Chapter One

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Hermione made her way through the barrier between platform nine and platform ten, emerging to a scarlet steam engine. Platform nine and three quarters was alive with the sounds of owls hooting, cats meowing and Hermione even caught the distinct croak of a familiar toad.

'Hi Hermione!' called Neville running after the croaking Trevor,

'Hey, Neville. Did you have a good summer?' Hermione smiled warmly at the nervous figure, 'hey by the way, have you seen Harry, Ron or Ginny yet?'

'Um yeah, they're just over there looking for you actually,'

'Thanks Neville, I'll see you later on the train?' she asked,

'Of course! I'll stop by a little later!'

'Great! See you then.' Hermione watched Neville continue his chase for Trevor before heading over to her three best friends.

'Hermione!' exclaimed Ginny, pulling her into a tight hug, 'We've got a compartment ready and it's almost eleven o'clock. We'd better hurry!' the four made their way to a compartment about halfway down the train.

'I've missed you guys so much!' Hermione said taking in the appearance of Harry, Ron and Ginny, 'Any summer loves Gin?'

'Ginny?' Scoffed Ron sharing a grin with Harry, 'Yeah like she'd ever want to meet a guy. She's too caught up in school work. In fact the pair of you two are always caught up in homework,'

'Yeah,' added Harry, 'But that's why we love you both. We've always got your attention and help. You're like two of the guys.'

Hermione and Ginny both turned fiery gazes on the two boys.

'Two of THE GUYS?!' Exclaimed Ginny,

'You think that's what we are?!' Added Hermione,

'That we could NEVER GET A GUY?!' Ginny was really getting fired up,

'NEVER GO ON A DATE?!' So was Hermione,



Um, well-there was-you know-that one, um…' Ron was at a lost for words,

'AND YOU!' Ginny said turning to Harry, 'YOU HAVEN"T HAD ANYTHING SINCE CHO!'

'AND YOU FELL APART, DIDN"T YOU?!' Hermione added,

'Pathetic.' Said Ginny, flipping her hair, 'We'll prove to you that we can get a whole lot more love attention than the pair of you put together!'

'Come on Ginny, these gits aren't worthy of our company,' Hermione said holding open the compartment door,

'Too right, Sister! (A/N LOL!)' Ginny followed Hermione out into the corridor.

'And then, Harry says we're "Like two of the guys". I mean honestly, is that all anyone sees us as? Two of Harry potter and Ronald Weasley's stupid guy friend-side kicks?' Hermione finished telling the horrible story to Luna right after her and Ginny had found her.

'Well, Hermione and I are going to fix that image! We're going to do a TOTAL make over tonight in our prefect bathroom. Will you help us Luna?'

'Yes, I think this may be quite interesting,' Luna replied staring dreamily at the curly haired brunette and the fiery red head, 'I'll ask Padma to help us shall I? I could ask her at the Ravenclaw table while the feast is still on,'

'Ooh! Yes, and we'll get Parvati and lavender to help too!' Hermione said excitedly, 'With those three helping us all, nothing will go wrong!'

'Yep! We'll have dates in no time!' Ginny said nodding……

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