1. chapter: I am WHERE?


Sorry for the grammar if it's not right!


I was walking from school with of my friends. My black hair flowed back as a little wind came. I said goodbye to my classmates and everyone who was just going to the same school and I know them. I saw my bus, I started running towards it but the doors closed. I sighned.

„Damn… Why can't I catch the bus once in a month?" I taked out one cigarett and lighter and started smoking.

At the other side of the road, I saw a strange man. He was wearing a long, black coat, a hat, gloves… Is he mad? It's freaking hot and I melt away in a shirt and a long skirt! Anyway… He was looking at me straight. It was getting on my nerves. 20 minutes passed and finaly the next bus came. The old fart runned from the other side to the bus. Okay… He's following me or something?

- Hello. I believe you noticed that I've been stearing at you for a while. – he suddenly sad it in my ear.

His voice was as cold as an ice cream in africa… and was scary as well.

- Do we know each other? – I asked and I looked at him.

I saw a little under his hat and was stunned. His eyes were red. And then I noticed something else too. Long, curly and dark brown hair. This guy was so familiar, but I don't know why…

„Where have you seen him? Think Marta think!" – I thought and mentally was hitting my head.

- I suggest that you don't know where have you seen me before… Too bad… - He said and pointed a gun to my side. – If you do what I say there is going to be no harm. Act normally. Take the bus as long as you always would. Then we talk.

I don't know why, but I wasn't scared… You're saying that I'm crazy, but I'm not! It's just, I don't know…Then I saw that we were there and toke off with him.

- Come. – he said and we went to a little and outlying street. – Now I should reveal who I am.

And with that, he toke of his cloths. Not everything you pervert! Just the coat, hat and gloves. Than I gasped.

- Naraku?!

- Yes dear Chikyo. It's me. – he said with a smile.

- H..How do you know my nickname?

- Well you know, in my dimension and time, there is a prophecy that you, will going to come to our thime and dimension and kill the evil. Well, I'm here to kill you that it can never become real.

- As far as I know the prophecies are always coming real. But I'm not going to give in so easaly so bring it! – I said and jumped back and put up my hand in front of me with my hands in a fist.

But why? Why wasn't I still scared just stunned? There was just this freaking feeling inside me, that I couldn't explane. But then Naraku smirke turnd into an angry expression.

- Don't mess with me woman. You're not going to reveal you're powers now!

- Oh! Someone said something he wouldn't had to. So I've got powers?

- Don't get so excited about it, because I am way stronger than you!

- Now, you're stronger, but it doesn't means I couldn't get stronger and what about the prophecy?

Naraku wanted to hit me, but I dogged all his attack. You ask how? I don't know, I was just following my body that was moving on it's own.

- Stop moving you bitch!

- And why should I do that? First I do this! – And I slammed my fist in his face.

But I wish I shouldn't did that… Soon his body that my hand and my body to was surrended by dark ping light and we dissapiered. I went uncounces as we was flowing in shining blue space. When I woke up, I was tied up and was in a forest.

- Wellcome to my word, Chikyo!

- I am WHERE???