Knock, knock.

Sasuke groaned into his pillow. Whoever it was could go to hell, for all he cared. However, before he could nod back into sleep, his early visitor continued to attack his door. Peeking out his window, his anger grew. "It's not even dawn. It better be important." With a sigh, he got up and walking out of his room. He frowned when he got into the hallway. "Why do I always have to sleep in the room farthest from the door?" Grumbling to himself, he started the long quest across the mansion to get to the doors.

By the time he neared the door, he could hear the hinges protesting from the brutal assault. "Hey, wake up, teme, wake up. Naruto wants to see you. Why haven't you answered the door yet?" Sasuke could feel himself sink farther into his grogginess. Konohamaru. That kid was just like a younger Naruto, which Sasuke blanched at the thought of answering the persistent brunette. Opening the door enough to glare at the teen, "What?" Unperturbed by the glare, Konohamaru grinned up at him. "Looks like the Failed Avenger final decided to wake his pretty ass up." Sasuke growled at his nickname. He had heard his dubbed name everyday since Naruto carried his ass back to Konoha. Konohamaru stepped back a bit, nervously looking at the dangerous Uchiha. "Well, Naruto wants to see you. Something about your citizenship. I would hurry up. Um..Bye." With that, the brunette vanished in a puff of dust.

If it were about anything else, Sasuke would have headed back to bed. Even if Konohamaru said that Itachi had returned to Konoha in a tutu, Sasuke would be indifferent this early in the morning. However, ever since his return, Sasuke was not accepted as a citizen of Konoha, but a temporary residence. He had tried three years running to convince the council that he was once again sane, and had no intentions of causing harm to his home village. However, the old guys were pretty set on their idea. However, if Naruto wanted to talk about it, Sasuke was more than willing to listen what the Hokage had to say about the matter. Quickly changing into decent clothes, Sasuke was out the door in a flash.

Entering the Hokage's tower, Sasuke headed directly towards Naruto's office. Deciding on being somewhat respectful, Sasuke knocked on the wooden door. "Come in, come in." Obediently, Sasuke opened the door and stood in front of the desk. "Ah, Sasuke, guess what I have for you? I have a mission for you to do. And only you can do it." Sasuke frowned at the blonde. After his return, this would be the first official mission he has been allowed to take. "Why?" Naruto grinned mischievously at Sasuke. "Well, this morning I got a letter from the council requesting you to take an A rank mission. So, what was I to do but obey?" Sasuke frowned even more. "Why would the council-" Before he could finish, Naruto handed him a small piece of paper.

Sasuke Uchiha, your acceptance of this A Rank mission, should it be completed to perfect expectation, will finally allow you to be accepted as a full-class citizen of Konoha. Due to past events, your citizenship has been withheld until all assessments have been completed with loyalty and honor. This mission is the last step to release the suspension on your citizenship. This is the only chance you will receive on this matter, and should you fail, you will be requested to leave Konoha permanently. Hope this fairs well in your endeavors.

The Council.

One chance? Sasuke turned to the Hokage, eyeing the rolled up mission statement in his hand. That one piece of paper before him could easily have him thrown out of the town. Turning his eyes to the blond, he swallowed the lump in his throat. He knew once and a while that Naruto could be malicious. "What's the mission?" The Naruto's smile widened even further. "Let's see. I had Sakura write it up." He slowly unrolled the statement, and began to read it aloud:

"Sasuke, this mission is to meet the Kazekage in Sunagakure, and escort him to the Land of Earth for a meeting with the Tsuchikage. Afterwards, you will escort the Kazekage back to his hometown and return here. You are expected to blah, blah…All that good jazz." Naruto threw the scroll over his shoulder. "So, yeah, I made sure to give you an easy mission. This is what I really want you to do. Gaara's going to have his own men and his sand, so you have nothing to worry about. But I want you to keep your eyes on Gaara's health. First, I heard he still isn't getting enough sleep, even though the raccoon is gone. So, knock him out if need be. Second, it is the winter season up in Earth, so make sure he doesn't get sick. He is use to warm weather, so he might be prone to sickness. But he is too cool-headed to let people know. So, yeah. That's the mission."

Sasuke eyed the fox carefully. He..meant it? He intentionally gave him an easy mission. Sasuke finally allowed oxygen into his lungs, not realizing he was holding his breathe. Putting on his usual air, he got up. "Hmph." Naruto frowned at him. "Don't act like this is nothing. I know damn well you appreciate it. Now, go. You are going to have a hard time getting to Suna before tomorrow." Sasuke stopped walking and turned back around. "Tomorrow?", shock radiating from his voice. Naruto slightly shrugged, pretending it was nothing. "Yeah, Gaara said something about wanting to leave tomorrow. I would hurry, Sasuke, or-" In a puff of smoke, Sasuke left the Hokage alone to his own thoughts. Naruto grinned at the empty space Sasuke left. "Knew that would get him going."

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