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Everyone: Finally, what took you so long?

Me: Sorry, my computer always broke and after the last one I completly forgotten about you guys.

Everyone: What?!! How could you done, such a thing??

Inuyasha: You bitch…

Sesshomaru: I didn't expect you to do that.

Me: Gomen, gomen! But now I will make up for you all for it  ! Oh, and for some reasons, Arishima will not appear in my story for a while…

Kagome: Why not?

Me: Well, we had a fight, over something and it doesn't matter how many times I wanned to make up with her, she didn't wanned to…  So that's what was up… It's complicated, so don't ask… :(


Chapter 8: Meeting with Kouga

- Wow! i can't believe this last story, so unbelivable. – I said with wide eyes.

- Sesshomaru, protect this girl. You have to as my reincarnation. Be careful what you say and do because in the end it would be a painful choise.

- What? – asked Sesshomaru looking confused.

- You'll understand soon enough.

Suddenly the wind was blowing strongly, then it calmed down.

And that was? – I asked.

Sess sniffed in the air and said.

I think the wolf youkai is paying a visit to my brothers.

I started to stirr with anger. I allways hated him in a way for leaving poor Ayame to a girl, who already had a love. Well, not that I wasn't angry with Inuyasha but his story is something else. And I like Kikyo a little, when she is not a bitch…

Looks like, he decided to join us too. – and as I said that, I had a dangerous aura around me.

Sesshomaru and the others sweat dropped.

Something wrong sweete? – asked Yumi.

I looked back at her with anger in my eyes.

No! Nothing at all! – and toke off.

There she goes. I swear that girl has to learn to be calm... She always looses her head. – said Kurai.

Well, we will meet soon again. – said Sess and he followed me again back to the others.

The two lovers looked at each other.

Time&Dimension Goddness will have a lot of paperwork to do if those to will become a pair. – said Yumi.

An we dodn't even know if she will accept the „job". After all, she did say that she will do what she wants to. – said Kurai.

Well, let's wait and see… For now, we can just do that. – and with that, the two dissapeared.

With Inuyasha and the others

I smell that stinky wolf …! – said a now angered Inuyasha.

And with that a tornado came and dissapeared. Before them, stood Kouga.

Yo, Inu-koro. And hello Kagome, my love. – and with that he started walking towards her.

Oh, no! Don't even think about it, you wolf! – yelled Inuyasha and launched himself at Kouga.

Kouga brought up his hand and waited to avoid Inuyashas punch, untill a nother hand cam from behind Inuyasha and punched him in the face.

Everyone just looked at the sence that suddenly I appeared behind Inuyasha and punched Kouga.

Kouga slapped away my hand from his face. His cheek was red on the left. He looked angry but not as angry as me.

The others stepped backwards one or two except Rin. Inuyasha shrinked to the ground and crept away. They all was thinking the same thing: Don't transform or we and everything in the world will die.

This was the sence that awaited Sess when he arrived.

You bitch! Who are you and what was that for? – yelled Kouga.

Hello, My name is Chikyo, but for you it's Marta or Chikyo-sama. And as for what was that for… What you do here, now called two-timing, cheating and your an asshole who uses different women to please his needs. If you don't think that there is a perfect woman who can be there for you forever, then don't look for one. Ayame is your woman from now on… Go and make her happy, be a man that your underings can look up to. Kagome is Inuyashas. If you dare to lay even just one finger on one hair on her head. And…

Someone grabbed my hand from behind. Rin. Everyone looked surprised and blue from that. Kagome and the others started whispering to her.

Rin-chan, come back. - Kagome

Bad idea, kid.- Inuyasha

What are you doing there? – Miroku and Shippo.

How did you get there? – Sango.

Sesshomaru just watched with his cold look but his face was blue too.

Chikyo-sama. This was the man who send the…

The wolfs on you and you slept a little but Sesshomaru woke you up. Yes, I told you I know everything.

Everyone looked more shocked. There was a 1 minute quiet, that Kagome spoke up.

Come to think of it… We never asked you or talked about that how you know us.

My anger went away and I started to think.

You're right. Shall I give and explanation?

Everyone, even Kouga nodded.

Okay. In my world there are these things, animes and mangas. The manga is a set of pictures and they are telling stories. The animes are these mangas moving image. They play it in tv. You know that one Inuyasha. And you're an anime too in my dimension. Of course you are the main character, so the animes and mangas name is Inuyasha. But you are just one of the millions of animes and mangas, but I like you guys the best. Funny jet serious, there is romance, drama, supernaturally things and it's historical. Understood?

Yes. – said all.

But not too. – said everyone except Kagome.

So you're telling us that we're famous ower there? – asked Miroku.

Well, if a person has a little anime and manga culture then yes, but there are some people too, who just can't accept there animes and mangas and hate them. The fans don't know why they hate them and we don't know why they hates us and our becouse of you, I started taking up drawing. At the begining I allways drawn you but now I can make up own, original characters too. And Sesshy is my feavorite character because the first episode I saw on tv from your anime is the episode where he saves Rin. So that is why I like him more.

Ah, now I understand. – said the Inuyasha group smiling at Sesshy.

Sesshomaru you lucky dog. – said Miroku but a bang on his head was a response from Sango.

Pervert… - she said.

I looked up on the sky and realised that it was almost night. I shivered suddenly of the young nights wind.

Is it just me or everyone noticed that we're still in our swimmsouits? – I asked.

Everyone looked down on themselfs.

Really. Now that's why I was getting a feeling that I it is cold. – said Sango.

We'd better change. – said Kagome.

We started walking back to the hot spring where we left our chlotes.

Hey! Don't you dare forget that I'm still here! – yelled Kouga.

Oh, you're still here? – I asked annyoed. – Didn't you had enough?

Everyone sweated as they felt that I'm starting to get angry again. Rin yet again grabbed my hand.

Let's go Chikyo-sama. Rin is starting to feel cold. – and with that she started running with me.

I laughed to myself at the little girls carelessness. Or was it courage? We got back, but then I realised that my chlotes were torn, so what now?

Girls, you don't have spare chlotes I presume. – I asked them.

They shook their head as a no. Suddenly I felt chilly.


Bless you! – said Kagome.

Thanks! We better find a village and buy clothes or I will get a cold. – I said but suddenly I felt something warm on me.

I looked behind me and saw that Sess put his fluff around my neck. I looked up on his face and he was sightly blushing.

You could cover your body up with this untill that. – he said

Thank you, Sesshomaru.

For you, Sesshy is just fine. – ha said blushing more.

With that I got a hold of it's ends and warped it around my neck and body. When I was done, I made the fluff somehow that it was around me, but didn't fell. It looked like I was wearing a fur coat that was designed to spring or/and fall.

Well, Inu-koro, I don't have time to play with some new girl. I have to find Naraku and bring his head to my Kagome. – and with that he turned around to take off, but…

I got a hold of his ear from behind.

Oh no you don't! Fistly you MUST, you WILL go to Ayame and make her your wife, lover, mate, I don't care just love her and be with her. – and I let go of his ear.

FINE, I GET IT JUST DON'T DO THAT AGAIN!! – and he rubbed his ear. – Damn, that hurt. Sure you are a girl? Even for a demon woman, this was strong…

When the others heared the question. Their faces went blue. Inuyasha banged Kouga on his head and told him to run.

And why would I do that?

You moth*r-f*cking-s*n-of-a-b*tch!! How dare you even ask that I'm a woman or not! – I grabbed my breasts and continued. – These are 100% real! – then I fent a hit at the back of my neck and suddenly I fell asleep.

Everyone looked at Shessomaru who did it.