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This prologue will be written in first person between Itachi and Hinata, but the rest of it will be in third person. It is AU and it is ItaHina. Please review.

Once upon a time, I was a tiny little girl. Once upon a time, my family loved me. Once upon a time, my mother was alive and I was happy and content. Now, I am happy for other reasons. And while I am no longer a little girl, my family does not love me, and my mother is not alive, I have gained something that I yearned for once upon a time; my prince.

He is not what most people would consider a fairy tale prince: he is rude, cold, blunt, and not very caring towards other people. But he is handsome, sly, calculating, and from a royal family. While I was growing up, he was a much-needed friend and someone I could care for and have care for me. A beacon of light in my sea of despair. My prince. To live with him, is to breath: needed and something you do without thinking. He's my light, my breath, and my prince charming.

Once upon a time, I was a genius trapped in the body of a kid. I got straight A's in everything, participated in numerous after school activities and still lost no sleep. All of it came so easy to me, while others struggled for the greatness that I did not care for. The one I came to care for the most was like that once upon a time.

She looked up to me, and not just because I was more than several inches taller than her. I was something she could base the person she wanted to be on. I cared for her much longer than she did me. But she got me as her prince and I got her as my princess. She fits the role quite well.

But like all fairy tales, you must start at the beginning.