Purple is such an unusual color.

It's neither warm nor cold, but rather, a mixture of the two.

He's the same way.

Warm to those who could affect his reputation.

Cold, so cold, to the young red-headed prodigy.

Neither one or the other, but a mix of the two.

Purple is a frustrating color.

It goes with everything, but not with any one thing.

He always fits in where ever he goes.

Everyone loves him.

He doesn't love anyone.

Purple can be such a depressing color.

When she first listens to him play on the rooftop,

she can almost hear the beautiful golden flute weeping.

Yes, Purple is an annoying and exasperating color.

She never forgets how he teases her, flusters her.

Intimidates her.

But Purple is also a strangely beautiful color.

She still recalls the way his lips felt on her forehead,

that day he kissed her gently while she was posing as his fiancée.

Yes, Purple is a confusing color.

She smiles.

But perhaps, without her realizing it, she's learned to love it.