She walked along the abandoned deck of the ship; the brutal cold having no ill effects on her body.

Tia Dalma supposed that being a Goddess trapped in a human body was a good thing at times after all. Just that afternoon a pirate from Sao Feng's crew had lost a toe to the cold and was currently having his wound nursed down in the bunks.

Sighing, the former Sea Goddess leaned down on the railing of the ship, folding her arms and resting her chin on her hands.

She was lost in her own thoughts at the moment and so she did not notice that there was someone else still on the deck of the ship and also staring out at the chunks of ice bobbing in the waters around them.

Ragetti had been unable to go to sleep. He was too worried about how they were going to find Jack and then somehow get back to where they were needed once more without suffering major losses.

Blowing a stray strand of hair out of his good eye, Ragetti reached into his shirt and he took out a small instrument that he kept around his neck with a strong cord of leather.

It was a pendant ocarina; a small kind of whistle that his father had once sent to him while he was out on the open seas. He had kept it all of these years, playing it whenever Jack or Barbossa asked it of him.

Lightly running a finger over the four holes on the top of it, Ragetti smiled and then placed it to his lips, starting to play a song to try and cheer himself up.

A familiar song suddenly reached Tia's ears and her eyes slowly grew wide as she listened to it play.

That song…it was the same one that played in her and Jones' lockets.

Standing up straight, she went towards the source of the music, clutching her locket tightly to her chest.

Ragetti played on, unaware that there was someone standing behind him and listening to him play.

"'ow do ye know dat song?" she asked suddenly, and he jumped and yelped as he turned around, blushing.

"I…I didn' fink any 'un would be ou' 'ere…" he admitted softly, slipping his instrument back into his shirt. "Sorry…"

"Tell me 'ow ye know dat song." She repeated softly. "Et is a very old song…"

"Aye, et is." Ragetti nodded. "Me mum tol' me tha' et used ta 'ave words tha' wen' wi' et, bu' they was los' long ago. Somefing abou' two lovers wot promise ta always be wi' each other."

Tia stared over his shoulder at nothing in particular, her grip on her locket tightening.

"Et's abou' a man who love de sea so much, 'e make a deal wit de Goddess to 'elp ferry de dead to their rightful restin' place."

Ragetti thought about this for a moment and when he finally made the connection between Calypso and Davy Jones, his eye grew wide as his cheeks burned an even brighter shade of red.

"I…I didn' know et were yer song!" he stammered. "I'm really sorry an'…"

"Play et agin."


Tia Dalma looked up at him with watery eyes.

"Please?" she asked.

Ragetti slowly took out his ocarina with a nod. It was a rare thing for a powerful woman like her to ask anything of a mortal and he figured that it would not be wise to make her ask again.

He played for her once more, glancing over at her at times to see if she liked it or not.

He received his answer afterwards when the former Goddess smiled at him and gave him a peck on the forehead before leaving him alone on the deck of the ship.

Smiling, Ragetti put his ocarina away and rubbed the back of his head a bit.

"Yer welcome, Calypso."