Optimus looked down at his sparkling who laid lifeless in his arms. He said no words as he looked at him only pain was shown in his emotions. His optics narrowed and his lips trembled. Pain, sorrow, and grief was now seen.

"I guess . . ." trembled Optimus touching Hot Shot's cold face. "I guess it was his ti-ime."

Optimus could say no more his sorrow gaaged every word out of him. All Optimus could do was bow his head and clench his fists tighter, and tighter. He was angered yes, but sorrow control him at this moment.

"Primus . . . not another young one," gagged Ironhide. "It's not right that the old should live and the young perish."

"I'm so sorry Optimus," said Gary.

Optimus just looked at Gary and shook his head. Gary knew he could do nothing else. At that time Sam and Makeala had made their way to the autobots and wondered what the solem silence was for. When everthing was clear they saw why.

"Oh my god!" gasped Makeala.

"Oh no," said Sam seeing the Primeling gone. "Optimus . . . he was your son."

When Optimus gazed at Sam, Sam immediately stopped his words seeing how broken Optimus was over all this. It was betterto be silent. Alex felt it was his fault . . . it was always his fault. If he could do anything . . . anything to bring Hot Shot back he would do it in a heart beat . . . a sparkflare . . . the heat!

All then halted seeing a light electric blue sphere rise from Hot Shot's body. It was his spark . . . his life. It was time for it to return to the allspark and all knew this. It was time for him to rest.

Alex didn't want him to rest forever though . . . he didn't want his purpose tp be fulfilled. His purpose was to be with him . . . to live . . . to protect his maker . . . to be his brother! Alex stepped up to Hot Shot's body with all wondering what he was going to do. Alex then raised his hand to touch the spark, but all knew human couldn't only transformers could touch them . . . and Hot Shot's spark was delicate. It would hurt any human to touch one . . . this Alex knew, but ignored.

"No," whispered Optimus so soft not wanting Alex to prolong his son's death anymore than he should or for Alex to be hurt.

Even him . . . Alex ignored. He grabbed Hot Shot's spark and when he did it began to burn him. A spark was never meant for a human's touch. Any other human would have let go from the jolt it gave, but Alex wasn't any other human . . . not anymore.

The spark went crazy in his grip. It wanted to get free from him, but Alex wasn't letting go. He wasn't giving up. No on Hot Shot's life . . . never on life.

All watch in wonder as Alex took Hot Shot's spark back to his body. This is where it truly belonged . . . not in the allspark . . . not in Alex . . . and his memories. Alex pushed it back in his chest, but it didn't want to go back. It wasn't going back.

Alex struggled to keep it in his hands as it flared and sparked only burning his hands more. Alex bared his teeth showing the pain he took in from this. He had to be strong though. He had to hold on.

But it just wasn't going back. It wasn't!

"Please Hot Shot!" gagged Alex as his tears began to fall from the thought of this not working and him never seeing his beloved brother again. "Please go back . . . and come back . . . please!"

With that last please Alex's tear fell down into Hot Shot's flaring spark. With that the spark was calmed and all was well. No more flares, no more sparks, no more burning. It slowly went back into its holder and body.

Alex pushed downward and downward until the spark was its rightful place. He then let go and prayed it would stay. He took one step back and not a moment too soon after that step he heard the gasping of one so familiar. Hot Shot's optics shown their bright blue color and his chest moved up and down as if he was breathing.

Hot Shot moved his head slowly from left to right looking at everyone he thought he'd never see again.

"Hot Shot!" gasped Optimus jumping to see him back to this world.

All joined in the gasp now seeing this . . . ressurrection. Hot Shot was surprised himself. He said no word though. He looked at Alex and after a moment or two he smiled.

Alex soon did the same and just walked up to him and hugged him tight saying no word. Tears soon began to blind him just so happy that he was alive, it was enough to cloud out the pain in his burnt hands . . . he had almost lost him . . . he never wanted that to happen again. He didn't know what he would have done if anything happened to Hot Shot. All just smiled seeing the two friends hug . . . surely they were as brother.

Their friends was great, perhaps even greater than Sam and Bumblebee's. Brothers they were and brothers they'd stay.

The autobots took all of Alex's belongings inside the ark. A lot from childhood.

"Alex . . . what is this?" asked Sam tossing a strange device to Alex.

"Ow, ow, ow," said Alex catching it with his painful hands. "Oh that's . . . I really don't know," he said scratching his head and throwing it back to Sam. "I made it for a science project . . . I don't know what it does exactly . . . I was just glad to pass the grade."

Bumblebee then came up and saw it. He soon exstended his hand wanting to hold it.

"You want to see it Bee?" asked Sam. "Okay."

Sam handed to him and Bumblebee held it up just scanning it.

"Hey maybe he knows what it does," laughed Makeala.

"Hm, maybe," shrugged Alex crossing his arms.

Bumblebee looked at it for a while in wonder. He then decided to try it out. What could happen? Bumblebee then put the device where his voice capacitor once used to be.

When he got it suituated he shockingly asked-

"Does it work?"

"Bumblebee . . . you talked!" gasped Makeala.

"Holy . . .!" gasped Alex finding out it was a voice capacitor he made so long ago.

Bumblebee smiled seeing he had his voice back and so ran off telling everyone and when they found out not as a singal mouth was closed.

Later when everything was where it should be it was time for Alex Moore and the autobots to leave. Alex made his way up the ramp and into the ship, but stopped halfway. It was so hard to leave his home and perhaps never see his family and friends again. It was never supposed to be easy.

Gary stood at the bottom in front of Sam and Makeala. He was losing so much. His truck, his family bike, but more importantly . . . his son. Alex had said all his good-byes, but he wasn't ready to say good-bye.

Alex turned and ran back into his father's arms. He didn't want to leave him.

"I can't leave you dad!" cried Alex.

"And I don't want you to leave son," said Gary looking down at his little baby boy.

Gary hadn't told anyone about John though. He thought it be better if no one ever knew.

"C'mon Alex. It's time to go home," said Ironhide standing in the doorway with Optimus Prime.

"I'm coming," said Alex.

He hugged his father one last time then relunctantly let go.

"Good-bye dad," he said walking back into the ship.

"I love you son!" called Gary with a couple tears trying to get free.

Alex turned one last time, smiled and said-

"I love you too."

He entered the ship with Ironhide behind him. Optimus just about entered as well, but turned when Gary said-

"You take good care of my boy Optimus Prime. I don't care what creator he is. He's still my boy."

Optimus smiled and inclined his head to Gary saying-

"You have my word Mr. Moore."

Optimus then entered the ship and they took off. As all watched them leave out of sight all knew in their hearts they would see them again all-too-soon.

It was a smooth ride. It was quiet. No thing happened. Nothing worng with the ship or anything.

Ratchet and Prowl were flying the ship and made sure it was a smooth ride for Alex. It was. All were speechless as cybertron came into view reflecting off their blastshield.

"Primus . . . there's cybertron," smiled Ironhide glad to be home again.

Optimus smiled and turned in his seat to look at Hot Shot. Hot Shot smiled then turned in his seat just a bit to pat on Alex's legs letting him know they had arrived. Alex gripped his seat in sheer excitement as cybertron relfected in his dark brown eyes. He took one deep breath for that, he knew, was all he needed to do right now.

Shockwave flew right to cybertron for there is where he could truly put his plan into action instead of that small lab he had on the Nemesis. The ride was rather smooth and nothing went wrong. Oh it was a perfect day to return to cybertron. The moment when cybertron came into veiw he smiled and turned to look at something.

"We have arrived to cybertron my lord . . . Megatron."

He then turned to face the open space before him and cybertron. All that was left to be seen was the limp body and a faint optic glow.

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