwork, saddened, she feels a bit of Kairi's grief, just a sample of a heart. And also her conscience. Nobody or not, she still feels guilt for what she has done in an effort to remove Kairi and replace the girl with herself. But no matter what she does, it won't help. Axel was right - Nobodies can't be somebodies, no matter how hard they try.

Naminé wishes she had somebody like Kairi does. Kairi has friends to love her; Sora, Riku, Selphie, and all the others. Naminé has nobody and nothing. The Organization members are cruel, and she is so very lonely...

The inverse, shadow, opposite and reflection of Kairi puts her hair behind her ear yet again and begins sketching once more. Nothing in the room has moved. Naminé is silent.