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I. Prologue/A strange jutsu

The door to the Akatsuki headquarters flew open with a heap and ten people walked inside, well not everyone was walking some of them were needing the help of the ones on they side or were carried inside.

"How the fuck could that drenched woman manage to GET US ALL OUT!!" Hidan was frustrated and feeling rather embarrassed because he had a 'little accident' in his fight against a five ANBU members and was now carried by his partner Kakuzu because he himself was in pieces.

"Even I have under estiminated the power of one of the legendary San-nin." The Leader groaned as he was helped inside by Konan who looked at him with the mix of worry and amusement. Pain may be injured physically, but his pride was more injured because Tsunade send him with a rather hard kick on a rather high flight in front of all the Akatsuki and the Kyuubi-boy and co. Let's just say, everyone had a little problem in staying unfazed by seeing this scene. In other words everyone was rolling on the ground from laughing and even the two Uchihas were laughing at the scene.

"And what was that strange jutsu she used on us?" Kakuzu asked.

"What strange jutsu un?" Deidara asked confused as he put Sasori in a chair who cursed under his breath and mumbled something about 'needing to fix myself again'.

"Oh right at that time when she used it against us were you with Itachi three streets away and fighting Itachi's little brother and that Hyuuga boy." Hidan said as Kakuzu begun to stitch him together again.

"Well, it didn't do anything, let's get our injuries cleaned and then rest." Kisame suggested and everyone nodded in agreement.

"That would be great au…hey be a little bit more careful Kakuzu that hurt…"

"Then stop moving your head around or should Zetsu stitch you together?" he asked while grinning under his mask as he watched his partner pale and stare over at said plant-like man who perked immediately up by the idea.

"Uhm…I like it more when you do it…" Hidan said nervously.

"Then keep quiet." Kakuzu said and Hidan let out a sigh of relief as Zetsu turned his attention back again to Tobi's injured arm. How the boy could allow the cannibal to mend his wounds was beyond him, with this he could already sit on a silver tablet with one apple in his mouth.

"There, everything is ready." Zetsu said suddenly.

"Thank you Zetsu-san." Tobi said delighted and hugged Zetsu who blushed a bit while the others only stared at them gapping.

"Uhm…I don' even want to know…" Hidan pointed out and everyone nodded in agreement.

So after everyone took care of each others injuries and Hidan was stitched together again everyone went in they rooms to get some sleep after they failed mission, not knowing what will await them in the morning.

On the next morning…

Deidara sat up in his bed yawning loudly. After getting a nice warm shower and getting dressed he noticed that no one was up. After staring for a while at the empty kitchen he decided to go and wake the others up, first on his list was of course Sasori.

Deidara slowly sneaked inside the Puppet Master's room and up to said redhead's bed.

"Sasori no Dana…" he whispered to the puddle under the red cowers, but nothing. "Come Dana, you are usually the one who comes to wake me up." The blond said and pulled the cowers away, but a he did that his face pled and immediately run out of the room.

Itachi was sleeping peacefully in his bed as suddenly something or someone jumped on it ripping him out of his sleep and ducking under his cowers.

"Ugh…Sasuke, how many times did I already tell yo…"Itachi suddenly stopped with in mid sentence as the memory of the little fact that he had killed his whole family and his little brother would more likely make out wear a similar green jumpsuit as the jackass who fought Kisame then jump on his bed while he was still in it and crawl under the cowers. He let out a frustrated sigh. "Kisame if this is again about your nightmare to be put in a gigantic sushi on a seafood plate then I give you tree seconds to get out of my bed before I myself make sushi out of you." He growled, but nothing so Itachi pulled the cowers away only to notice that the puddle greeting him wasn't black nor blue, but blond? "Deidara, what do you think you are doing here in my bed...?" he asked annoyed, but was startled as the blond suddenly pounced at him and hugging him.

"Itachi-san I'm so happy…" he said smiling and the Uchiha tried to get the other male of off him, but he was stronger then he looked like.

"Deidara…" he hissed. "What the Hell got in to you?", but the blond didn't answer, an stead he grabbed the others hand and dragged him out of the room only in his boxers in the neighbor room which belonged to Kisame. "What are we doing here?" he asked annoyed.

"Kisame…" he said.

"I know that this is Kisame's room you idi…" but Deidara grabbed his head and turned it to the bed and pulled the cowers away. Itachi felt his jaw drop and the color leaving his face as he was now staring at his three years old partner who was blissfully sleeping and sucking at his thumb while holding a plush hark tightly.

"Ki…Kisame…" Itachi stammered shocked.

"And he is not the only one un…" Deidara said and Itachi looked at him vide eyed.

"What do you mean 'not the only one'?"

"I mean that everyone Hidan, Kakuzu, Zetsu, even Leader-sama, everyone got turned in to little children." Deidara said while waving with his arms, but stopped when Itachi grabbed his hand and dragged him down to the living room where he left him for the time being while he got dressed, then returned.

"This whole situation could be the effect of that jutsu the others were talking about." Itachi said while massaging his forehead.

"Yes, we were the only ones who were not there." Deidara said while sitting on the couch Indian stile.

"Yes, I need to research that jutsu." Itachi said but then he suddenly felt someone tugging on his pants. The Uchiha stared down to see two pair of violet and green eyes stare up at him.

"We re hungy dada." Said little Hidan and Itachi paled while Deidara threw himself back on the couch while laughing.

"Urgh…" was the only thing the Uchiha managed to say.

"Come you two I will make you something." Deidara said and the two boys smiled happily and walked in the kitchen still holding each others hand. "And you were the one with a little brother." Deidara said smiling as he walked in to the kitchen leaving a glaring Itachi behind.

To be continued…

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