heyy im back!! The lemon for this story is in the story my love 2 so check it out! By demand here's chapter 2!! enjoy!!

I'm lying in my bed with my new lover Shuichi.

I love him so much.

I just can't belive I have him now.

My little kitten. (I always seen Shuichi as a cat so yeah lol)

It's 9 in the morning now.

Shu is lying there in my arms being so cute as always.

I put my hands through his hair feeling his pink softness.

I kiss on top of his head.

I lie there just watching him sleep hopfully dreaming of me and him together.

As I wait I realize it's now 10:30 in the morning.

So I start to wake my kitten with little kisses.

I kiss softly and slowly all over his face.

I whisper to him,"wake up shuichi. wake up sweetheart."

until I see his beautiful violet eyes fluter open.

I say to him " Good morning hon"

He smiles at me.

"Good morning"

I kiss him once more on the head.

"Did you sleep good?'' I ask.

''More than good, great actully, because i'm with you finally.'' he says then kissed me on my lips gently/softly.

I love his kisses.

"Well that's good"

" What about you?'' he asks me.

"The best sleep i've got in my whole life.''

He laughs.

That was really the best sleep i've gotten in my whole life.

You see my life has not been the greatest even though i'm a rock star. I've been through alot. And i'm still in my pain. But I don't want to think of that right now.

" I love you, Ryuichi.'' he says

''I love you too, Shuichi'' I say.

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