Final Chapter 22

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Her head hurt, it was pounding and pounding without stopping like a herd of elephants that who ran through everything, stomping over it if it was in its path.

She heard some noises somewhere around her but she could not pin point it's location. Sakura tried opening her heavy eyelids. Sun assaulted her when she opened them, making her close them again.

She moved around on the grass where she lay. Opening her eyes once again she looked over at where the noises came from. There she saw Gaara hold her father by his neck. She couldn't see Gaara's face but his voice alone made her blood run cold. He was in that mood again. That monstrous mood of him, the same one she saw with Sasuke.

"Gaara" She called. Her throat hurt but she had to get his attention. She wanted him near her, telling her that everything is okay and that there was no danger. She wanted him to hold her in his big strong hands and keep her away from harms way. "Gaara" She called harder. His head turned, green eyes met with each other. Her eyes were tearful while his was filled with hatred. Gaara didn't turn his head away from her as he flung her father away from him; the man fell onto the ground with a loud thud. Gaara turned his body towards Sakura as he began walking over to her.

"Brat" her father wheezed as he tried to breath, his throat hurt, his vision was blurry from the monster grip that he received. He slowly but surely stood up from the ground, his body swaying a bit as he did. His eyes met with Sakura's. He enjoyed the look of helplessness as she lay on the ground. He enjoyed the way her body tensed as he stared at her even more. He hated her so much. He wanted her to suffer for she was a mistake that he made and he would never let her forget that. Gaara's head turned towards him, cold and emotionless eyes met with his.

"Disappear!" Gaara sneered as his glare turned even colder. Feeling fear creep up his spine he shut his eyes in hope break the gaze that pierced him. His heart pounded while his knees nearly gave way. He knew that there was no way to make Sakura suffer while this boy is with her. He opened his eyes but he didn't look up instead he stared at the ground, knowing that that glare was still pointed at him. He did what he could do, he turned and ran away.

Gaara kept his glare as he watched the man run away with athletic speed. That man was very wise for he was getting on Gaara's last nerve. He wanted to tear the man apart slowly, watching him scream in pain like he watched Sakura suffer all those years. Gaara slowly turned his head back to Sakura before he started walking over to her. He took her into his arms, hugging her. Her body felt so cold against his hot one, he could feel her shiver against his chest.

"Sorry for dragging you into my problems." Sakura muttered, digging her head into his shoulder. She felt so ashamed that he had to help her, was she so weak that she couldn't even solve her own problems.

"Sakura no matter what your problems is, I'll protect you no matter what. I believe that both Shikamaru and Neji would agree. You shouldn't try to face your problems alone if they are this bad." Gaara whispered softly to her. "You're a precious Cherry Blossom with people that hold you dear." He comforted her.

"Thank you, Gaara" Sakura whispered back.

"Anyway" Gaara gently picked her up from the ground, careful not to hurt her. "We need to get that bruises checked" Gaara started walking towards the school building with her nested in his arms as he carried her bridal style.

"It's nothing" Sakura answered not wanting to be asked what happened by nosy nurses. Gaara didn't even answer her as he kept on walking towards the school. Knowing that she had lost the argument, she just kept quite.

They reached the building and entered it. There were no students any where close as the hall ways were empty. Gaara found it to be lucky on his side; he didn't have the patience nor mood to handle students who got in his way. They took a turn at the first door to the right that read 'Nurses Office' on the door in silver. Inside the nurses office it was empty so Gaara gently placed Sakura on a bed. He pulled the covers over her after removing her shoes for her. Gaara looked over her injuries to make sure if they weren't bad, luckily they weren't. She just had some minor bruising.

"Sakura, you should get some sleep." Gaara said after he finished his inspection of her frail body. "I'll be here at your side the whole time so that you can sleep without any worries" To prove his point, Gaara pulled a chair closer so that he was sitting next to her bed.

"Thanks, I'm really happy to have met you" Sakura said in a sleepy voice. She felt so tired all of the sudden. It must have been the warm blanket or the softness of the pillow that made her drowsy or it could have been the fact that Gaara was with her, protecting her.

"Yeah, me too." Gaara answered. He took hold of Sakura's hand that lay above the covers. Her hand was so small against his big rough ones. "Sakura I wanted to ask you a question today before the accident."

"What is it?" Sakura asked turning her head towards him. His hand felt so warm against hers.

"I have two tickets to a rock concert; do you want to be my date?" He asked looking at the wall behind her. She could almost not see the light blush that he had on his face. She could feel her heart skip a beat. Gaara asked her out on a date. She can spend a whole day with him and only him.

"I'll be happy to go with you." She smiled at him. Gaara bend down his head and gave her a small but meaningful peck on her lips.

"Sleep now" He said looking at her tired but very happy face. Sakura gave him one more sweet smile before she closed her eyes. It didn't even take five minutes before she fell asleep.


White eyes glared at the green board before him in the empty room as he sat and waited for the class to start. He was seated in the front of the class at a lab table that can house a maximum of three people. Tables were set behind him and next to him so that there were 3 rows of tables in the front, three in the middle and three in the back.

His white eyes slowly turned away from the board towards the classroom door. He glared at the people who started to walked through the door. He enjoyed to silent class room which would disappear as more and more noisy student appear. Shikamaru walked through about 2 minutes before class started. He always came at the last moment before class unlike Neji who sat in class a whole 15 minutes before it even began. Neji just loved the silence of the empty room.

"That glare of yours will scare away the whole class if you keep on glaring at each and every single person who walks thought that door" Shikamaru said yawning as she sat down on his seat, next to Neji. Sakura sat on the other side of Neji.

"Hey Shikamaru, have you seen Sakura during break today?" Neji asked turning his head slightly to look at his friend beside him.

"No." He answered, shaking his head." Wasn't she in the cafeteria at our table like she always is?" He asked. He could see a frown starting to form on Neji's face.

"No. I waited for her at our usual seat but she didn't come so I thought she was with Gaara until I saw him with his family at the cafeteria. His sister had demanded that he eat with his family. I did see him sneaking away later on when she wasn't looking." Neji sighted "So I though she was with you."

"No she wasn't with me. I went to Tsunade's office to hand her some things that my dad send for her. He had to catch a flight yesterday evening so there wasn't time for him to deliver it to her personally." Shikamaru stated "What about Sasuke, he's not in class"

"I saw him leave the school grounds while I was walking towards class. It was in middle of break and he was alone so it couldn't be him." Neji stated.

"I'll text her maybe she is just somewhere in school…." Shikamaru started but was cut off.

"Hyuuga and Nara shut up in my class" Hissed Orochimaru. They were so busy talking that they didn't even notice that class had already started. Orochimaru glared at them both with his strangely colored eyes. He was what everyone called a freak of nature with his pale skin, yellow eyes and his manner of acting like a snake.

Ino walked past them towards her desk that was behind them. She had to go get some notes for Sasuke since he text her he wouldn't be in class. He had some important things to do so she just needed to get notes for him. She heard the conversation between Neji and Shikamaru so when she passed their table she smirked with a bitchy glint in her eyes "What did you lose your whore" she asked.

Neji and Shikamaru glared at her as she passed them to take her seat behind them. Sakura was really irritated when Ino was placed at the table behind them. Ino was unable to sit with Sasuke like she wanted since Orochimaru said Sasuke was allowed to sit alone in his class. Neji and Shikamaru heard a few minutes later a rushed whisper from the girls behind them. They heard Ino saying "This is so hard. I'm going to fail." To the girl next to her. Neji turned in his seat looking at Ino. She looked up at him. He gave her the exact look that she gave them a while again.

"Then give Sasuke to Orochimaru and he'll give you an A" Neji smirked at her expression. She looked pissed. He knew that the whore wouldn't let go of her toy that she held onto with a steel grip. Neji turned back in his seat smirking at Shikamaru before he started to concentrate on their class.

After class Neji waited outside the chemistry class for Shikamaru. Neji had taken out his cell phone and dialed Sakura's number. It was at its third ring before it was answered.

"She's in the nurses office with me don't worry she is okay. You both should go on to class. She is sleeping" Gaara's voice came from the phone. Neji knew that he must have read his name on her caller Id. Shikamaru caught up with Neji and he told him where she was. Shikamaru thought it was a great idea not to disturb her right now so they decided to check up on her after school. Is she was with Gaara then she is safe.


The car rolled into the parking lot filled with all kinds of different cars. There were cars that were colorful and some that were not colorful. There were some that had neon lights fixed beneath the car while others had full body decals.

Sakura sat amazed as she watched the different kinds of cars as Gaara drove to find an open parking space. The parking lot was lit up even though it was already the middle of the dark. The huge lights that were being used to lit up the stage, shone over the parking lot, illuminating it. She turned her eyes to the building where the concert was being held. It was a new building built only this year.

She remembered reading about it in the papers at the start of the year. It was a really beautiful building from where she could see it. The roof was built in a dome shape but in the middle of the dome, the roof was shaped in a traditional Japanese roof. The dome was white since it was mostly made from glass, it said in the papers it was made from glass so that the lights from the stage could light up the dome in different colors.

Sakura looked away from the dome. She was really excited to see it in person. She really wanted to know what the rest of the building looked it since the roof was amazing on its own. Sakura felt the car jerk to a stop. They had stopped.

"Ready?" Gaara asked turning his head to face her. He smiled at her. She saw excitement in his eyes. She figured that Gaara must really love music and concerts since it seem he's always listening to music. She had heard in the psychic ward that music calms some people down; it makes them forget about all the pain that they felt.

"Yeah" Sakura smirked at him. He shook his head before climbing out of the car, she followed. The night air smelled so wonderful that she had to take a deep breath. Gaara walked around the car towards her. He held out his hand to her.

"Take my hand, these things is usually packed with lots of people so we can be separated from each other easily." He said. Sakura placed her small hand in his big one. Gaara gently griped her hand tight to show that he wouldn't let her go. He started walking towards the entrance, Sakura walked next to him. They were early but some people were early too since the parking lot was already packed with cars and people.

Sakura looked around at all the different people as they passed them. There were some in groups sitting on the hoods of their cars, listening to music. Others were alone and some were hanging out with friends, laughing and having fun. Sakura looked at the people; some of the people wore all black while others wore a lot of color. There were some with long hair while others didn't have hair she even saw a lot of them wearing Mohawks.

Sakura looked over at Gaara. He looked like he fit in with the crowd. He wore a black Metallica T-shirt with some loose wearing black cargo pants, his eyes ringed with dark makeup like usual. He had black and white sneakers on his feet. Sakura looked at her own outfit for a moment. She fit in too since Temari picked her outfit. She wore a purple halter top with a white spaghetti shirt underneath. She had on some leather pants with purple and black combo boots.

When they entered they walked through a large foyer, small shops were set up at the sides there were blue bathroom sign's hanging from the ceiling. Gaara walked with her straight forwards towards a pair of huge open doors. The doors were beautiful. They were black with silver and gold markings on them as they stretched from the floor to the ceiling.

At the doors there were security who took the tickets and in return you got a arm band. Gaara held out two tickets for them when they reached the front of the short line. They took their tickets from him and gave Gaara and Sakura each a band to wear around their wrists. Sakura's and Gaara's bands were of different color than the group who got bands before them. Gaara pulled her through the doors into a hall. The whole hall was painted black with red carpets, red seats were placed every where and there was even a second and third story, looking down at the stage. The floor wasn't built straight it was sloped towards the stage.

Sakura looked up at the roof. The whole roof was a skylight but it was not a flashy designed as the roof above the stage that she saw outside. Now that she was inside she could see that the roof above the stage has mirrors in some places.

She and Gaara walked to the front of the hall where the stage was. She looked down at her band. It was a red band with black letters written on it, she read FVIP. "Gaara what does FVIP mean?" She asked. Gaara turned towards her as he stopped right in front of the stage. "It means Front VIP so we get to sit right in the front"

Some time after people started filling up the hall. It wasn't even an hour after until the show started.


Sakura climbed into Gaara's car. She had just had the best night ever. The concert was loud and the music was really cool. She absolutely loved every second of it; it was her very first concert after all.

Gaara climbed into the car while she was thinking about all the fun that she had experienced. She saw him smirking at her. "So how was it?" He asked.

"Awesome" She replied with a big smile "I never knew it could be so much fun." Sakura laughed. "Thanks for such a great night" She closed her tired eyes; her heart was still beating heavily from the adrenaline. She sat there with her eyes closed running the night through her mind.

Gaara pulled his car from the parking before he drove thought the parking lot until he reached the exit. While he drove his car he looked over at Sakura to see her with closed eyes and a smile on her face. Gaara unconsciously smiled at the sight as he drove on.

"Were here" Gaara after about 20 minutes snapping Sakura from her thoughts. 'was there another place?' she thought.

Sakura rubbed her eyes that were adjusted to darkness. It took a full minute before she could focus only to be met with a thousand lights. There were flashing light, colorful lights and even plain lights. The lights went up the structures some went around the structures.

"A Carnival?" Sakura asked raising an eyebrow. She turned her head to look at Gaara only to see him smiling at her as he parked the car near the entrance. He climbed out of the car and Sakura followed him. He once again held out his hand for her to take.

"Yeah. I thought this would be fun" He winked at her in a playful manner. Gaara kept this a deep secret but he always loved Carnivals. He loved the speed of the rollercoaster and the adrenaline that built up in some of those fast, dangerous looking rides.

Sakura took Gaara's hand. She walked next to him as they walked to the entrance. Gaara bought two tickets from the man in the ticket booth before they entered. There were many people at the Carnival, lovers, kids, fun seeking teenagers and parents.

Sakura's eyes lit up when she saw her favorite ride. She knew she was too old for it but she just had to ride it. Gaara looked at Sakura's expression then he followed her gaze to the merry go round.

"You wanna ride it?" He asked with a smile. Sakura looked so cute as she stared at it like a child in front of a store, staring at something they really wanted through the glass.

"uh hu" Sakura nodded in a cute way which made Gaara nearly burst out laughing. She really looked like a small child with that innocent look that she gave him. Gaara pulled her with him towards the merry go ride.

He watched her as she waited for the merry go round to stop for her turn. When it stopped she walked to it, looking for a suitable horse figure to ride. She picked a white horse.

Sakura smiled as she looked down at her horse. Her heart felt warm as memories flooded back to her. It was after she was taken out of the hospital so many years ago when she was hit with a car. Tsunade and Kakashi took her to a Carnival in hopes too cheer her up that's when she saw it. A merry go round with pure white horses was built on a river. She remembers riding it countless times.

"Happy?" Sakura looked to her side. Gaara sat next to her on a black horse. She suddenly got the thought of a knight in Shining armor as she looked at him. He smirked at her as she began laughing at him.

"Do bad boys always ride on Merry go rounds?" She asked still laughing. Bad boy on bike understandable but bad boy on a horse in a Merry go round is just funny. She felt her heart beating faster as her body flooded with so much emotion that she was scared her heart will burst from all the happiness she felt at that very moment since the one she loved sat next to her. She knew it long ago that she was in love with him, he was someone special in her heart. This was one of her most precious memories and now he's with her which will make her memory even more precious.

"You looked so happy that I just wanted to be part of your happiness." He answered with a shrug. "I wanted to be with you" he added.

That evening Gaara rode with her on all her favorite rides and in return she rode with him on roller coasters where she clung to him as the roller coaster descended with incredible speed. It was almost time for Sakura to be at home since Tsunade told her she had to be home before 2am. She had been lenient with the time since she knew Sakura really liked being with Gaara but a parent is a parent and they need to make rules.

"Sakura its 1:30 already. We need to take you home" Gaara said looking at his watch. Sakura looked at him from her huge cotton candy ball.

"Can we go on one more ride?" She asked. "I really wanted to ride it since I was little but I've always been scared of the height".

"Sure. Which one do you want to ride" He asked, taking some cotton candy that she offered him"

"The Ferris Wheel" She smiled ay him with cotton candy sticking against the side of her mouth. Gaara nodded at her in approval, he kissed the side of her mouth to rid of the cotton candy. Laughing Sakura kissed Gaara on his forehead. The two of them walked over to the huge wheel that stood in all its glory. The wheel was blue with the seats in different colors.

"Next" The man at the gate said. He was the one who seated the people before the Ferris wheel started. Gaara and Sakura walked up to him. The line was very short when they approached the Ferris wheel so they didn't need to wait long.

"Thank you" Sakura smiled at the man after he gave them a seat. Gaara sat next to her in the bright red cart. "I hope the view is great from the top" Sakura looked up at the top of the wheel.

"The view is awesome from the top" Gaara said. He took her hand that was on her leg and held it. "I know that you will love it. It feels like you're higher than anything like a free bird" Sakura held his hand tighter as their cart started to move.

It took some time but when they reached the top their cart stop right at the top in order to seat more people on the bottom one. Sakura looked at the spectacular view. It was just like Gaara said. It was a beautiful night with many stars out. They were bright and shining like she was at the moment. The darkness couldn't touch the stars and that's how she felt at that moment. No one could hurt her ever again.

"Sakura" Gaara called her name gently. She turned at him with a beautiful smile. She was so happy. Her life completely turned around. She was broken and sad with no one to care about her until she met Tsunade and Kakashi who took her in and cared for her. She met Neji and Shikamaru who always stood by her side. Lastly she met her knight in dark armor. He protected her from everything and she wouldn't want to lose him no matter what.

"Yeah" She answered, looking into his bright green eyes.

"I love you" He whispered softly, kissing her. Sakura could feel tears run down her face as those words sank in. Gaara's eyes were so sincere and his eyes showed that he meant it.

"I love you too Gaara!" Sakura cried, hugging him. "I love you so much I can barely stand living without you. You're the one who helped me pull through." She hugged him tighter as tears fell from her eyes.

"I'll be with you forever" Gaara hugged her back in a tight embrace. There was no way that he would ever let his Cherry blossom wither away again.

~The end~

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