Because We Want To

Tis mine and bubblez's favourite song, EVER, and we love Billie Piper A LOT, and I felt like a inspired drabble, and that's the word/phrase she gave me. So I had a go!

I do apologise though. And usual disclaimers apply.

I read this grinning like a loon. I am rather impressed. Teehee. Love Bubblez xxx


It started with a kiss on the sofa of the TARDIS 'living room'. Then a bit of over the shirt action from the Doctor. Then a distinct lack of clothing. Then a fair bit of teasing, generally from the Doctor. Then the age old formula of 'Tab A' slotting into 'Slot B'.

The noises that ensued were especially vocal. Well, the Doctor reasoned, it wasn't his fault he was so good in bed he could make Rose literally scream. However, it wasn't until Jack came in, they realised the level of volume they were creating.

"Why you gotta have sex so loud?" he complained.

"BECAUSE WE WANT TO! BECAUSE WE WANT TO!" was the reply he got.

And if he was honest, Jack really didn't mind. Not at all.