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"Hinata, you still haven't answered my question, do you accept?"

Hinata still couldn't believe what she was hearing. Tsunade wanted her to watch over Sasuke?!

"Demo, Tsunade-sama, w-wouldn't Sakura-san or Naruto-kun be a b-better person for this job?"

She was confused as to why she was being asked to do this; it had been five years since the Uchiha had betrayed Konoha. Everyone thought he would never come back, but all of a sudden there was news that he returned of his own free will. She had personally never talked to him she usually kept her distance he seemed to intimidate her when she was younger.

When she heard the news that he returned she was shocked to say the least. The rookie nine all had mixed emotions, but the main emotion was anger. How dare he come back after many of his comrades died trying to keep him in Konoha! She herself just felt grateful that he was safe, and that Naruto wouldn't have to endanger himself anymore trying to find him. Which was why she couldn't understand why Tsunade asked her and not Sakura or Naruto? She was taken out of her thoughts when she heard the sound of her name.

"Hinata," Tsunade said, her voice sounding sad all of a sudden, "You're the only one left, I've asked every one of the rookie nine, even Sakura and Naruto, none of them would say yes. You're my only hope."

Tsunade watched as the young woman slowly lowered her head, her long, beautiful locks falling over her shoulders. Tsunade knew if anyone could do this it would be Hinata. Out of all the rookies Hinata was always the most compassionate, she was the perfect candidate for this.

'I don't know what to say.' Hinata felt extremely terrible about Sasuke. 'No one wanted to watch over him? Not even his own teammates? Why?' She understood that he made some mistakes but everyone should be forgiven. She decided she wasn't going to be like everyone else; she would give Sasuke a chance.

"So Hinata, do you accept?"

Hinata took a deep breath, "Hai; Tsunade-sama, I accept."

Tsunade smiled, "Good! I'll have Shizune take you to him now."

Walking down the dark corridors, Hinata began to get more and more nervous, 'Maybe this wasn't such a good idea.'

"Shizune-san, what exactly does Tsunade-sama mean by watching over Uchiha-san?"

"Tsunade-samadidn't tell you all the details?" Shizune asked, shocked. But then nodded in understanding. 'She didn't want her to say no.'

She cleared her throat, "Well Hinata-san you'll have to be watching over Sasuke at all times, day and night. That means you'll have to live with him until Tsunade-sama thinks its safe enough for him to live on his own."

Shizune watched in amusement as the Hyuuga 's face went as white as a ghost's , mouth opening and closing trying to get a coherent word out of her mouth.

"Ch-chotto m-matte! She didn't tell me any of that! My father w-would never allow that!"

She was terrified all of a sudden, not by having to live with Sasuke but of what her father will say when he finds out, or worse Neji!

"It's okay Hinata-san! I'm sure your father will understand! It's for the good of the village ok?" Shizune said cheerfully, trying to calm the girl down, "Oh, here we are! Hello Kakashi-san."

Said ninja closed his book and looked at the two women, his eye crinkling fondly, "Hello. I'm guessing Hinata-san is the one who will be watching over Sasuke."

"Hai. Is he awake?"

"Aa. Sasuke it's time to go. They've finally found a guardian for you," Kakashi said as he slowly unlocked and opened the chamber door.

As soon as the door opened Sasuke glared; Kakashi chuckled; Shizune screamed and covered her nose, quickly facing the opposite side of the dark hall; while Hinata fainted.

"Kakashi," Sasuke growled, as he quickly wrapped the towel around his wet waist. He looked up, Sharingan blazing as he glared at the copy ninja, "Didn't I tell you to knock before you unlock that door?!"

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