One word promt. That word was "squee". Thanks bubblez!

Usual disclaimers apply. Enjoy!x

It was a swamp. He had done it again, the almighty Doctor had managed to land in a swamp.


And of course, Rose being the eager companion that she is, once the Doctor had announced their destination, had bounded from the TARDIS.

And into the swamp.

She climbed back in the TARDIS, and said two words. Just two, and the Doctor could tell she was not pleased.

"We're going!"

And Rose was a Tyler. And he knew what slaps from Tyler women felt like, and didn't much feel like being slapped. So he set about dematerialising the TARDIS.

"Eurgh, I can't walk in these!" Rose complained, and peeled off her jeans, that were sodden, and covered in green slime.

She grinned at the look on the Doctor's face as he saw her in her very brief lacy briefs. 'These pants always do that to him!' She thought cheekily, 'Can't stay mad at him when he looks like that!'

"Right, I'm going for a shower Doctor." She said over her shoulder as she wandered down the corridor, her hips swinging as she walked.

She turned the corner and out of sight and the Doctor let out a high pitched,


Rose poked her head around the corner.

"Did you just squee?"

"Nope." And he shook his head, bounding down the corridor and smothering her lips with his.

And all was well.