On Suicide Girls

Contains general spoilers for the series, up to and including Oedipus Hex (episode 5, season 3)

"Why do you think kids nowadays are so addicted to being special?" Danny mused.

"How do you mean?"

"Ever heard of Suicide Girls?"

"No. Is it a cult for girls who want to commit suicide?"

"Naw, but you'd think so wouldn't ya? It's like this punk-rock goth society thing where these girls get together and sell photos of themselves and sing and do performances. They give themselves the same last name: Suicide, hence the name of the group."

"Huh. Weird." Don replied, and then waited. He knew there was more. He had seen Danny in this mood before where a case just impacted him to the point where he wouldn't be able to sleep if he didn't talk it over with someone first. That someone was usually Flack and the place was usually Sullivan's.

"Well our victim ran away from Wyoming to join them in New York." He left out the fact that the mother had slapped him in her grief. There were so many things he could talk about with Flack, but this wasn't one of them. Instead, he continued. "She was killed by a jealous guy but all this just got me thinking, why all the hype to be so different? I mean, most of these girls, they're knockouts."

"Well, maybe you could introduce me sometime."

"Forget it. They all dress like its Halloween every day; not your type. For some reason though, science geeks are theirs. Adam knows all about them. Told me he used to go out with one and she 'broke his heart'."

"Now why doesn't that surprise me," Flack grinned.

"Actually, one of them, Nixon, asked me out. Her exact words were 'take you home with me."

"Wow. And did you accept?"

"Couldn't even if I wanted. And I did want to, but the shaved head made me think twice."

"That and the fact that you got a thing for Monroe." Danny opted to not reply and instead continued with their previous subject.

"But, damn she was hot," he sighed.

"Regretting your decision are you? I bet the fact that you haven't gotten any for a while has a lot to do with it."

"Like you're any better? When was your last time, before you got blown up?" Don quieted the panic that built up at the mention of the incident. He knew that Danny was only kidding and responded in kind.

"I'll have you know, that thanks to that bomb, I now have battle wounds, making me irresistible to women."

"Yeah, yeah, everyone loves a hero right?"

"That's what Stella says. Shame she seems to be immune to it though."

"What does that mean?"


"C'mon Flack, you said it, what do mean? You have the hots for Stella?"

"God, you say one comment and people just jump all over you. I don't have the hots for Stella, I just wouldn't mind having one more woman fall in love with me."

"Is that so?"

"Yeah. And going back to what you were saying, I don't think it has to do with being different as much as it has to do with trying to be the same."

"What?" Danny asked, distracted.

"You said this girl came all the way to New York to join these girls. I'm guessing she just wanted to be included with a group of kids she thought understood her."

"Huh. Maybe, but it still brings up the question why she felt she was different from kids in her hometown in the first place."

"Maybe for the same reason you felt different from the kids you grew up with," Flack said meaningfully. He waited as Danny thought about this.

"Yeah," Danny finally agreed. And Flack smiled.

"So what time do you gotta go to work tomorrow?"

"Around ten, why?"

"No wonder you're taking it easy here. Well, see ya later. I gotta get in at seven." With that, Flack slid out of the booth, and left. Danny looked at him till he was out of sight, mulling that one sentence in his head, as well as how bemused Don looked at him when he asked him about it.

"Shame she seems to be immune to it."

"What's up with you Flack. You sweet on my partner?" he thought, more than a little confused himself. Wondering how he would feel if that were true.