Chapter 51: In Which Snape Dreams

Snape and Hermione were in the pool. The only light was coming up from under the water, somehow golden while the water remained blue.

Spike and Buffy were on the other side of the water. Spike was nuzzling Buffy's neck, kissing it, his hand somewhat visible below the waterline, cupping her breasts, stroking her nipples.

Hermione was in his lap, her soft bottom snuggled against him, her hands holding his against her waist. He felt himself grow hard watching the two blonds pet on the other side of the pool, mixed with the feel of Hermione against him.

Hermione slid his hands down her body to her thighs. She rested her head against his shoulder, her eyes half closed. He found himself kissing her neck and shoulder, but his eyes stayed on Spike. He heard Spike's voice in his head.

"They're beautiful aren't they? Blonde and brown and skin like cream and roses. She loves the fact that you're watching her, and yours loves me watching her.

"Even in the water, it makes them hotter, wetter, wanting us, needing us." He untied the top of Buffy's bathing suit. Small, pert breasts with pale pink tips came into Snape's view. He felt his own hands mimic Spike's, removing the top of Hermione's suit. Her full breasts rested comfortably in his hands. His tongue teased her ear. His fingers rolled her nipples into rose coloured points. She was moaning, squirming in his lap, making him harder.

He was naked, and so was Hermione. He was deeply inside her, feeling her squeeze him, sliding up and down him, making him want to throw his head back and cry out with joy, but his eyes stayed on Spike, whose voice still echoed in his head.

"She's so hot, so tight. Slayer muscles, nothing like them. She doesn't even have to move on the outside to make me explode. The most delicious quim in the world. Wet and soft and fragrant."

His hands slid from Buffy's breasts below the water. "Best thing in the world, this. Balls deep in the woman you love, feeling her inside and out, making her come, making her gasp and scream your name." Buffy's eyes had gone glassy; her skin growing pinker by the second. Snape couldn't tear his eyes away. It was the most erotic thing he had ever seen' and coupled with Hermione sliding over him, gasping as he slid deeper and deeper into her, knew he wasn't going to last much longer. Then Hermione turned her head towards him, breaking his view of Spike, and kissed him deeply. And he did come at that. Pulling her hard to him, feeling her tongue deep in his mouth. In his head he heard Spikes cry of exaltation as well.

Then there was quiet. Water lapped. Hearts beat. Then Hermione said, "You know what I want to see?"

Buffy answered, "I think so."

"We've given them a show. Now it's time for one of our own."

He was in the centre of the pool; Spike inches from him. Hermione stood behind him, stroking his back and sides, kissing his shoulders and neck.

"Kiss him for me," she whispered into his ear.

"Please," Buffy added, licking her lips, and reaching from behind Spike to pull Severus to him. He was flush against Spike, hard chest against his, sharp blue eyes staring into his own. The soft crush of Hermione's breasts on his back, the soft whisper of her breath in his ear, raced though his mind as his lips found Spike's.

He was kissing Spike. Hard muscles against his own. Rough skin brushing his face. The taste of cigarettes, Buffy, and blood in his mouth. The girls both moaned. Hands stroked him, small female ones, larger male ones. His cock hardened again, rubbing against another just like it. A hand, Hermione's maybe, stroked both together.

His heart was beating too fast. Spike's tongue rubbed against his, as his cock did likewise. He wrapped his arms around Spike and Buffy, holding them both to him. She was warm, Spike was cool, and both were sighing happily.

Hermione wanked him harder, bringing him closer and closer. Then he yelled. She had bitten him on his shoulder. Blood streamed down his chest, and Spike bent to lick it off of him. Sucking at his chest, his neck, his blood. Hermione hurried her hand on him, and he felt his orgasm coming at him. This time he stiffened in pleasure not pain.