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XX. Epilogue: New arrival, new chaos

Nine months after the Akatsuki was back to normal went everyone to Konohagakure to be present on a rather important occasion.

The Konoha hospital was filled with excitement caused by a group which was nervously fidgeting in the waiting room listening to the blood curling screams and colorful curses. Mot of the screams were female like, but they actually belonged to a certain young Uchiha while the cursing which made even a certain white haired Jashinist blush and now that meant something, belonged to a certain pink haired kounichi.

"I could have warned him that a birth is not only for the future-mother painful." Itachi said while pacing around in circles like most of the other males.

"How would you know?" Kiba asked while petting Akamaru on the head.

"I was at home by Sasuke's birth and believe me I really thought that when my father was screaming in agony that it was my mother." The older Uchiha said.

"Wow, interesting to know." Come it from Kankuro who was at the moment in a rather interesting conversation with Sasori about puppets.

"Wow I would have loved to see that." Anko said while leaning her back against Kisame. The two of them would have they eight months anniversary in a week.

They got together after a five out goings together managed Kisame to get over his confusion and fears, well mostly after Itachi and Deidara dragged him with force in Itachi's room and had a long talk with him, he finally managed to ask her if she wants to become his girlfriend and she said yes sending Kotetsu, Izumo, Kakashi, Gay, Asuma, Yamato and Ebisu right to the floor. Well by the Akatsuki was Hidan the one who nearly chocked on his tea by the news presented from Kisame.

Also Konan and Pein got finally also together and the Leader was now officially visiting a psychiatrist in Konoha and was also dragging the whole organization with himself for solo sittings, group sittings and family therapy for the three Uchihas. The poor man was sometimes on the verge of a n nervous break down from the things he heard or happened and sometimes really feared to say even a word to is patients.

Sasori was also starting to develop strong feelings for a certain co artist even if he had the problems to have Kisame, Hiashi and Neji on his heels who didn't want to let the redhead go with the young woman anywhere alone. It was frustrating, but Akasuna no Sasori was never the type to give up easily on things he wanted.

Suddenly the cry of a baby brought everyone's movements to a halt and let them turn to the door. The white door opened and a smiling Tsunade stepped outside.

"Everyone is fine." She said and was nearly run over by the others who run excited in the room.

In the homely decorated private hospital room stood two beds, in one of them laid Sakura holding a little black haired child in her arms, smiling warmly at the child. On the other bed laid a still hallfly unconscious and with pain killers full pushed Sasuke whose arm was still being healed by Shizune and Kabuto. It looked like as if she had nearly pulverized his bones.

"Well little brother I warned you that hand holding would be a rather painful experience." Itachi said grinning as he turned to Sakura smiling. "Congratulations Sakura."

"Nice to see that you are so happy about your nephew, but your nice will probably also want attention." Tsunade said smiling and watched everyone begin gapping when Hinata walked inside with a little pink haired girl in her arms.

"Wow twins." Said Ino with sparkling eyes and Shikamaru had suddenly a bad feeling in his stomach.

"By the way Tsunade-sama what conclusion did you come to about my question from for two days un?" Deidara asked and almost everyone stared confused at him.

"Hmm…I don't know if it will go alright, but considering that Riako will be there to help and if some chakra problems should occur you have Kisame there for help. And to be honest I'm also rather curious about this jutsu and his workings so I agree." She said.

At that Deidara begun jumping up and down happily, then he kissed Itachi one time then run up to Riako, who was now helping to heal Sasuke's wounds.

"Riako, did you hear it un." The blond said delighted.

"Yes, I have heard her Deidara so we can start in two days when everything is ready for the kids and everything other has settled." Riako said calmly.


"Erm…what are you three talking about?" Hidan asked confused.

"Itachi and I will soon have a baby together." Deidara said happily, but stopped when he suddenly heard several 'thump' noises. Opening his eyes he sweatdropped then most of the males well except Kisame and he himself laid on the ground in a death faint.

"Why am I not surprised?" Kisame asked himself out loud and looked over at his grinning friend. 'She loves to mess around with others minds…'

"Erm…Itachi…" Deidara sai while looking at the out cold man on the floor.

"Don't worry Dei, you will see him in this pose rather often, mostly by the scanning which will tell you the babies gender or when you say "The water broke" right after they realize just what you meant by that."

Sakura was in that right Sasuke immediately fainted when he found out that he would have twins and one is a girl. He also fainted when Sakura told him that it was time so Itachi was in charge for everything.

Well everything seemed to be back to normal again…


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