Dot own anything accept ideas. I do swear. Spelling is one thing I don't care about so no complaining. This is my very first Fanfic on this site. Also my very first Naruto Fanfic. I appologize for spelling Huugua wrong but I dont know how to spell that and Hinata's dads name. I cant spell that.

Chapter 1

"Get off me, Dope" Sasuke Uchiha shouted from underneath the energetically hyper ball known as Naruto Uzimaki.

"Agh, come on teme, you have to admit I played some good defense there" Naruto said forgetting the fact that he was still laying onto of the furious Uchiha.

Sasuke pushed Naruto off him in an ungraceful manner, not caring if the Dope gets hurt or not. The Konoah high boys was playing some football for PE class. Sasuke, the hottest guy in the whole school was well known not only for his intellect, His looks but also for his capability to rule in any sport that has ever been set before the young genius.

Naruto Uzimaki also known as the most hyperactive klutz in the world was placed in the team opposing to Sasuke's team. Sasuke was running towards the goal in full speed until he was ungracefully tackled by a yellow wiz of light. Naruto stopped Sasuke advancing but not in the right way. This was football not Rugby they were playing. Seems like Naruto messed up that General difference. He tackled the raven haired boy through the air.

"SasukeKun!!" a beautiful pink haired girl ran towards Sasuke where she fell at his side.

"Are u okay Sasukekun?" She asked with love and caring shining in her emerald orbs.

"Yeah im Okay Sakura, the dope just fucked up again" Sakura laughed at Sasuke's reply to his health. Sakura and Sasuke has been dating for the past year or so. They are the couple of the year and also a very odd couple for Sasuke is a very stolic asshole who needs a few words to his dictionary that didn't include 'hn' 'ah' or 'dope'

"Sorry theme" Naruto said rubbing the back of his head in his usual Naruto way. A snort came from Naruto's left. Neji Huuga was standing there in his PE shorts with his arms folded over his chest "I can't believe that u, Naruto is one of the best players of this team"

"He suffers from ADD" Shikamaru lazily replied, walking up to them.

"Okay my youthful students! Now lets get to the showers and wash away some of the glorious sweat we earned in our youthful exercise" The one and only Gai sensei announced from the side lines. Gai sensei was one person who could make anyone commit suicide with his constant repeat of the word youthful and the power of youth, his ugly Green colored one piece jumpsuit that he must have though looked stylish on him too bad he never realized that he looked more like a cactus than a beautiful piece of a man that he sometimes thought of himself as. His bushy brows needed to be shaved and his Hair! It looked like he did it himself by putting a piss pot on his head and cutting it around in circles.

Sakura sighted as she helped Sasuke up from the grass. She has loved this Raven haired boy all her life and always wished that one day he would ask her out. She nearly died from shock when Sasuke asked her out a year ago. Sasuke is her everything and she has never in her life experienced love as much as she experienced it with Sasuke. Sure the stolic Uchiha wasn't a man of words but more a man of action. No matter what his flaws in life was. Sakura loved him so fucking much.

"Sakurachan?" Sakura snapped out of her thoughts to see a hand wave in front of her. Naruto smiled at her "Drifting off again I see" Naruto chuckled at his best friend next to Sasuke.

"I wasn't" Sakura muttered under her breath. She then noticed that her Raven haired love was nowhere in sight"Naruto?" She called to him.

"Yeah sakuraChan" Naruto was watching a girl who sat on the bleachers with the rest of the females in Naruto and Sakura's grade. They boys had begged Gai-Sensei if they could practice for their upcoming football match during PE. The girls didn't mind and helped convince him. Secretly they wanted to sit and watch all the hot guys, implying the one and only Sasuke run around the field. Sasuke may have a girlfriend but that did not stop fan girls swooning over him.

"Where is SasukeKun?" Sakura asked Naruto. She looked in the direction Naruto was staring at. She smiled. Naruto was watching a beautiful girl with long brown hair and beautiful pearl eyes. She was the one and only, Hinata Huugua. Cousin to Neji Huuga, Daughter to the richest and most powerful man in Konah. Hizazi Huugua.

"He went to the showers. He said he needed to get rid of the sweaty feeling" Naruto explained tearing his eyes off the Huuga girl.

"Why didn't he tell me?" Sakura asked looking at her best friends with a confused look on her face. Sasuke was never the most lovable person. He hardly showed any emotion towards her but she always knew its because he was like that. He didn't feel so comfortable around people after his whole family died one night in a horrible fire. His older brother Itachi, saved him from the fire and now he took care of his little brother.

"You know him Sakura Chan; he didn't want to disturb you while you were busy day dreaming. You get very scary when you are disturbed" Sakura him over the head at that moment

"Oi, Sakura why did you go and do that?" Naruto was busy rubbing his head

"You could have snapped me out of it, Naruto" Sakura glared at Naruto then walked away towards the school building.

Naruto sighted as he watched the pink cherry blossom walking away from him. She was one hell of a temperamental bomb that could explode at anytime. Naruto seriously pitied anyone who pisses her off.