"Anakin, are you sure that you put in the right coordinates?" Obi-Wan asked. "My charts put us in the at the edge of the Unknown Regions."

"Yes, Master. These are the same ones Dexer gave us last week." Anakin Skywalker looked around, " yep two light-years past the Rattan nova cluster. That sep base should on the fifth M-class planetoid in the system."

"Well in this case it looks like intelligence was wrong, there's only two planets one seams to be devoid of all life," Obi-Wan sighed. "Lets plot a course backā€¦ Anakin! Do you see that. Solar storm coming in right behind us. Head for that planet."

"Which of the two do you want? The big one or the dead one?" Anakin yelled back at him from the controls.

"The live one of course," the Jedi Master moved to a scanning station. "Massive life reading, but no power emotions of any kind that I can find it appears to be a early agriculture era. There's what looks like a city near the coast say a dozen or so kilometers."

Anakin's hands sped across the instruments with an inhuman, the solar cloud weeping closer until it collided with the Jedi's ship throwing it into a uncontrolled spin. "Obi-Wan, we just lost main drive engines, this is goanna be ruff."

Anakin brought the Nubian Cruiser Jedi Angel in for a landing close to the harbor. He did a scan of the aria to look for inhabitants, when none came up he touched the ship down on the stone patio before the docks. "Lets go see what's broke."

"we need to make contact with the leader of the aria, they may have some means to help us repair the ship," Obi-Wan said. "Or we may be here for quit some time."

He looked over to his former Master, I'm glad that we choose to leave R2 behind, us I think they'll get but a droid uh um."

The two jedi walked down the ramp a few moments later. By now a small group of humanoids had appeared. Anakin was amazed these people where strikingly beautiful all of them men and women alike. Obi-Wan spoke first "Hello there. We where wondering could we see your leader?"

"Yes. Star Lords. Lord Elrond is in Rivendell. Just up the road naught even half a dozen leagues. You have horses?" a male with silver hair smiled at the strangers form the heavens.

"No we don't but if it is not so far of we shall walk. It will do us good." Obi-Wan smiled "Thank you for your help. Lets go Anakin."

Bowing the jedi started down the road, "Master what in the siths name is a horse?"

"No idea, a form of transport most likely, but like I said a walk will do us good." Obi-Wan smiled, "up for a run?"

"With you Obi-wan, always." And with out further instance the two friends sped of using the force to fuel their efforts. They ran with a speed and grace rarely seen form men of their size. Anakin smiled as Obi-Wan moved to his side, matching pace quickly with the younger knight.

As they came to a stop at the edge of the wooded village they saw a group of humans astride tall creatures they had yet to see before. These must be the Horses the male at the dock spoke of.

Anakin made a subtle gesture in the jedi battle code: Sentries. Obi-Wan nodded his noticing them as well. They moved forward cautiously their lightsabers in hand. As the Jedi moved to the gates of ornate wood carvings they where met by another of the tall humanoids this one a female. Bowing to the travelers the female spoke, "Welcome strangers, I am Arwen daughter of Lord Elrond the Lord of Rivendell, we do not often get such visitors welcome. Please come with me to my father he is expecting you."

"We are expected?" Anakin probed, "how did you know we where coming here?"

"Near all my father foretells comes true."

The two jedi looked at each other cautiously, this told them one thing this Lord Elrond was force sensitive at least to a degree. That could prove to be a problem the dark side was always clouding the future and that was what protected the Sith Lord Sideous form the Counsel.

Obi-Wan took the lead, "then lets not mess with the future. Shall we?"

He bowed and made a sweeping gesture toward the gate.