Chapter 1

Dear Diary,

Why am I on this train? Seriously when Erin invited me to come with her to New York City I didn't think it would really happen, I didn't think about it, I just said yes! Turns out FOF all came! Sadie, Leila, of course Erin, and me. We got one of those business class seats thanks to Erin's mom and soon we'll all be in the city in our own super sweet hotel room, with room service and all that great shit and it's all on Erin's mom's bill! We're meeting her in New York, she's paying for our tickets, our room, everything! Hell yes free trip! Now if the ass behind me would just shut up…who told him it was ok to be singing, "my heart will go on?" Seriously, he needs to stop channeling a bad version of Celiene Dion right now! Ok I'm hungry. Sadie and I are going to go get some food.

Love Ella

Dear Journal,

I'm right now at this very moment sitting on a train to New York City! My favorite city in the whole entire world! FOF is all here, and Erin talked us into business class seats so we're sitting in the four seats that face each other. It's so great! FOF never goes anywhere together at once. Not that we don't all get along; we just never have free time at the same time. I just wish we were there already…we've been traveling for so long now.

First Leila's mom dropped us off at the train station in Welton, from there we went to Boston where we were delayed forever! And now we're on the train to New York. Their better be a car waiting for us because I can tell you right now I'm not in a walking mood! Even if the hotel is only four blocks away.

Now Ella's hungry, we're gonna go get food.

Love Sadie

Dear Book,

Yes book, not journal or diary because you're a book and you know how I get about things like that…just writing diary when you're actually a story in a book…ok there's no point to this.

So anyways, I'm traveling again! But this time with FOF, yes the fellowship of four is traveling all together to New York City! My mum has meetings in the city and after I talked to her for like an hour she finally agreed to let us all come!

Now I'm sitting on the train with FOF, well Leila anyways, Sadie and Ella are a couple cars back getting food.

I don't get why they just don't wait 'till we get there, I mean we just passed another station and according to the vibrantly colored map sitting on my lap we're about a quarter of an inch away from the city, I don't exactly know what that means, but I bet we're close!

Leila just asked me what time it is for like the seventh time, I told her Ella is the only one of us who ever wears a watch.

Ok El and Sadie are back, which means my ginger ale has arrived, I'll write more when we get to the hotel.

Love and tea Erin

"And there she sat, staring at me, taking my breath away; with a pretty white daisy in her hair…"

I just read that in this old book Erin gave me. It was scribbled on the 21st page. E got the book in the mail from her friend in California…well her friend lives in California but she got the book from a yard sale in New Mexico. It's really old, published in 1887, and the rest of the scribbling has worn away.

Anyways I packed my book in my bag, which is sitting ten feet away on a metal rack, so E lent me this while she wrote in her journal, but once I found this quote I decided to write it down, E lent me some paper too.

So far we've traveled way too much and I'm sick! I wasn't feeling bad when mom dropped is off at the station. Maybe it's all of the excitement that has my stomach upset. I think I'll take a nap when we get to the hotel. I hope we're going to get there soon. I just want to get off this train!


"Hey E what time is it?" Leila asked, folding up the few pieces of notebook paper and when she found no place to put them looked to her petite, curly auburn haired cousin.

"You just asked me! Like I said, I don't have a watch, ask El." Erin said, sighing and taking the folded sheets of paper, stuffing them in the back of her notebook.

Erin stood up and walked to the bags sitting on the rack. She had picked up the three journals and now stuffed them in her luggage. Hers was on top of the pile.

She returned to her seat as Sadie and Ella arrived from the other direction.

Leila looked, with a sweet glint in her eye, at her tall friend with light blonde hair hanging straight to her chin.

"It's quarter 'till eight," Ella responded flatly to the un asked question, she was always the one to be asked the time, handing a pretzel and ginger ale to Erin.

"Thanks," Leila and Erin said simultaneously.

Leila reached over and tore a chunk of pretzel, popping the over-sized piece in her mouth.

"I thought you had a stomach ache?" Erin said skeptically.

Leila shrugged, "It'll help."

Erin frowned, taking a swig of her soda.

"So how was the food car?" she asked, putting her drink down as Leila tore another piece from the pretzel. Erin sighed.

"If one more person breaks into song I'm gonna smack them!" Ella said, motioning with her hands as if pulling her hair out.


"I wouldn't stop her; I mean seriously who breaks into a Supremes classic while they're waiting for their chips?"

The four girls were sitting in their seats when the train became engulfed in the blackness of the tunnel. At that exact moment the train began to shake furiously. Erin spilled her drink as she hit the flexi glass window beside her. Sadie, who was sitting across from Erin, hit the glass too, hard. Leila dropped the pretzel she had stolen and Ella let out a short of oaf as something heavy hit her head.

The train then came to a slow, shaky, painful stop in the middle of darkness.

It had been a silent attack. The sound had been like nails on a chalkboard; that sound belonged to the train's wheels that had left the track. Then there was shaking. And then there was the silent chorus of electricity as the power lines snapped and entangled the train's body.

The four girls hadn't noticed the clicking noise made by the tracks as their bolts sprung free, they hadn't noticed the tunnels lights had started flickering on and off like a bug zapper. The girls didn't even notice they were suddenly alone in the car. They did notice however when the giant cable cord hit their window, they also noticed when the train rolled on its side, which relieved the baggage compartments of their charges. But the thing the four noticed the most was each others screams, sharp, filled with fear, regret, and half-hearted pleas all rolled into one high pitched moan.

The last thing they all noticed was they, unlike the bags around them, weren't moving. And that's precisely when Erin's fingers found themselves no longer clutching the polyester and plastic seat, but a soft velvet one.

Slowly Sadie opened her eyes, her mouth still hung open and her curly brownish gold hair hung disjointedly all around her face. The sun was shining in her greenish hazel eyes, temporarily blinding her.

What the hell just happened?! Erin thought as she peeled apart her tightly shut lids. The first thing they met was the sight of her legs, her right one had a rather large gash, but it wasn't bleeding. Her patchwork skirt had been slightly thrown up past her knee, involuntarily blushing she moved her hands to fix it. This can't be right! Her hands went back down to the seat; the wood and velvet seat.

Her hand moved to the wall; eyes fallowing closely. What had previously been a pale off-white plastic and who knows what concoction was now covered in an off white wallpaper with little flowers. Wait am I still on the train? Her eyes continued to study her new surroundings. They met glass, and beyond that glass lay a world of lace, parasols, boulder caps, and life a little over one-hundred years in the past. Shit.

Once Sadie's eyes adjusted she was free to look frantically all around her, which is precisely what she did. This wasn't her seat, this wasn't her train, it just can't be. She could feel panic creep up her spine, entering her mind completely uninvited and fully unwanted. No, no Sadie stop it, don't panic, you don't need to; your friends are…oh my lord Leila! Ella! Erin!

Her eyes flew to the three surrounding seats. Ella was right next to her, unconscious; Leila was also passed out, next to Erin, Erin! Oh no please not her too, I don't want to be alone, oh my-

Erin's eyes met Sadie's pleading frightened ones. Unfortunately the relief that could have been given from finding a fellow friend in a sea of confusion was dashed when the realization of everything took over.

"E what's going on?"

"I think Leila's awake" was the only sound that escaped her plump red lips. She had meant to say something, something like its ok. Are you ok? Anything with those two letters, o and k. Her mind was quickly trying to process everything. What happened to us?

Leila was indeed awake, bent over the side of the now armless seat dry heaving. Her mind was blank and strands of her straight brown hair fell free from the blue plastic clip that showed off white painted daisies. She soon finished, it had all been out of fear from the crash, but now her body was waking her mind up to the fact that the earth lay beneath, and sky above her. She turned her whole body towards Erin. Meeting uncertain eyes her gaze went to the window. She promptly fainted.

All Erin could do was shake her head, she had been expecting her cousin to fall back unconsciously after looking out the polished glass, that or scream until she had to heave again.

"What's going on E," Sadie's voice was barely audible.

"We didn't crash," Erin answered, but it was a forced smile she did it with, "and I think this is another train, and …oh shit!"

Without explanation Erin jumped into the aisle, focused on the far side of Ella's head.

"What? E what?!…" Sadie asked going pale.

Erin turned Ella's head slightly, revealing bright crimson blood trickling down the side of her face. The origin of the spill was a cut near her hairline at the very top of her forehead.

"Oh my gosh!" Sadie whispered. As if this could get any worse! El

Erin started shaking El furiously, brow furrowed. Sadie's own forehead gained the wrinkles of a middle aged woman too when she also noticed El wasn't waking up. But Leila was, ones better then none I guess, oh gawd I did not just think that, both we NEED both Sadie, She moved to the seat next to Leila and began coaxing her nerves to relax.

El, wake-up, wake-up damnit! That cut on your head isn't that bad, my god wake up! Erin was beginning to panic, the blood seemed to have clotted enough, the cut didn't look that bad, but Ella still refused to become conscious. What…what if she's in a comma, how the hell are we going to deal, where in the hell are we, what if we're not in New York, or the USA anymore, what if we're not even on Earth! Not on Earth? Pull it together E, god you can't loose it now, you can't leave Sadie or Leila or even Ella even if she might be…

"Ella!" she screamed.

"What in the hell just happened?" her furious voice split the air.

"El you're alive!" shrieked Sadie, jumping up and grabbing the girl into a large hug.

"Well no shit! But what just happened?"

Sadie returned to sit next to Leila, who on the surface seemed calm. Erin backed further into the aisle.

"I say, miss?" a deeply and soft male voice interrupted the coming chaos.

Erin spun on her heels almost colliding with the voice's owner, who was dressed in a deep navy suite with a matching hat. He was furnished from head to toe with gold, which included a whistle that hung around his neck.

Ella quickly wiped her head with the sleeve of her shirt. She hadn't had a mirror; she hadn't actually seen what the cool liquid was that dripped down the side of her face. But she had an idea. The man straightened himself and continued.

"I just wanted to inform you we're here." He said in a deep monotone voice.

"Where's hear?" asked Leila nervously.

"Manhattan miss, the end of the line, would you like help with your luggage?" He seemed annoyed.

Oh no, my bag, where did I put it again, on the rack, next to Lei's under E's, and wait didn't El put hers above her?

The man obviously sensed the girls confusion, it didn't help that Erin had started frantically looking around the cabin, along with Sadie, immediately after he mentioned the girls belongings. A rather nimble boney finger pointed past her ear, and Erin turned to face a rack, with their luggage sitting peacefully together. No, that can't be right their luggage wasn't like that, but scanning the room again, they were the only ones in that part of the train.

"Thank you," Sadie spoke up, steadying her voice, "but I believe we can manage."

The man grunted and walked away. Standing in amazement and shock they all soon heard his smooth voice faintly bellow from the next car over.

Manhattan's right, that's New York, but he wasn't right, this train isn't right and my suitcase isn't purple!

Erin was the first to venture toward the strange bags. She had a sudden urge to feel her clothes; yup they're still the same. She could hear the other talking quietly but her ears just couldn't focus.

Gingerly she snapped the lid of the pinkish-salmon colored square bag, the metal clasps looked so old and yet were shining as if just bought. The lid creaked open. With one last look towards the other girls she studied the contents…and slammed the square fabric covered case shut. It was then latched and thrown behind her, fingers tearing at the next in line, purple, open, study, shut, throw. Green, open, study shut, throw, but this time it had been caught, by Ella.

"E, E look at me what is it?" She said sternly. Erin looked on the verge of tears, and tears didn't help anyone.

The girl's mouth opened but no sound came out, she tore at the last mid-sized suitcase, it was blue. Open, Ow stupid lock, a tiny bit of blood escaped a small slash that appeared on her thumb which was quickly sucked on and forced to return to its job of unlock, open study…

"Its all here…"she said quietly.

"What?" El reached for the first bag thrown

"NO! no, tha…that one is Leila's" the sudden severity had had made Ella jump back, "oh, oh I'm sorry, I didn't mean…yours is the green one." It was offered as an apology and accepted as stress.

"Sadie yours is the purple, well it's more of a light pastel isn't it…" her voice faded into a nervous sound, which most would have assumed just didn't fully develop into a laugh.

Leila and Sadie now joined the other two, each taking their assigned baggage. Erin still held the lid of the blue case open; the others had only clasped their hands around the corners when Erin spoke up. No one noticed but her voice was continually getting smaller, quieter, as if surrendering to the strange world around her.

"It's all there, everything, but I don't understand…why would our bags change but not our clothes or the contents in them…and why would…why are we…"Her voice faded entirely.

"What's going on?" Sadie asked one more time.