Pairing: Surprise het incestuous pairing

Word count: 266

Warning: Incest

Disclaimer: All belongs to the Great Master Rowling

Translation (by me) of Freckled Love, a French fic I wrote.

Side by side, two identical skins, both scattered with the exact same freckles. Those freckles she hated on her, but she loved on him, especially when his skin was covered in shivers she loved to give him by brushing his neck or his back.

He couldn't stop himself to devour her with his eyes. It was so difficult to him to restrain himself from caressing her stomach, her thighs, her breasts…

She looked at him impatiently, as if she was burning to ask him what he was waiting for. She wanted to be touched, to be caressed, to be looked at… She wanted to be loved.

She knew it was bad, but the forbidden excited her so much… She pressed her breasts against his naked torso, standing before him who was holding her chastely by her waist. Slowly, she took away his horn-rimmed glasses, and put them on the bedside table. She buried her fingers in his thick hair, as red as hers. Her lips gently brushed his forehead, his eyelids, and his cheeks. She stopped just before his lips, looking at him questioningly. He brought her closer to him, captivated by her beauty, and kissed her lovingly.

At that very moment, he forgot everything. He forgot that he should not do this, that she was his little sister, and that he had not the right to love her, not that way. He forgot everything, except the desire and the love he felt for the woman standing before him. For the first time, Percy Weasley decided to also forget all the rules, and to just love.