FALALALALA! Okay, sorry, I had to do that. I'm weird. So I'm out with a new story, and I have eleven chapters pre-written. I hope you like it!

This story takes place during Jude's, Jamie's, Kat's, Mason's, Shay's, Portia's, Wally's, Kyle's, and Speed's sophomore year of High School while Sadie is a junior and Tommy, Darius, Liam, Patsy, and Eden are seniors. Some new characters, my original, will be introduced.

I'm still not sure where this is going because I never do with my stories considering that I don't like to plan them out… so just stick with me for this ride! Here goes nothing….

"Jude! Get your sorry ass out of bed you lazy fifteen-year-old!" Sadie Harrison's annoying voice shrieked through the door.

"Sadie you turned 16 only a few months ago if you don't remember! You still don't have a right to call me a 'lazy fifteen-year-old'! And give me one reason to listen to you!" I shouted back, my voice slightly muffled from underneath my layers of covers.

"Because Mom and Dad told me to! Now get up! It's our first freaking day of freaking High School! At least this year." With that Sadie was down the hallway and into the bathroom to inhabit it for the next hour or so. Thank God I have my own bathroom, I thought, rolling out of bed. I groaned and walked over to my closet, picking out a pair of jeans ripped at the knees, a black tee that and a picture of a guitar on the front, black bra and matching underwear.

After taking a shower, blow-drying my hair, getting dressed and applying the basic make-up, (eyeliner, mascara, a little cover up and a smidge of eye shadow) I was ready to attempt to find socks.

Opening the door to my bedroom, I took a deep breath and began searching through the piles of anything and everything covering up my entire floor. I finally found two un-matching socks, and after sniffing them to decide if they were clean enough, I put them on, grabbed my over the shoulder backpack already leaden with heavy textbooks, and walked out of my bedroom. I could hear the blow-dryer still coming from the other bathroom, or as I called it, 'the rest of the families' bathroom because I had my own. That drove Sadie crazy, but when she complained that she was the oldest and should have the bathroom, our parents reasonably said that since Sadie had had the first pick of rooms, and only looked to see which one was bigger, that she put this upon herself and should stop complaining. My parents are cool like that sometimes.

I sighed and walked down the stairs, thinking about how Sadie was up before me and how she was still blow-drying her hair. She always takes so long to get ready.

After I put my black Converse on and my backpack by the door, I trudged into the kitchen to eat my English muffin and orange juice. Right as I sat down, the doorbell rang. Knowing that my parents, both sipping coffee and reading separate morning papers, wouldn't get it, I got up and opened the door into to shoes and coat room then open the front door to reveal Sadie's 'perfect' boyfriend, Tommy (Tom) Quincy leaning against the door frame.

His hands were stuffed into his leather jacket, his hair gelled up, wearing stunner glasses and blue jeans with white K-Swiss.

"Good morning Sunshine," He said brightly. I found it annoying the way that he was always hitting on me, yet he was going out with my sister.

"Well, if it isn't the devil himself. May I ask what reason other than to annoy the hell out of me you came here on this oh so crappy morning?" I asked fakely sweet, crossing my arms over my chest in a hostile way.

"My girlfriend does live here doesn't she?" He asked, raising one brow and bringing his glasses down to his nose, looking at me with his blue eyes that for some strange reason drove me crazy. I didn't think that it was 'crazy' like 'oh my god his eyes are so beautiful' crazy, but like 'his eyes just add to his stupid ness' crazy. Then that drove my crazy because I couldn't figure out which on it was.

"Wow, you're so stupid that you have to ask. Amazing how you make it to here without having to call and ask Sadie what the street signs say."

"Aw, Jude, that one goes straight to the heart," Tom said, grabbing his heart area, but on the wrong side.

"To bad you aren't dead because of it. Your heart is on the other side genius." With that I turned around and walked into the house, leaving the doors open because I knew that Tom would follow me in.

"I don't see why you're so mean to me. Have I ever been mean to you?"

"Don't you ever shut up?" I asked when we made it to the living room. My breakfast forgotten, I sat down on the couch to wait for Sadie because I remembered that Tom was giving us both a ride to school.

"Red hair fits you I think, but you looked sexy with blonde." Tom stated, ignoring my last question.

"I've had red hair since I was in the sixth grade and you the eighth, and you haven't shut up about it. It's been about four years now, so get used to it."

"Why are you so hostile towards me?"

"Because you annoy the shit out of me."

"Aw, come on Jude, you know I love you."

"Yah, that's why you're banging my sister? Now can't you please leave me alone for once? Please?" I begged.

"But I have so much fun annoying you. Plus you look cute when you're defensive and all flustered and mad," Tom said sitting down next to me.

"Sadie! Get your ass down here and come get your dog!" I hollered.

"Jude Spencer Harrison, do not refer to your sisters boyfriend as a dog! Its rude!" Mom snapped from the kitchen. I sighed and rolled my eyes. If only she knew. Sadie came down the stairs, and for once in my life I was grateful for her presence.

"Babe, let's go, I'm ready," Sadie said, stepping down from the last step in all her glory. Her wavy long blonde hair was hanging around her face and down to her middle back. The 'smoky eye look' made her eyes pop. She was wearing a denim mini skirt that barley touched mid-calf and showed off her tan, full, long legs. Strapped around her perfect feet were small light high-heels with rhinestones. Her v-cut baby blue top showed just a little cleavage and was lined with lace at the bottom.

"Wow Sadie," I said, standing up and walking over to her, "You really have that hooker look down don't you?" Tom snorted in laughter, but Sadie's death glare quickly made him change it into a cough.

"And I see that you really have the whole teenage grunge thing down, don't you?" Sadie attempted to snap back. I just rolled my eyes.

"I do try Sadie, so I thank you for noticing," I said in an arrogant voice, sashaying in an exsaderated way over to the door that Tom had left open and grabbing my back. I slug it over my shoulder and folded a jacket over it just in case. "You guys are giving me a ride since I missed the bus and really don't fell like walked!" I called.

"No, we are not. Tommy, baby, tell her we're not." Sadie pleased, probably running her talons down his chest.

"I don't see why we can't Sadie. It's not going to kill anyone." He replied evenly. I smiled to myself. The only reason why I liked Tom was because he always took my side.

"No, it's going to kill my reputation, and it's a person to." Sadie mumbled. I walked back into the room, but immediately regretted it because Tom was giving Sadie an apology kiss.

"Ugh, nasty. I innocently walked in here because I forgot my cell on the coffee table, and I'm greeted to a horror movie being played out in my own living room. Joy." I walked by them as they broke apart.

"Jude, you'll understand once you finally get a boyfriend," Sadie said coldly, grabbing Tom's hand and dragging him out the doors.

"Mom? Dad? Are you going to permit them to do that kind of behavior under your roof?" I questioned them when I walked by the kitchen door.

"Bye Sweetie! Have a nice day!" Mommy dearest yelled, ignoring my question, Dad tried to say something, but said it through a mouthful of cereal so it didn't really work.

I grabbed my house keys and walked out the door, having to run because Sadie was urging Tom to leave me, and I could tell that he was about to crack. I climbed into the back seat of his black '67 Mustang with a sigh. I loved this car to death, and Tom knew it, I could tell by the way he looked at me in the rearview mirror that he was happy at least someone other than my Dad appreciated this car. Everyone at the High School, including Sadie, didn't like it because it wasn't new. These people had to build an appreciation for classics cause new-modeled cars aren't all that entirely great.

I began humming a tune under my breath that had been stuck in my head forever, but I haven't out words to it.

"God Jude, will you please shut up? You're giving me a headache." Sadie asked, rubbing her temples.

"Wait, that sounded good. What was that?" Tom asked, ignoring Sadie's death glare for once in his life. So he wasn't as whipped as I thought. Snaps for Tom Quincy.

"Just something I came up with in my head. It's been stuck for a few weeks now. I can't really find words to it."

"I didn't know that you could sing," Tom said, sounding surprised.

"There's a lot you don't know about me." I replied, stunned at the words that had come out of my mouth? Was that flirting? Suddenly, a stroke of inspiration hit. I had no idea where it came from, but a chorus to the song just flew out of my mouth. "I can't have anything I want, they say I'm just too young but it's not my fault. I'll find my own home if I gotta, I'll make it on my own if I gotta…" But that's all I could come up with.

It was only now that I realized we were at school and people around the car were starring at me wide-eyed, including Tom and Sadie. Tom and his maniac driving got us to school quick. My face turned so hot that I'm sure it matched my hair. I grabbed my bag and dashed out of the car and ran as fast as I could into the school. I ran straight to the bathrooms. Had I really sounded that bad? Maybe I couldn't sing as good as I thought and as good as everyone who heard me said I was. That doesn't count Sadie of course. She thinks I sound like a dieing cat. Maybe I do. Luckily, there was no one in the bathroom, so I waited there till my face was back to normal.

"Jude? You in here?" My female best friend, Kat, called.

"Yah, I'm sitting on the counter." I called back. She walked all the way in, and I immediately felt cheered up by her eccentric style and head full of curls.

"I saw your mad dash from the parking lot," she said in a concerned tone, "Is everything alright?"

"I started to sing before I could help myself and I didn't realized that we were at school, so a bunch of people heard me. They all looked at me strange, so it made me think that I suck at singing." I complained.

"Jude, you know that you're an amazing singer, so they were probably looking at you like that because they're jealous. Now get out there, because Jamie is about to have a heart attack because he thinks that something bad happened." I nodded and jumped off the counter. Following Kat out the door, my geeky, male, overprotective best friend, Jamie, immediately bombarded me with questions.

"Jamie!" I finally shouted, "I'm fine, and since I don't want to repeat the story, why don't you have Kat tell you?" And I stomped off to find three open lockers next to each other so that Jamie, Kat, and I would all be next to each other.

Once I found three that were in a pretty good condition, I waited for Kat and Jamie to catch up. They were such slow walkers.

"Hey Jude, can I talk to you for a sec?" Tom asked, coming up behind me.

"If you're here to tease me, then no. And you shouldn't be seen with me, it could create a school wide scandal," I said, turning around to face Tom.

"Well, I'm not here to tease you, and I don't really care what people say. If I did I wouldn't have given you a ride to school."

"Fine, speak." I ordered flatly,

"I think that you are an amazing singer for one, and for two I don't get why you ran off all bright red and stuff."

"And stuff. Well that's descriptive. Anyways, I'm not that good of a singer, and I left 'all bright red and stuff' because people were looking at me, and I thought that they thought I sucked and that made me all red… and stuff." God I loved teasing him.

"Well you don't suck," Just them the bell rang, "Well, I'll catch ya later." And with that he turned and briskly walked away, probably to go calm Sadie down who was fuming at the end of the hall way because he was talking to me and not her.

"Jude, Tommy Quincy has a thing for you." Kat teased when she excitedly ran up to me. Her and Jamie must've lingered behind me. Kat was excited, but Jamie was sulking.

"Kat, Tom has no 'thing' for me. He's dating my sister, remember?"

"Guys sometimes use sisters to get with sisters." Kat informed me with her head held high.

"If he was trying to 'get with' me then he wouldn't have dated my sister the almost two years that he has."

"There is no reasoning with you is there?" Kat asked right before we went our separate ways. Jamie and Kat in one class, me in another.

"You should know that by now."

10 minutes later

"Hey Jude! Wait up a sec!" I turned and found Tom jogging down the hallway towards me. I rolled my eyes with a headshake, turned back around, and began to walk again. Tom laid a hand on my shoulder and turned me around lightly.

"I think you're the only person in this whole school who would do that." He sounded too cocky when he said that. Time to take him down a notch.

"Sorry if I hurt your ego… wait, I take that back. I'm so not sorry. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go talk to the principal." I turned to walk away, but Tom just fell in step next to me.

"Seeing the big one on the first day? Not a good way to start out the year. What did you do?" Nosey little bastard. Well, he knows that I'm going to tell him, so why even bother?

"Well, you know how for our electives, they send that form out that you parents have to sign saying that they are happy with the ones that you got and you have to turn it in during first period?"


"Well, of course I forgot to show my parents it, so it's lying un-signed somewhere in the depths of my room. But was I going to tell them that? No…"

"That still doesn't explain why you're seeing the principal. Loads of people don't turn them in and don't go to the principal." I rolled my eyes.

"Well, instead of just saying that I forgot it or something, my exact words were, 'my sister ate it. Trust me, she vicious.' That made the class laugh, but not the teacher." And them he was off. He was laughing so hard that he had to lean against the lockers and grip his sides. Why I waited, I had no idea. "Get a hold of yourself man! It wasn't that funny!"

"No, it's not that," Tom said when he got control of himself, "Just really ironic because I told my teacher that my girlfriend ate it, and you sister is my girlfriend!" And he was off again. Should he really be saying these things about his girlfriend? But when I thought about the irony of it all, I couldn't help but let out at least one giggle. My one giggle turned into a side grabbing, leaning against the lockers just like Tom was.

"That is p-pretty funny," I said through some calm giggles, "But should you really be talking about your girlfriend like that?" It took him a while to reply because he was still laughing so hard (even though it wasn't that funny… I think…) when he finally did, it made my blood turn cold.

"I know that you're her sister, and you might not want to hear this, but I think I'm in love with someone else and always have been." He was looking into my eyes so intensely that it seemed like he was studying my very soul. My heart rate accelerated and my palms got clammy.

No, I wasn't supposed to feel this way. Not about Tom. For no reason at all, I felt tears well up in my eyes.

"Leave. Me. Alone." I said though clenched teeth. I turned on heel and marched away, furiously wiping away the tears rolling down my cheeks.

"Jude! Wait!" Tom called, but I ignored him and went straight out the front doors. What even possessed me to leave school so early on the first day was lost to me, but I just had to get out of there. "Where are you going?" Tom grabbed my hand and turned me around. It wasn't lost to me that he didn't let it go.

"Nowhere. Everywhere. I don't know, just let me go Tom!" I ripped my hand out of his grasp and kept walking. He grabbed my hand again, but pulled me towards his car instead. I fought, but he was too strong so I just gave in. When I was seated in the passenger seat, and him in the drivers. "There's no use in both us getting detention on the first day. Why are you doing this?"

"Because Jude, we need to talk," He said, revving up the engine.

"Sadie won't be too happy." I mumbled, crossing my arms over my chest and slouching down.

"For once I don't care what Sadie think or likes or anything! Why do you always usethat against me?" He cried, pulling out of the parking lot.

"Uh, because she's your girlfriend. Duh." I replied like he was an idiot, adding an eye roll.

"Are you sure that's it? Or is it because you're so afraid to be alone with me that you use that as a defense mechanism?"

"Pssht, yah, like I'm a afraid to be alone with you," I said sarcastically, knowing deep down inside that he was right. But why was he right?

"Jude, maybe you're so blind or un-willing to admit what is right in front of your face between us because of your age, which worries me I might add. Your age that is. Anyways, you need to open your eyes and quit being so childish. It's not very becoming." Instead of saying anything, I just slouched lower in the seat and pouted.

"Where are we?" I asked about 10 minutes later, looking around my surroundings. Where the hell was this?

"A place that I like to go to get away or work on my music." He replied, taking a parking place out of an old abandoned building.

"You have musical talent?" I asked in disbelief, "Are you the same Tom, because the Tom that I know is a football jock who likes to go out and get drunk all the time."

"Well, I'm trying to show you the true me. The me you know is only the person that you see at school."

"Tom, I've known you forever, and you have never mentioned that you can… do whatever it is you can do."

"Maybe I never told anyone because I thought that they wouldn't believe me," He said, getting out of the car and walking to open the trunk. I got out also, closed my door and just stood there watching Tom. "Ah, here we are," He pulled out a guitar. Walking over to me, he grabbed my hand with his free hand, "Now follow me."

He pulled me into a broken down old warehouse. It was huge and our footsteps echoed off the walls. We went straight through it, but right before we went out another door, Tom told me to close my eyes. I unwillingly did so, and I heard the creak of the door opening. I tried to peak, but Tom leaned his guitar against the wall, and walked around to behind me and covered his hands softly with over my eyes. His light touch sent goosebumps up my arms, butterflies in my stomach, and the hair on the back of my neck to stand up. I told myself that it was just because his hands were tickling my face and brushed it off.

"Walk forward." He whispered in my ear, No that almost knocked to wind out of me, and I found that I couldn't move. He chuckled and put his body really close to mine so that he could move my feet with his. All thought went out from my head. "Now open them," Tom said normally, stepping away from me rather fast. It felt like my breath was gone, but for some reason I didn't want to open my eyes. I held my finger up, signaling for him to wait a second.

There was a light breeze that was playing with the tips of my hair, causing it to go around my face and this way and that. I could smell salt water, and I immediately knew that we were at the old docks, now shut down because all the buildings were condemned. But I still didn't open my eyes. I was enjoying the feeling of the breeze. I smiled softly and held my arms outward at my, away from my sides, and moved my head around, still enjoying the breeze. When it died down, till it was gone, I slowly opened my eyes; smile still there and arms still out stretched.

Right as I opened my eyes, Tom walked into my vision, creating a shadow. My smiled faded and my arms slowly fell when I saw the look in his eyes. It was the look that, when my parents weren't fighting, my dad gave my mom when he was about to kiss her. I look of love mixed with desire.

I looked down at my shoes, and I heard Tom take a few steps forward and I knew that if I were to lift my head up it would collide into his chest. I felt Tom's hand lift my chin up so I could look into his eyes, but I didn't register it. He smiled right before he closed his eyes, puckered up, and put his lips on mine.

I knew the kiss was coming, but I was shocked into no movement. My eyes were wide open and I was staring into Tom's closed eyes. My arms were tight against my side, my spine and neck totally stiff, along with my legs.

Then, some strange, undeniable, feeling came over me, and I loosened up and began kissing back. I am in love with Tom Quincy, my sisters' boyfriend, and for some odd reason I was fine with it. I wrapped my arms around his neck and closed any open space between us. The kiss quickly became passionate, and then turned into a passionate make-out session. He was invading three major senses, Taste, touch, and feel.

Whenever we would break apart for a breath, we would go right at it again, neither of us wanting to stop cause it would ruin the moment. Suddenly, I was up against a wall, my legs wrapped around Tom's waist and he was kissing down my neck. I could… feel a certain hard part of his anatomy, but I wasn't ready to go that far. We had got lost in the passion.

"Wait, Tom, I'm… I'm not ready to go that far yet," I said, not wanting him to stop but at the same time wanting him to. He stopped sucking on my neck, and I had a sudden, dropping feeling in my stomach that I was going to have a hicky there which would bring questions from Sadie.

"Jude, I'm really sorry. I should have stopped sooner. For your sake, and my own." He apologized, looking downward. I covered up a giggle with my hand and slowly moved my body down from his. I knew it that made it worse for him. Yah, sure I was… flustered, but it was easier for me the get over it than him.

"Stay here. I'll be right back. I want to get my songbook and guitar, cause I'm suddenly inspired, but I left my songbook in the car, so yah…" And with that he was quickly off. I smiled cause I knew that he also had alter motives that would greatly help him out, but I knew it was what he need to do. I just hoped he would wash his hands somehow.

I wrapped my arms around my stomach and walked down some slightly deteriorated steps to the waters edge. The butterflies and dropping feeling in my stomach were still there as realization hit. I had just almost had sex with my sisters boyfriend. I could still feel his lips on mine and reached one of my hands up to touch them. I shouldn't feel this way. I couldn't feel this way. I felt a sick feeling come to my stomach. I had just betrayed my sister in the worst way possible.

"You okay?" A soft voice asked behind me. I sighed and turned around, looking into Tom's searching eyes. I managed a weak smile. I didn't realize that so much time had passed.

"I will be. Now what was it you wanted to show me." It didn't get by me that he looked… relived.

"Right, well, I wrote this song a couple days ago… well, I guess it's for you. I just never had a right time to sing it for you. I thought that now would be a good time cause you… know how I feel about you I guess…" He was sort if turning red, so I walked over to the back of the shore and sat against the wall in the shade. I patted a spot next to me and smiled at him. He smiled back, sat next to me, got his guitar and songbook situated and began.

I'm not a perfect person

There's many things I wish I didn't do

But I continue learning

I never meant to do those things to you

And so I have to say before I go

That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

and the reason is you

I'm sorry that I hurt you

It's something I must live with everyday

And all the pain I put you through

I wish that I could take it all away

And be the one who catches all your tears

Thats why I need you to hear

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you [x4

I'm not a perfect person

I never meant to do those things to you

And so I have to say before I go

That I just want you to know

I've found a reason for me

To change who I used to be

A reason to start over new

And the reason is you

I've found a reason to show

A side of me you didn't know

A reason for all that I do

And the reason is you

"Wow." Was all I could say when he was done. Not only did he have an amazing musical talent, but the song was mind-blowing. Did he really care about me so much? I needed to tell him that what happened between us could never happen again, all feelings put aside, but now I couldn't verbally put. I had to express it through song, just like he had expressed his feelings. I knew how the song would go, but I wanted to just spend the day with Tom right now. "It was amazing." I whispered, resting my head on his shoulder. He leaned the guitar against the wall and wrapped his arm around my shoulders. I curled my feet up and rested my head on my chest, and Tom wrapped both arms around me, head resting on mine. I closed my eyes, the sound of the ocean, the breeze, and Tom playing with my hair drifted me into sleep.

So I happen to know that this story is moving fast, but it will be long, so yah. I really hope that that made any sense at all. Lol. Please review!!!!!!!!