During-game piece of fluff featuring Noishe, Colloyd with hints of Sheelos.

Disclaimer: I don't own Tales of Symphonia.

Dedication: For Minnie.

Noishe gave a small whine and put his head down on his front paws. Sheena and Zelos were bickering again. It was something that he was used to but not something that helped to create a calm atmosphere when he was trying to rest.

Colette and Lloyd were, thankfully, already asleep. Limbs tangled together they were wrapped up in a blanket cocoon which Noishe had curled himself around. Lloyd began to snore and Noishe decided that there was just too much noise around the campsite.

He yawned then got up, rolling his eyes as Lloyd grumbled and started to move around, looking for the warmth Noishe had been providing that was suddenly missing. The dog-like creature smiled when Colette began to move because Lloyd was moving. It amused him when, when one of the pair moved in their sleep, the other would also move to find a new comfortable spot. He shook off the blanket that Sheena had thoughtfully put over his back when the night had become colder and rearranged it over the sleeping couple who settled, still cuddled tightly together, back into a more peaceful slumber.

Noishe moved over to where Sheena and Zelos were sat beside the fire then barked.

"What's wrong Noishe? Oh," Sheena looked away from Zelos to Noishe and then back to the redhead, hitting him on the arm. "You idiot, you were whining too loudly, you'll wake everyone up if you keep on making so much noise."

"Whining? I was not whining," Zelos protested in a whiny voice.

Noishe gave a small whine and then decided that there was too much whining going on. He also came to the conclusion that Sheena and Zelos weren't going to stop bickering on their own. Although they'd changed the conversation's topic they were still using the same tones of voices.

He turned away and rummaged around in the packs until he found a spare blanket which he grabbed the corner of in his teeth and then threw over Zelos and Sheena. He chuckled as they struggled to find their way out of the large piece of fabric.

"Bad mutt, look what you've done, you've messed up my hair!" Zelos fumed once he'd managed to throw the blanket off of himself. Sheena, who had also now successfully escaped, turned to look at him and then burst out laughing.

"You think that's funny? You think that's really funny?" Zelos asked then pounced on her and ruffled her hair up even more than the blanket had already.

"Hey hey, stop!" she protested, trying to bat him away.

Noishe laughed and they stopped and turned to look at him. Both of them had a look in their eyes that told Noishe that now might be a good time to run away. Fast.

As he dashed around the campsite, trying to be careful not to disturb any of the sleeping group members, while Sheena and Zelos threatened to mess up his fur when they caught up with him, Noishe thought that at least the noise that they were making now was slightly more pleasant.