I noticed I haven't written a drabble for a while so I wanted to do it again! Don't worry about Protect, I've already started writing a new chapter. Though it might take some time before I'll finish it. My dad came to visit so... Yup.

But I hope you enjoy the Parental moment ahead!

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A hat

Roy heard the familiar sound of the door opening violently as Ed arrived throwing the report on his table, rubbing his ears and putting his brown coat better on. Ed looked at sighing Roy defensively.

"It's cold outside! It's December and the wind is killing me and my ears!" Ed complained. Roy smiled.

"I bet it does, Fullmetal. You're so small that you'll freeze to death quickly. And why won't you use a hat?"

Ed's eyes narrowed. "You don't wear a hat either."

Roy took a hat from his bag and threw it to Ed.

"Wear it, Fullmetal. That's an order."